It may seem drab to design an outdoor living room without a TV entertainment set.

Because of the harsh natural environment, most homeowners are hesitant to place their televisions outside.

Using a high-quality outdoor TV mount, on the other hand, may guarantee a better fit and safer installation than any interior mount.

These outdoor mounts vary in appearance and are made of durable materials.

These outdoor mounts are made of anti-rust materials that can withstand lengthy exposure to the elements.

Buyers may rest after installation since these mounts can easily support mega-inch TVs.

These robust mounts are very compatible with many outside surfaces such as stucco, concrete, vinyl siding, plaster, or brick walls, in addition to their structural stability.

However, the adaptability of lighting fixtures is not limited to domestic applications.

Many business projects, such as airports, hospitals, clinics, parks, childcare facilities, restaurants, and so on, may benefit from TV displays.

Best TV Mounts for the Outdoors

  1. ECHOGEAR TV Wall Mount
  2. VIVO Electric Ceiling TV Mount
  3. WALI TV Ceiling Mount
  4. Mount Plus MP-LPA36-443W Outdoor TV Mount
  5. MOUNT-IT! RV TV Mount

Scroll down to see five of the most durable and well-made TV mounts for your outdoor excursions, as described in our buyer’s guide.

If you have any more questions concerning TV mounts, we strongly advise you to read our FAQs to have a better understanding of the subject.

#1. ECHOGEAR TV Wall Mount

An excellent way to keep your TV placed outside is with the Echogear Outdoor TV mount.

Dual-arm full motion TV mount with a 22-inch extension is what this item is.

You’ll get a 130-degree swivel and tilts ranging from 15 to 90 degrees.

The mount is quite robust and does well in outdoor environments.

Customers with TVs between 42 and 90 inches may depend on this excellent outdoor mount.

Its major advantage is without a doubt the rapid installation option, which makes the whole installation process simple.

The Echogear TV Mount, which is our winner, is a venerable outdoor fixture.

It works with VESA mounting patterns ranging from 200 x 100 to 600 x 400 mm.

Due to its standard specifications, owners may connect flat screens ranging in size from 42 to 90 inches with ease.

For massive TVs that need a heavier and more sturdy installation, its amazing 90-inch maximum size bracket is perfect.

This mount bracket is made from sturdy, heavy-gauge steel that has been finished with an incredibly durable finish.

With a quick push and pull, you may enjoy a variety of viewing angles with its swivel mounting bracket.

When watching the TV from various surface levels, there is plenty of adjustment space thanks to its tilt of up to 15 degrees.

The TV’s glare may be significantly reduced thanks to the tilt feature.

A 130-degree swivel capability is also included.

Additionally, this mount makes it simple to adjust all wires and cords, including HDMIs.

If you need a strong casing to secure the TV, we strongly propose this outdoor TV mount.

You may paint the shell with appropriate plastic paints if the outside of this product clashes with the color or theme of your walls.


  • It is not too difficult to build this item.
  • Users like its sturdy construction and ability to support large TVs.
  • 42-inch to 90-inch TV models can fit within.
  • The standard VESA mounting interface is included with this mount.
  • This outdoor mount offers a comfortable viewing tilt angle of an astonishing 15 degrees.
  • Heavy gauge metal is used throughout the production process as the product’s foundation.


  • The company’s official handbook has poor instructions that make the installation procedure challenging.
  • The provided VESA screws are insufficient for installing Samsung QLED TVs of the current generation.

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#2. VIVO Electric Ceiling TV Mount


  • TV Size: 32 to 70 inches
  • Minimum Compatible Size: 32 inches
  • Tilt Angle: 0 to -75 degree tilt

If you’re looking for a full-featured electric TV mount, the VIVO Electric Ceiling TV Mount is a great choice.

For a more sturdy and safe installation, this mount incorporates VESA mounting patterns.

The smooth remote control is quite dependable and runs with definite smoothness and no delays.

This outdoor TV ceiling mount with remote control is ideal for both seniors and children, making it the finest outdoor tv ceiling mount with remote control.

This outdoor flip-down tv mount is compatible with all universal size ranges from 32′′ to 70′′.

