You’ll need to remove the old tube TV from your RV if you have an RV with a TV that no longer works or if you want to update your RV TV.

Although each RV is unique, this guide covers the general design principles that most RV TV cabinets adhere to.

In an RV, how do you get rid of the TV? Although it is a straightforward procedure, you should be informed of the processes.

Here’s a basic rundown of the procedure.

  1. Check to see whether the TV is attached to the wall using screws or other hardware.
  2. To remove all screws, use the proper instrument (usually a Phillips screwdriver).
  3. Wiring and cables should be disconnected and removed.
  4. Use the cupboard where the TV was installed for other uses or hide it.

There is a lot to consider before embarking on a project like this.

Continue reading for all the specifics on how to complete the task.

Tools Required for TV Disposal

Before you begin, review the recommended tool list to ensure you have everything you need to finish the job. Recruit a helper to hold the hefty TV as you remove it for the greatest results.

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Taking the TV out of the Cabinet

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In most RVs, the television is built inside the cabinet.

It’s entirely up to you whether you want to retain that cabinet for a new TV or to tear it down and start again.

In any case, the first step is to remove the old television from the cabinet.

Some cabinets were built with the intention of making it simple to remove the television.

If you have one of those fortunate RVs, look for a release bar or chain towards the bottom of the cabinet and pull it hard.

Congratulations, you’ve completed the task!

Many of you, however, are not so fortunate.

Prepare to detach the TV from the mount if you don’t have an easy release bar.

You may not see any brackets or screws at first sight.

Often, wood or paneling covers the brackets that must be removed in order to remove the old TV.

If you can’t see any screws, pull the paneling back from the bottom with your hand or a screwdriver.

The screws that hold the TV in the cabinet should now be visible.

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Taking down the television

Only four screws on the four corners of the TV are often used to secure it to the cabinet.

Search the back and sides of the cabinet for the missing screws.

If you can’t locate the screws, use a flashlight and a mirror to search the cabinet for the hardware, which may be hidden below the TV.

If you’re still having trouble finding them, lightly shake the television with both hands to see if you can feel where it wiggles.

Your screws are the wiggling areas on your body.

Other than the Philips and flat heads you’re familiar to, your gear might employ any number of screws.

If you come across a hex socket or a Torx screw, you’ll need the appropriate tool for the task, which may require a trip to the hardware shop.

You’ll wind up with a stripped screw and a far more difficult process if you attempt to improvise.

When you discover your screws, keep in mind that they should be around eight inches long, so be prepared to unscrew a lot of them, and have a second pair of hands on hand in case the enormous TV begins to come away.

If the screws are at an angle or in a tight spot where you can’t readily reach them, use an adjustable wrench to spin the screwdriver head.

This will allow you to move around more freely in confined spaces.

Once the TV has been unscrewed, carefully lower it away from the wall to uncover the wires behind it.

Nothing is anchoring the TV to the wall at this point, so have someone hold it steady as you reach back and yank on the wires.

You may sell, give, or discard your old TV after disconnecting the power supply and any other wires related to it.

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Taking Down the Cabinet

If you are weary of your cabinet, you may either remove it entirely and replace it with a new TV or cover it with paneling if you no longer want a TV there.

You may take out the cabinet in the same manner that you took out the TV.

Feel around the back and sides of the cabinet for all the screws.

If you can’t discover a screw, look for hidden hardware under paneling and pry it off with a screwdriver.

Depending on how your cabinet was built, it should come free in sections or as a whole once you remove all the screws.

Allow your imagination to run wild with the additional space you’ll have after the cabinet is removed.

Installing a New TV in an RV

You have a few alternatives after your old TV has been removed.

You may install a new TV straight into the cabinet if you like the appearance and feel of it.

Find a TV that fits snugly but not too tightly, and either reuse or replace the previous mounting brackets.

New screws are often recommended since outdated screws are prone to peeling and can create difficulties down the road.

If you decide to keep your cabinet, ensure sure the television is plugged in and securely fastened.

To cover the hardware, you might add trim or ornamental paneling to the exterior of the cabinet.

Consider utilizing an extension mount if you like the cabinet but don’t want to remain in it.

That way, your new TV can be connected in the same manner as your old one, and the mount can extend slightly beyond the cabinet, enabling you to use a bigger TV than your cabinet while still hiding your mount and wires.

If you become bored of the cabinet or wish to move your new TV, keep in mind that current TVs are significantly lighter than the old tube TV that came with your RV.

Most flat-screen televisions may be mounted on any wood fixture within your RV using a mounting bracket of your choosing.

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Summary and Conclusion

It is not advisable to attach or drill straight into the walls of your RV! Unlike your house, an RV has a lot of complicated cables that need to be avoided.

Furthermore, if you pierce the exterior of your RV while drilling, you may be exposed to the outdoors.

Always take care while drilling in your RV, and only drill into existing hardware for the greatest results.

While every RV is different, removing the TV from the cabinet in your RV is a straightforward two-person process.

Always keep one hand on the heavy TV while handling the hardware, and never work on the cabinet while the TV is switched on.

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