An RV is the greatest option for a lengthy vacation since it provides all of the necessary room for a completely pleasant journey.

In an RV that resembles a house, there are several services offered.

While you’re packing all of things into your RV, make sure you don’t forget about your entertainment demands.

You’ll need a correctly sized TV in your RV for this, as well as a good RV TV mount to attach the TV.

Because televisions are such sensitive electronics, you’ll want to be sure you choose the right TV mount for your RV.

For starters, consider the following information before purchasing one:

  • Supported TV size: Not all RVs have the same amount of room for attaching a TV. As a result, you must carefully choose a TV mount that is appropriate for your RV and enables you to install the appropriate-sized TV without difficulty.
  • Weight Capacity: Televisions come in a wide range of sizes and shapes. When it comes to weight, these solutions are rather different. In order to compensate for the weight of the TV, your RV TV mount must be strong enough.
  • Adjustability: Unlike at home, the TV’s viewing angle will not always be the same. As a result, you should choose a highly adjustable RV TV mount so that you may adjust the TV to your liking.

We offer the greatest RV TV mounts available for you right here.

We chose these selections from a large number of possibilities based on the variables indicated above as well as a few other important characteristics.

More information on this may be found later in the article in our “Buying Guide” for the best RV TV mount.

In 2024, the best RV TV Mounts will be

NumberBest RV TV MountsSupported TV SizeLoad CapacityMaximum Tilt Angle
#1VideoSecu ML531BE2 RV TV Mount26 to 55 Inchesup to 88 lbsUp 5°, Down 15°
#2PERLESMITH RV TV Mount32 to 55 Inchesup to 99 lbsUp 12°
#3VideoSecu ML12B RV TV Mount19-37 Inchesup to 44 lbsUp 5°
#4Mount-It RV TV Mount22-42 Inchesup to 33 lbsUp 55°, Down 35°
#5Mounting Dream RV TV Mount17-43 Inchesup to 44 lbsUp 15°, Down 15°
#6GOFORWILD RV TV Mount10-26 Inchesup to 22lbsUp 5°, Down 15°
#7Mounting Dream RV TV Mount10 -26 Inchesup to 22lbsUp 5°, Down 15°
#8WALI 1342Lm RV TV Mount13-42 Inchesup to 44lbsUp 12°
#9PAW International RV TV Mount30 Inchesup to 30 lbs
#10Master Mounts RV TV MountUp to 42 Inchesup to 33 lbsUp 8°, Down 12°

Reviews of the Best RV TV Mounts in 2024

#1. VideoSecu ML531BE2 RV TV Mount

VideoSecu is a tremendously popular brand among our today’s recommendations, so you’re probably already acquainted with it.

They’ve sold over 50000 copies thus far, and customer response has been positive.

In first place, we have a heavy gauge steel mount from a well-known manufacturer.

The VideoSecu ML531BE2 TV Wall Mount kit features a highly sturdy construction that enables it to hold up to an 88-pound television.

This should enable you to easily install practically any popular TV in the specified size range of 26 to 55 inches.

You can rotate, tilt, and pan your TV to get the optimal viewing angle with the VideoSecu ML531BE2 TV Wall Mount kit.

It can pull out up to 20 inches from the wall, which is important if you are purchasing a smaller television.

The mount has a low profile and permits a minimum of 2 12 inches between the TV and the wall.

For simple setup and installation, the kit includes a 6 foot HDMI wire and a magnetic finder.

The Most Beneficial Features

  • Supports TVs ranging from 26 to 55 inches in size.
  • Up to 88 lbs. of weight capacity
  • Angular adjustment of 5° up and 15° down
  • A popular option.
  • Mount is made of heavy gauge steel.
  • Included are an HDMI cable and a magnet finder.


  • There are a few more components included.
  • The footprint is really small.
  • The TV size that is supported is adequate.


  • Flexibility isn’t as excellent as it should be.


PERLESMITH is another well-known company that makes TV mounts and other accessories.

We’ve included it in our pick since its RV TV mount is fairly popular.

We have the PERLESMITH TV Wall Mount in second place.