Buyers with TVs weighing up to 77 pounds may effortlessly connect their entertainment system.

This device is compatible with VESA mounting patterns ranging from 200x100mm to 600x400mm, including 200x200mm, 200x200mm, 200x400mm, 300x200mm, 300x300mm, 400x200mm, 400x300mm, 400x400mm, and 400x400mm.

This electric ceiling TV mount works with both pitched and flat ceilings, allowing customers to put their TV anywhere they want it without having to worry about the texture, slope, or curvature of the ceiling.

With the stroke of a button, its revolutionary electric-powered lift mechanism may lower your flat screen tv for viewing or hide it back towards the ceiling.

Radio frequency and programmable memory settings, as well as individual height adjustments, are included in the smart remote.

The product’s USP is its comfortable viewing, with a 0° to -75° tilt and +2° to -2° screen leveling.

Furthermore, the remote’s long range enables users to control it from a distance.

This mount’s body is made of solid steel and has a sleeker contemporary appearance that is ideal for a variety of home and business settings.

This ceiling mount is made of solid steel and would look great in any house or workplace.

Even after years of usage, buyers can feel the manufacturer’s quality.

This electric ceiling mount works with both flat and curved screen TVs.

The vendor includes all essential hardware as well as thorough step-by-step instructions with each purchase to ensure correct installation and assembly.

In the event of any manufacturing flaws, the manufacturer offers a 3-year guarantee on this durable motorized model.

This motorized item is a convenient solution to mount and store your outdoor television in an out-of-the-way location.


  • This is a full-featured motorized electrical TV mount for the outdoors.
  • The remote has memory settings that may be programmed as well as height adjustments.
  • VESA compatibility is provided by the mount.
  • A three-year guarantee is provided by the manufacturer.
  • This mount may be used with any flat or curved TV and can be installed on sloped or flat ceilings.


  • The front-facing power connector does not allow for the cleanest of installations.
  • Because to mechanical failure, users may sometimes encounter a frozen belt.

#3. WALI TV Ceiling Mount


  • TV Size: 26 to 65 inches
  • Minimum Compatible Size: 26 inches
  • Tilt Angle: 0 to -25 degree tilt

This WALI TV Ceiling Mount is ideal for a variety of outdoor business applications, including restaurants, clinics, stations, offices, and more.

Its rotate, swivel, and tilt functions may assist installers in perfectly positioning the TV.

This ceiling mount device works well with TVs with screens ranging from 26 to 65 inches.

Finally, cable management solutions offer the overall installation a cleaner appearance.

The highly adjustable brackets on this outdoor flip-down TV mount accommodate most OLED, LED, LCD, and Plasma Flat Screens.

Our product is the most encompassing of all the goods on this list in terms of TV display sizes.

TV screens ranging in size from 26 to 65 inches and weighing up to 110 pounds are readily compatible.

The top weight restriction of 110 pounds is very remarkable, considering most television sets fall inside this range.

VESA mounting hole patterns of 400400, 400200, 300300, 300200, 200200, 200100, or 100x100mm are also available for a solid and secure fit.

The display is held in place for the longest duration possible by the ultra-solid steel structure, which eliminates the chance of dents and bends.

This mount may be used on a variety of ceiling types, including flat, vaulted, sloping, and even 90° flat against the joist side.

This product is incredibly practical, user-friendly, and glare-resistant thanks to its traditional 25-degree tilt and 365-degree swivel of both side rotation.

The package includes a ceiling mount, hardware kit, user manual, and seven-day-a-week customer support.

Finally, the cable management system keeps cables contained inside a pole, resulting in a cleaner and more orderly look.


  • A fully adjustable 360-degree swivel is included for optimal viewing angles.
  • The VESA mounting hole arrangement is well-suited to the ceiling mount.
  • It has a cable management system for a better appearance.
  • The mount may be mounted on a variety of ceilings.
  • This mount works with TVs ranging in size from 26 to 65 inches.


  • The screws that come with the product are poor and peel out much too easily.
  • A large 65-inch television might cause the stand to swoop or bend in specific locations.

