Laundry in an RV may be a chore.

Enjoying the RV lifestyle entails gazing at nature or having more free time.

For weeks, you won’t want to smell your filthy garments in a washing basket.

Unless you prefer to do your laundry by hand or go to the laundromat, a washer and dryer combination is a must-have for a stress-free road trip.

So, if you want to wash and dry clothing while RVing, now is the time to find the finest RV washer and dryer combination.

One of the most important appliances for RVers is a washer-dryer combo.

It’s small, light, and comfortable to use.

It will also wash and dry your clothing, providing you more flexibility to go on adventures.

Choosing the proper one for your load capacity requirements might be difficult.

We’ve narrowed down the market to create the top-rated washer dryer combos you should absolutely consider to assist you make the proper pick.

Scroll down to see our purchasing guide, which walks you through all you need to know before picking the ideal washer dryer for you, including all the details you need to make washing duties a breeze while on the road.

In A Nutshell, These Are Our Top Picks For The Best Rv Washer Dryer Combination Options For 2024.

There are 10 models left to select from if additional criteria like as portability, quiet operation, quick drying durations, and user-friendly settings are important to you.

  • Our Top Recommended RV washer dryer: LG WM3997HWA Ventless Machine
  • Best Vented Washer Dryer: Splendide TVM63XNA RV Vented Dryer
  • Best Drying System: hOmeLabs 9 Pounds Capacity Compact Laundry Dryer
  • Best Value and Price: Giantex Portable Mini Compact Twin Tub Washing Machine
  • Premium Choice: KUPPET Compact Twin Tub Portable Mini Washing Machine
  • Most Lightweight and Compact: Giantex Portable Mini Washing Machine
  • Most Energy-Saving: Splendide WDC7100XC Washer-Dryer Combo
  • Most User-Friendly: BestAppliance Washer Dryer Combo
  • Ideal for Small Loads and Delicate: KUPPET 1040600200 Mini Portable Washing Machine
  • Best Quiet Operation: Best Choice SKY 2767 Portable Twin Tub Laundry Machine
  • Best Lint and Foam Removal: Splendide WD2100XC Vented Combo Washer/Dryer

In 2024, The 11 Best RV Washer Dryer Combos Have Been Reviewed And Rated.

After studying 22 RV washer and dryer combinations and testing ten, we’ve compiled a list of the finest RV washer and dryers to help you do laundry on your own while you live in an RV.

#1. Overall Best Rv Washer Dryer Combo: LG WM3997HWA Washer/Dryer

If your RV doesn’t have access to external venting, the LG WM3997HWA Washer/Dryer is an all-in-one choice.

TurboWash, TrueBalance Anti-Vibration System, NeveRust Stainless Steel Drum, and Allergiene Cycle are among of its greatest features.

Things We Enjoy

  • A tub with an extremely high capacity that allows you to wash more laundry in fewer loads.
  • It has a compact design that doesn’t sacrifice quality, adaptability, or efficiency.
  • At 60 decibels, there is very little vibration and noise.

Things We Don’t Appreciate

  • When compared to the other ventless models on our list, it is more expensive.
  • Not suited for RV owners who are unable to install a vent.

If you need to wash 15 pounds of laundry and then dry eight pounds of laundry, this combination washer and dryer is great.

This is particularly true if you don’t have access to an outside venting system.

When it comes to washing, we like the Quick Wash mode.

To swiftly clean small loads, this function employs a Speed Wash cycle.

Meanwhile, for modest loads of mildly dirty items, I suggest two to three washings.

You can achieve great wash and rinse efficiency this way.

Even if you have a lot of laundry to wash, the Turbo Wash technology only takes 20 minutes.

There’s also the Sanitary cycle, which is NSF-certified and has an internal heating element.

The LG WM3997HWA Washer/Dryer dries clothes using ventless condensing in general.

I suggest waiting up to 120 minutes for your load to completely dry.

The True Balance Anti-Vibration System, which reduces loud tub movement, is also a favorite of mine.

Because there are few moving components in the motor assembly, there will be very little noise.

This is particularly useful if you have a tiny RV and don’t want to be bothered.

This machine also features an inverter direct drive motor that is linked directly to the drum.

As a result, the machine can provide numerous unique movements for excellent wash performance while producing little vibration and noise.

The attractive appearance of the forward electronic control panel with a dual-LED display is one of the standout characteristics.

This displays the current wash cycle in use.

Wash, Rinse, Spin, and Dry are the options.

Finally, this washer dryer combination is one of the most attractive models on the market.

It has a chrome square edged glass door with a dial-a-cycle mechanism.

A dark blue tinted cover with an extra-wide door aperture and an optional matching drawer pedestal is also available.

Important Points to Remember:

  • Up to 1,300 RPM power wash cycle
  • It allows you to choose the wash cycle based on the kind of clothing.
  • It offers five different drying cycles to choose from.
  • Technology for ventless condensing dryers.
  • It comes with a 10-year warranty, which proves its robustness.

#2. Best Vented Washer Dryer: Splendide Tvm63xna Rv Vented Dryer

Up to 13 pounds of laundry may be washed and dried with the Splendide TVM63XNA RV Trailer Camper Vented Dryer.

Its compact form, as well as the wash and dry cycles, clean clothing more quickly and with less creasing.

Things We Enjoy

  • Larger wash and dry tubs to accommodate larger loads.
  • Cycles that are both efficient and high-performing.
  • The cost is reasonable.