It’s a good fit for most flat-panel TVs with a screen size of 32 to 55 inches.

This is the strongest RV TV mount on the market right now, since it can handle up to 99 pounds of weight without issue.

As a result, if you have a big and hefty television, it is an excellent choice.

For adaptability, the universal TV mount utilizes VESA mounting technology.

You’ll be able to tilt your TV up to 5 degrees in the back and 12 degrees in the front to create a distortion-free viewing configuration.

It also extends up to 16.53 inches from the wall and swivels up to 90 degrees, allowing for a variety of sitting options.

It boasts unrivaled construction quality and weight capacity since it is made of heavy-duty materials.

The Most Beneficial Features

  • Supports TVs ranging from 32 to 55 inches in size.
  • Up to 99 lbs. of weight capacity
  • Angular adjustment of 12° in front and 5° in back
  • VESA mounting is supported.
  • Extension length of up to 16.53 inches
  • Swiveling motion of 90 degrees is permitted.


  • Flexibility is excellent.
  • One of the most powerful alternatives
  • Supports big, heavy televisions


  • Large RVs are the only ones who can use it.

#3. VideoSecu ML12B RV TV Mount

Another premium alternative from VideoSecu is available here.

This brand is a terrific choice for all users since it has already sold a large number of units.

The VideoSecu ML12B TV LCD Monitor Wall Mount is our third choice for the finest RV TV mount, and it’s also ideal for RV TV installation and mounting.

Because it uses the VESA mounting method, it will work with your TV.

The mount is composed entirely of high-grade grease steel and can support up to 44 pounds of weight.

You’ll have a lot of adjusting choices when you’ve properly placed the mount.

You may level the TV by changing the angular tilt to within 5 degrees of plus or negative.

You will also have the ability to swivel up to 180 degrees and rotate 360 degrees for vertical installation, which is important for certain applications.

This is the most affordable RV TV mount on our list today, as well as one of the smallest, since it retracts up to 2.4 inches from the wall to conserve room.

The Most Beneficial Features

  • Supports TVs ranging from 19 to 37 inches
  • Up to 44 pound weight capacity
  • Angular adjustment of 5° forward and 5° backward
  • The most cost-effective RV TV mount
  • Swiveling is allowed at 180 degrees, while rotation is feasible at 60 degrees.
  • Retracts from the wall up to 2.4 inches


  • For the price, this is a fantastic option.
  • The weight capacity is adequate.
  • Installation requires just one person.


  • Large TVs are not supported.

#4. Mount-It RV TV Mount

Mount-it is a terrific option for you if you need a lot of versatility in your next RV TV mount.

Mount-it specializes in monitor and TV mounts, as the name implies.

Now that you’ve seen the cheapest choice on our list, let’s look at some of the most high-end RV TV mounts now available.

Mount-It! is one of them.

The RV TV mount is a fantastic option since it is an articulating RV TV mount with a lot of versatility.

It also contains a locking mechanism that allows you to lock the TV at a certain angle and position that will not move even while the car is moving.

It can tolerate significant vibrations and shocks because to its unique gear design and construction.

The Mount-It! TVs with VESA mounting capability and a total weight of up to 33 lbs are supported by the RV TV Mount.

It is the most flexible option on our list so far, supporting up to 15.3 inches of extension from the wall with angular adjustment of 55° upwards and 35° downwards.

Within the mount, there is an in-arm cable path that allows for a cleaner installation.

The Most Beneficial Features

  • Supports TVs ranging from 22 to 42 inches in size.
  • Up to 33 pound weight capacity
  • Angular adjustment of 55° up and 35° down
  • Premium TV mount for RVs
  • Angular adjustment of 55 degrees upwards and 35 degrees downwards
  • Extending 3 inches from the wall


  • There is a lot of freedom available.
  • Installation is simple and clean.
  • With the lock mechanism, there is a lot of stability.


  • This is a somewhat costly choice.

#5. Mounting Dream RV TV Mount

Mounting Dream is another high-end brand that we’ve included in our collection today.

Mounting Dream, like our last option, specializes in TV and monitor mounting arms and wall mounts.