#4. Mount Plus MP-LPA36-443W Outdoor TV Mount


  • TV Size: 32 to 60 inches
  • Minimum Compatible Size: 32 inches
  • Tilt Angle: +10 to -20 degree tilt

Your hunt for the greatest complete motion swivel and tilt mount for outdoor use has come to an end.

This full-motion mount is ideal for outdoor TV setups with screens ranging from 32 to 60 inches.

A powder-coated finish protects the metal frame from corrosion and scratches.

Integrated cable management keeps the installations looking neat and tidy.

This full-motion outdoor mount was created for consumers who prefer or want a complete swivel.

The mount comfortably fits most 32 to 60-inch TVs and has a maximum weight capacity of 110 pounds.

Because it conforms with the VESA mounting points for exceptional protection, users may install this mounting with ease.

You should expect a tilt range of +10 to -20 degrees and a swivel range of +90 to -90 degrees.

The TV may be moved from 2.4 to 18.6 inches away from the wall.

We strongly suggest this product for folks who live near water since it has passed a 90-hour salt spray test.

A high-quality powder-coated finish protects the galvanized steel frame from corrosion and scratches.

The stainless steel screws serve to maintain the structure rust-free and protected from salt air.

When the TV is in an outside area, a basic anti-theft design adds a layer of security.

The bundled cable management system allows users to neatly attach their TV and cables.


  • A full-motion swivel and tilt are included with the device.
  • Three layers of protection are applied to each metal surface: steel, electroplating, and outside powder coating.
  • The cable management solution will almost certainly result in a cleaner installation.
  • This mount is ideal for houses and projects near the water.
  • The VESA-compliant exterior mount fixture is available.


  • Because the lag bolts in this product are not galvanized, they are prone to rusting quickly.
  • The frame will sometimes move on its own due to the complete motion.

#5. MOUNT-IT! RV TV Mount


  • TV Size: 17 to 43 inches
  • Minimum Compatible Size: 17 inches
  • Tilt Angle: +0 to -30 degree tilt

The MOUNT-IT! RV TV Mount is our final but certainly not least option.

This gadget strikes an excellent blend of lightness and robustness, making it an ideal outdoor TV mount for RVs.

The mount fixture is simple to install and comes with a 5-year manufacturer’s guarantee.

This quick-release outdoor TV mount is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

The quick-release mechanism may be used both inside and outside the RV.

To guard against rust and other natural factors, the outside mount is composed of metal with a heavy-duty powder coating.

From start to end, the installation is pretty simple, requiring just three stages.

For installing bigger TVs, the VESA plate may stretch up to 200200 mm designs.

A bubble level is included with the wall plates to ensure alignment accuracy by measuring the degree of installation.

This camper TV mount is sturdy enough to support up to 33 pounds of weight without causing damage to the TV.

Its 60-degree swivel and 30-degree tilt functions provide an ideal viewing angle every time.

The built-in cable management systems keep the little camper clean and orderly without the need of cables.

The extended 5-year guarantee on all wall mounts is a fantastic feature that will undoubtedly appeal to all campers.


  • This item includes slide-in wall plates that are easy to install and release.
  • The cables and wires are concealed from view by using a separate cable channel.
  • Each purchase comes with a 5-year warranty for all purchasers.
  • A VESA plate is included in the design to accommodate larger TV displays.
  • The device is very light and adds no additional weight to the camper.


  • This outdoor mount isn’t designed to hold larger TVs.
  • Extreme force may cause the metal plate to bend.


Let’s take a look at some of the most often asked questions concerning outdoor TV mounting.

Is it possible to use TV mounting outside?

Yes, a TV mount may be used in the outdoors.

Indoor TV mounts are designed for usage within the home and cannot be used outdoors.

There are particular TV screens meant for outdoor usage, as well as some innovative TV mounts for the great outdoors, so don’t worry.

You can’t use conventional indoor mounts outdoors since they aren’t designed to withstand the elements.

The weight of outdoor television screens is greater than that of interior television displays.

As a result, outdoor mounts are heavier and more durable than inside mounts.

If you’re searching for an outside mount, it’s advisable to start by looking at the specs of your outdoor television.

Outdoor TVs are heavier than interior TVs, as previously said, and you must know the capacity of your outdoor mount.

Another consideration when selecting an outdoor TV mount is the amount of swivel you need.

