My fifth wheel, like many late-model RVs, was equipped with a television in the front bedroom. This setup comprises of 120 volts AC power, a cable outlet, and a well-supported mounting place. Because the space I have to work with is limited, I chose a 19-inch screen “The television.

Three features of the television appealed to me:

At the age of 19, “It was the perfect size for the location.

It contains a built-in signal strength meter to help you orient the antenna.

I ended up purchasing an Insignia 19 inch television ” (NS-19D310NA19).

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The manufacturer had noted the place for attaching the TV, however it was approximately 6 inches off “.. I’m glad I utilized a “stud finder” to figure out where the greatest support was in the wall; otherwise, I would have drilled through air.

Despite the fact that the stud finder indicated a different site, I proceeded with caution and bored a tiny pilot hole to test the wall’s strength. The wall at the designated place was indeed paper-thin.

To install the TV, I utilized the fantastic RAM mounting method. My usual experience with TV mounting methods in boats and RVs has been that they are just not appropriate for anything that bounces down the road or over the waters. The RAM system is unique in that it may be completely locked down and will not move. There’s no need for bungie cords here.

I utilized the following RAM components:

Plate VESA (mounts to TV). Depending on your television, choose one of the following:

  • 246-U RAM (100mm and 75mm VESA mounting holes).
  • RAM-246-AD1U (100mm and 75mm VESA mounting holes).
  • 2461-U RAM (75mm VESA only).
  • RAM VB-110-5 End Swing Arm
  • RAM-109-1 Intermediate Swing Arm (optional)
  • RAM-D-162 RAM-D-162 RAM-D-162 RAM-D-162 RAM-D

The RAM system supports 10 pounds and employs “C” size balls (1.5″ dia.). The TV weighs 23 pounds, hence the system is enough for this purpose.

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RAM VESA mounting plates come with mounting balls in “C” Size (1.5″) or “D” Size (2.25″) sizes. The “D” is the sole variation between the two variants of the component number. As an example;

  • The C size of RAM-246-U is 1.5 “ball for mounting
  • The D size of RAM-D-246-U is 2.25 “ball for mounting


(The VB-110-5 swing arm will not fit.)

However, the wall mount’s component number likewise includes a D, but no ball or ball socket.

Isn’t it perplexing? For the VESA adaptor, double-check that you’re getting a C Size ball mount.

I didn’t use the Intermediate Swing Arm (RAM-109-1), which saved some weight and money, but it’s still listed here as an alternative.

What is the VESA acronym? For all current TVs and monitors, the “Video Electronics Standards Association” (VESA) has created a mounting standard. While any manufacturer may choose to include it, the majority do.

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To offer a suitable mounting place for a TV mount, the standard provides 75MM, 100MM, 200MM, and 400MM square hole designs to be fitted into the rear of a TV panel. A hole layout like this may be found in almost all TV mounting.

A TV usually has just one mount size, which is adequate for its screen size and weight, while the TV mount may be more “universal,” with one or more hole size patterns.
Installing a Bedroom TV in my RV – RVProject

The TV’s built-in signal strength meter is really useful. By monitoring the meter as you shift the antenna, you can easily turn it in the direction of the strongest signal.

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