If you want to acquire a high-end RV TVmount for your setup, make sure it’s a heavy-duty one.

As a result, we’ve included the Mounting Dream Lockable RV TV Mount in our list of recommendations.

For a reliable performance, this RV TV mount may be secured in position.

It can accommodate TVs ranging in size from 17 to 43 inches.

As a result, it’s great for anybody seeking for a small TV mount.

On the rear mount, there are VESA mounting holes that accommodate all-new generation TVs.

With the Mounting Dream Lockable RV TV Attach, you may mount up to 44 pounds of TV, which is ideal for the supplied size range.

It’s not difficult to set up this RV TV mount.

The kit contains extensive instructions that will assist you in this endeavor.

The angle of the mount may be altered by 5° upwards and 15° downwards.

You may draw the TV up to 18.4 inches away from the wall and push it up to 2.4 inches near to the wall in terms of placement.

The Most Beneficial Features

  • Supports TVs ranging in size from 17 to 43 inches
  • Up to 44 pound weight capacity
  • Angular adjustment of 15 degrees up and down
  • Premium TV mount for RVs
  • VESA is a kind of mounting system.
  • There is a locking mechanism available.
  • The wall may be kept at a distance of up to 18.4 inches.


  • Linear flexibility is fantastic.
  • Installation is simple and uncomplicated.
  • The locking mechanism ensures that the television remains steady at all times.


  • RV TV mount is rather pricey.


GOFORWILD creates a diverse range of accessories.

Because they provide products for a variety of uses, their RV TV mount is ideal for small televisions.

Due of space constraints, most customers choose a small TV in their RC.

Consider the GOFORWILD RV TV Mount for Camper if you’re also putting a TV between the sizes of 10 and 26 inches.

This mount can only accommodate TVs weighing up to 22 pounds, making it ideal for small flat TVs.

It does, however, have a heavy-duty design that enables it to secure the TV while it is in motion.

Despite the fact that it is built for small TVs, it features a lot of adjusting options.

A plus or minus 10° tilting motion is possible, as well as a plus or minus 90° swiveling adjustment.

There’s also a steel locking mechanism that prevents the arm from moving and keeps your TV steady at a certain angle.

Along with the RV TV mount, the kit includes all essential installation instructions.

The Most Beneficial Features

  • Supports TVs ranging from 10 to 26 inches in size.
  • Up to 22 pound weight capacity
  • Tilts of 10° plus and 15° negative are possible.
  • Adjustable swivel at 90 degrees
  • Stainless steel locking mechanism
  • VESA is a kind of mounting system.


  • A wonderful option for TVs that are small and light.
  • The adjustment settings are satisfactory.
  • Positional locking is an option.


  • Heavy TVs are not supported.

#7. Mounting Dream RV TV Mount

If you enjoyed our prior Mounting Dream selection but want a more compact choice, we have the right solution for you.

The following Mounting Dream RV TV mount is ideal for small TVs.

There are just a few RV TV mounts that can accommodate smaller TVs up to 10 inches in size.

If that is your primary need, you might select the Mounting Dream Lockable RV TV Mount.

It supports TVs ranging in size from 10 to 26 inches, making it a good option for many budget TVs.

Not only is the Mounting Dream Lockable RV TV Mount perfect for an RV, but also for a vehicle, a boat, or a motorhome.

The Mounting Dream Lockable RV TV Mount has a simple one-step locking mechanism that allows you to secure the mounting arm in its current position straight immediately.

This may range from a +5° to a -15° tilting angle, as well as up to a 90° swiveling position.

For level adjustment, there is also an extra adjustment of plus and minus 3°.

The TV may be positioned up to 13.6 inches from the wall or as near as 2.6 inches.

The Most Beneficial Features

  • Supports TVs ranging from 10 to 26 inches in size.
  • Up to 22 pound weight capacity
  • Tilting angle of +5° to -15°
  • Adaptable to a wide range of applications
  • Swivels up to 90 degrees.
  • A simple one-step lock


  • It may be used to mount the television in a variety of locations.
  • The adjustment settings are excellent.
  • Compact TVs benefit from linear adjustment.