The majority of mounts enable you to rotate the screen 180 degrees and tilt it 20 degrees downwards.

You should make a list of the additional characteristics you want in your stand and mount.

You must also determine whether or not you wish to purchase a mount with an arm.

Mounts with an arm will enable you to extend the TV in front of the audience and then rotate it to their liking.

How can I make my TV weatherproof?

We’re assuming you’ve just purchased a large, cool TV screen to enjoy with your family outside.

However, you are unsure how you would safeguard it from the fury of nature.

Don’t be concerned.

We’ll tell you exactly what you need to do to protect your

There are two advantages to keeping your television in the shade.

To begin, place the TV screen under an apex roof.

It may be mounted on a wall within the patio or in any comparable location to keep it out of direct sunshine and rain.

Your TV is instantly glare-proof since it is not exposed to direct sunlight.

Second, keeping the screen out of direct sunlight will help it last longer.

It would also be beneficial if you positioned the television high enough so that a big group of people could readily see it.

You may also purchase an appropriate mount that enables you to slightly tilt the screen.

You might also purchase an outdoor TV cover to use while the screen is not in use.

Choose an outside mount for your TV that is sturdy, durable, and steady.

This will extend the life of your television by many years.

You may also seek for customized wires for an outside television.

These cables should be long-lasting.

Alternatively, get a box cover for your DVD players or other electronic devices.

You may also get a fantastic outdoor TV cover.

Waterproof material should be used for the cover.

Also, make sure the cover is simple to use.

What is the best height for mounting an outside television?

It’s not simple to mount a television outside.

There are, however, a few guidelines that may be used generally.

We’ll suppose you’re installing a TV outside because a large group of people will come to watch stuff together.

In such situation, you’ll need to position the screen over everyone’s line of sight.

Because the TV is slightly raised, everyone in the audience can see the screen without having to glance over anyone’s shoulders.

The size of the TV determines the ideal mounting height.
A 42-inch TV, for example, should be positioned around 56 inches from the floor.

As you may expect, the higher the TV screen is elevated from the floor, the larger it is.

We recommend that you calculate the ideal mounting height for your TV and then add extra 10-15 inches.

To provide the optimal viewing angle for the audience, you may always employ a tilting full-motion mount.

Another reason to install the TV high and then tilt it downward is to save space.

You’re more inclined to sit, recline, or lay down with your eyes looking upwards if you’re outside.

How long will you be able to watch TV outside?

Do you have an outside TV set that was just shattered as well?

Because they are the folks who ask this question most often.

They’re curious whether their television could have lasted longer.

To begin with, using an indoor TV outdoors will not last long.

It’s advisable to utilize an outside TV screen since they’re designed to withstand sunshine and rain.

When an indoor TV is placed outdoors, it will only survive a few weeks at most.

A well-planned outdoor TV setup, on the other hand, will last 6-12 months.

The coverage above the screen is the only factor that affects the longevity of an outdoor TV.

An outdoor TV, whether it’s on a porch, patio, or gazebo, has to be well-protected.

Direct sunlight is bad for the hardware, and it will prevent you from seeing the enormous outside screen.

Second, rain or other severe weather may quickly destroy your television.

The terrible issue is that no matter how much you hide your TV outdoors, it will still be visible.

This is due to the fact that humidity will constantly penetrate into your computer, rusting the wires and other components over time.

Repairing TV spare parts is more costly than purchasing a new TV set, as we all know.

As a result, many individuals simply replace their outside TVs as required.

Bugs are yet another classic outdoor issue.

Hardware is attacked by insects, vermin, and bugs.

One of the initial bug targets is an outside television set.

People have found wasp nests within their televisions in the past.

The heat and light emitted by the television may attract bugs.

They eventually get trapped within the machine, creating nests or catching fire in wires.

Finally, since the television is a high-voltage device, it may be subject to unexpected power surcharges at any moment.

Keeping a television outside is a dangerous proposition.


So there you have it: some of the most durable outdoor TV mounts available.

We strongly advise removing those that do not meet the criteria for a precisely matching mount fixture.

Finally, check the nut bolts and screws every couple of days to prevent any unpleasant surprises.

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