An area where you may relax at the end of the day and let your troubles float away is your bedroom, which is meant to be your own haven.

Instead, your bedroom may often become into a secure storage space that you dare not allow anyone else use.

This detailed guide to a 15-minute fast bedroom cleaning can help you keep things organized and neat throughout the whole week.

When Should You Clean Your Bedroom?

The more often you clean your bedroom, the less likely it will be that you’ll need to undertake a thorough, all-encompassing clean throughout the weekend.

Try to clean your bedroom at least every other day—or even every day if you can—to maintain it feeling orderly, tidy, and soothing.

What You’ll Need

Resources / Tools

  • A container—a basket, bag, or box—for storing debris
  • Cleaner of carpets
  • Hamper
  • Receptacle or garbage bag

15-Minute Bedroom Cleaning Instructions

Step 1. Place Soiled Clothes In A Hamper.

Don’t bother about unrolling socks or pulling clothes right way out since time is of the essence with this rapid clean.

While organizing the laundry, these duties are simpler to do.

Simply gather up all of the soiled clothing and put it in the hamper.

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Step 2. Gather Clean Clothing, Then Refold Or Rehang It.

Refold or rehang any clean clothing in your closet after picking it up.

If you have a lot of clean clothes that need to be folded and hung, you may skip this step and just arrange the clean clothes on your bed when you make it.

Holding your bed hostage will force you to take a few minutes to put your clothes away before bed.

Step 3. Get Rid Of Any Garbage

This is not the moment to decide whether or not you want to throw away outdated issues of magazines or that pair of shoes that has been in need of repair for the last two years.

Instead than going through boxes and closets, we just toss away things like paper and Kleenex that are obviously garbage.

Put off the thorough garbage cleanup till you have more time.

Step 4. Make Your Bed.

Yes, we are aware that there is much controversy about whether or not to make the bed—after all, you will only be getting back into it in a short while! Making the bed, however, alters the appearance of the area and gives it a more welcoming and uncluttered appearance.

It’s a little chore, but it will have a significant impact.

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Step 5. Pick Up Dropped Objects

Any unrelated objects that don’t belong in your bedroom should be put in a box, basket, or bag.

Put them all in one position for the time being and proceed without attempting to relocate them to their designated locations throughout your house one at a time.

Step 6. Rectify Surfaces

If it’s been a while since you’ve cleaned your bedroom, there can be a lot of items there that belongs there but isn’t put away.

Take a quick look at this “stuff.” If you can put everything all away in a minute or less, do so.

If not, gather everything into a container so you may go through and arrange everything afterwards.

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Step 7. Sweep, Mop, Or Vacuum

Don’t move furniture while vacuuming or sweeping.

Just quickly scan your area to gather any noticeable dust or debris.

If you still have some time, take the basket of “things” from the previous stage and arrange the objects within it according to their correct locations.

Step 8. Store Your Materials

Allow yourself to take a moment to appreciate how much better this just cleaned space looks as you put your cleaning products away.

You’ll always be able to locate your bed if you follow this routine in your bedroom.

Isn’t that what we all want as well?

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