  • The build quality isn’t as nice as it might be.

#8. WALI 1342Lm RV TV Mount

Wali is one of the more recent additions to the market.

Despite this, it has designed and distributed a variety of goods, including the RV TV mount seen here.

One of the few highly adjustable RV TV mounts on our list is the WALI TV Wall Mount Bracket.

This is made feasible by the mount’s triple joint system, which allows for three separate swivel positions for an articulated design.

The heavy-duty full-motion RV TV mount accommodates TVs ranging in size from 13 to 42 inches.

The same can be said for the weight capacity, which allows for the installation of TVs weighing up to 44 pounds and offering a variety of features.

This mount allows for completely adjustable 8° upward and 12° downward angular motion.

The three swiveling points also allow for up to 180° rotation, which is best used in conjunction with the plus and minus 3° rotation to get the perfect viewing angle.

You’ll be able to keep the TV at three various distances from the mounting wall: 3.25, 6.75, 10.5, and 14 inches.

The Most Beneficial Features

  • Supports TVs ranging from 13 to 42 inches in size.
  • Up to 44 pound weight capacity
  • Angular motion of 8° upwards and 12° downwards
  • Mounts for RV TVs that are very adjustable
  • There are three swiveling points available.
  • There are four different mount extensions to choose from.


  • The finest swiveling adjustability in the class
  • Wider sitting positions are possible because to many swiveling points.
  • The weight capacity is excellent.


  • Positions for linear adjustment that have been chosen

#9. PAW International RV TV Mount

Following that, we’ll provide a bracket, which is also a necessary component for RV TV wall installations.

If you’re looking for a replacement, a metal bracket is an excellent option.

The glass polymer constructed on the PAW International RV TV Bracket makes it a powerful option for all supported RV TV mounting brackets, since it is made from solid high density reinforced material.

The M4 TV screws required for installation will be included in the package.

Because it is constructed of polymer, it is resistant to corrosion and other common metal concerns.

For a wide range of applications, the mounting bracket supports VESA 100 x 100 and VESA 200 x 200 mounting standards.

The PAW International RV TV Bracket can support up to 30 inches of TV with a weight of less than or equal to 30 lbs.

The bracket itself has a low profile, allowing you to mount the TV 34 inches away from the wall.

If you’re having trouble routing the wires through this gap, PAW has 1-inch spacers and angular spacers available.

The Most Beneficial Features

  • Supports TVs up to 30 inches in size
  • Up to 30 pound weight capacity
  • Polymer material is used to make this product.
  • Installation that is rigid
  • Allows for a 34-inch installation gap


  • Rust-free and moisture-resistant
  • Maintain a single viewing position for the television.
  • Installation is a breeze.


  • To function, you’ll need more RV TV mounts.

#10. Master Mounts RV TV Mount

Many people are probably unfamiliar with the brand Master Mounts at this time.

However, if you want a long-term solution, its premium RV TV mount should not be overlooked.

The Master Mounts Locking RV TV Mount is a highly intriguing alternative for RV owners as well as other customers looking for a suitable RV TV mount, such as Icehouse owners, campers, and truckers.

It is compatible with a broad variety of TVs, since it can accommodate up to a 43-inch wide TV weighing 33 pounds or less.

However, you need double-check the mounting pattern on the back of your TV to see whether it is 100100 VESA or not.

The Master Mounts Locking RV TV Mount has two swivel points and a separate locking mechanism that allows you to secure the TV in place after it’s precisely mounted.

However, when compared to alternative solutions, the locking mechanism is weaker and less dependable.

You won’t need any extra brackets to install this mount since it attaches straight to the wall for maximum stability.

The Most Beneficial Features

  • Up to a 42-inch TV may be supported.
  • Up to 33 pound weight capacity
  • A fantastic option for a variety of applications.
  • The VESA 100/100 mounting system is supported.
  • Mechanism for locking


  • The TV size that is supported is adequate.
  • Weight capacity is enough.
  • It has a locking mechanism.


  • There is no way to alter the angle.

The Best RV TV Mounts Buying Guide

Because the vehicle is subjected to a great deal of vibration and motion, it is vital to install your TV on an RV TV mount to prevent it from falling off or colliding with a wall.

In an RV, you can effortlessly wall mount your TV and watch your favorite shows while on the road.

Today, we’ll go over some of the fundamental features of TV mounts in general so that you may choose the best option from our selection.

These considerations have an impact on the overall usefulness and quality of RV TV mounts, so read the purchasing advice carefully before making a purchase.

Availability Of Space

For household applications, space is often not a concern since living rooms and bedrooms have big walls and allow for larger viewing distances.

The same cannot be true with RVs, which have a little interior space.

As a result, you must consider the amount of space available in your RV while choosing an RV TV mount.

The RV TV mounts come in a variety of sizes to accommodate various TV sizes.

As a result, you must ensure that your RV TV mount is capable of mounting and securing a TV of the appropriate size in your RV.

It also has an impact on the TV Mount’s adjustment settings.

You won’t be able to move the TV around if your area is really crowded.

As a result, purchasing an articulated mount with several adjustment options is pointless.

Capacity For Weight

TVs are relatively hefty due to the many heavy components they include.

Furthermore, they are quite important and must be handled with extreme care if the TV is not to be damaged soon.

For this, you must consider the weight of the TV and choose an RV TV mount that is capable of supporting the weight.

One of the most significant aspects of an RV TV mount is its weight capacity, which is listed with each model.

You might choose an RV TV mount with a 20 to 30 pound greater weight capacity than your present TV as a precaution.

This will improve the device’s reliability for your existing TV while also making it upgrade-proof.

Adjustments With The Most Support

On an RV TV mount, the adjustment settings come in useful since they enable you to move the TV around without having to remove it from its socket.

Swivelling, tilting, rotating, and linear adjustment are among the adjustment options.

If you want a perfect viewing angle at a perfect viewing distance in your RV, you’ll need to adjust all of these settings.

In general, swiveling and tilting motions may correct the viewing angle, while linear adjustment provides for optimal seating and viewing distance.

You won’t be able to adjust your TV after it’s mounted if your RV TV mount doesn’t contain the adjustment settings.


The RV TV mounts are built with extra safety features to account for the vehicle’s motion, which might possibly harm the TV.

The majority of the time, the passengers will watch television while the car is in motion.

Whether the vehicle is fixed or movable, it will be installed on the RV TV mount even if it is not in use.

This necessitates extra safety features, such as a locking mechanism, for RV TV mounting.

If the mount is not fixed in a certain location, it will move about with the RV’s motion, possibly damaging the TV.

As a result, when purchasing an RV TV mount, make sure it has a strong locking mechanism.

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For vacation and camping excursions, an RV without a competent entertainment equipment is just not enough.

As a result, every RV owners should install an RV TV mount in order to install a TV and enjoy entertainment while on the road.

It’s crucial for keeping your TV safe inside the RV, which is crucial if you want to watch TV while driving.

Today, we’ve compiled a list of the top RV TV mounts currently on the market.

Take a look at some of the greatest selections listed below if you’re not sure which option is ideal for you.

  • RV owners love compact TVs that can be mounted on the wall. If you also have a small TV between 10 and 26 inches, the GOFORWILD RV TV Mount for Camper is a good option. This TV mount can support up to 22 pounds of weight and provides for a 5 degree tilt towards the top and a 15 degree tilt towards the bottom of the TV.
  • You’ll have plenty of room to put a TV in a huge RV. The VideoSecu ML531BE2 TV Wall mount kit is required for such RVs. This incredible RV TV mount can hold up to a 60-inch TV and up to 88 pounds of weight. Compatibility is not a problem since it fully supports the VESA 400x 400 mounting standard.
  • Finally, if you wish to make precise and frequent adjustments to your TV once it’s been placed in your RV, we propose Mount-It! RV TV Mount. For TVs with a screen size of 17 to 43 inches, this option allows for up to 55 degrees of upward and 35 degrees of downward tilting. The mount has a weight restriction of 33 pounds and is appropriate for flat TVs.

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