Things We Don’t Appreciate

  • Because of the load capacity, it is rather heavy.
  • Each load takes around 120 minutes to dry completely.

This variant is for RV owners who need additional room to wash and dry larger loads.

The 13 wash cycles and 4 special wash choices will easily accomplish the work, regardless of the kind of cloth or degree of filth.

The airflow around the clothing is maximized by the 4.0 cubic foot dryer drum.

The extra-wide aperture and three-timed drying cycles are its key advantages.

This machine has an adjustable dryer timer in addition to the vented drying method.

It also features an autocycle that stops when your load is completely dry.

Furthermore, the dual tumble orientation increases the amount of water and soap used to clean the clothes.

The Easy Iron Program, which emits heat for eight minutes, is our favorite option.

After that, a two-minute Air Fluff will fluff the clothes fibers.

This function softens the fibers, making ironing and folding simpler.

The knob-style cycle status indicator is one of the nicest features.

The amount and kind of wash are processed by electronic control units.

In effect, the machine can choose the best spin speed, temperature, and water mix.

More than the excellent wash and dry capabilities, the simple installation is also commendable.

The majority of the pieces are already attached since the device is stackable.

As a consequence, maintenance is kept to a bare minimum.

You’ll also get first dibs on the industry’s first easy-clean lint filter.

As a result, you may remove lint from the vent tube and any permanent venting device on a regular basis.

The Splendide TVM63XNA RV Vented Dryer is also ENERGY STAR certified.

This ensures that the machine is very efficient, since it saves both water and energy.

Finally, heavy-duty springs and shock absorbers are included in this washer dryer combo.

These materials, together with the stainless steel drum, provide stronger casings for a long RV life.

Important Points to Remember:

  • Stackable or side-by-side installation options are available.
  • 1,200 RPM is the maximum spin speed.
  • Built to endure the rigors of RV life.
  • The noise level is low, at 60 dB.
  • A one-year limited warranty is included.

#3. Best Drying System: Homelabs 9 Pounds Capacity Compact Laundry Dryer

The hOmeLabs 9 Pounds Capacity Compact Laundry Dryer is a portable, easy-to-install choice for RVers who don’t want to use a full-sized machine or air dry their clothing.

Things We Enjoy

  • With 1,400 watts of electricity, this front-loading dryer fits in any tiny area.
  • Operation that is both energy-efficient and silent.
  • Drying cycles may be conducted at any time set by the user.

Things We Don’t Appreciate

  • A vent is required to collect lint.
  • At the rear of the drum is the link trap.

This dryer has a large capacity for a tiny dryer.

The 120V electricity can handle nine pounds of laundry in 200 minutes, allowing you to wash and dry your clothes, delicates, and bedding.

With three easy-to-navigate and very sensitive mechanical controls, you may personalize the settings for each load.

The Air Dry is our favorite since it can run chilly air for up to 80 minutes.

There’s also the Heat Dry, which provides up to 180 minutes of continuous heating.

You may also use the Chill Down for 20 minutes to cool down your garments.

The nice aspect is that these settings work with almost any cloth.

You can simply configure the length of time you want to run your dryer as well as the sort of drying cycle using the mechanical dial.

The lint filter on the hOmeLabs Compact Laundry Dryer is simple to clean and technologically sophisticated.

This is effective since it has an automated shutdown to conserve electricity.

Furthermore, this RV washer dryer combination is made to dry quietly.

As a consequence, you may use the equipment while lying down.

You can count on modern technology and high-quality output thanks to its high-powered drying equipment.

As a result, the drying time is reduced.

When it comes to convenience, an ergonomic handle is a nice touch.

This makes it easier to move the machine around easily.

The high-quality stainless steel tub resists nicks and scratches and has the smoothest surface, in addition to an integrated viewing glass.

Important Points to Remember:

  • Program the Anti-Wrinkle, and your garments will be washed and dried in 60 minutes.
  • Most RV kinds will be able to use it since it is small and movable.
  • Drying processes that are both quick and safe.
  • Operation with a moderate noise level of 70 dB.
  • Limited guarantee of two years.

#4. Best Value And Price: Giantex Portable Mini Compact Twin Tub Washing Machine

The Giantex Portable Mini Compact Twin Tub Washing Machine is ideal for washing laundry when traveling in a small RV.

The two tubs have a 10 pound washing capacity and a 6 pound spin capacity.

Things We Enjoy

  • Ideal for delicate loads and tiny weights.
  • Options for adjusting the timer.
  • It is both energy-efficient and ecologically beneficial.

Things We Don’t Appreciate

  • Some RVers may find the top load design unappealing.
  • The water is drained using gravity rather than a pump.

Its top-loading double tub is simple to use.

In practice, all you have to do is place your clothing in the tub and fill them with water.

You may do other things while the machine washes your clothing once you set the timeframe.

It’s best to stick to the machine’s 15-minute wash cycle.

The spin timer, on the other hand, allows you to spend five minutes each load.

You do, however, have greater flexibility in adjusting the pre-programmed parameters.

There are also separate timing control options for the wash and spin cycles.

On the negative side, you must be near the washer since it will not stop filling with water on its own.

The space-saving design is much more evident.

You may use it to handle modest loads.

As a result, it is an effective machine for washing delicate items.

A drainage tube is included with the Giantex Portable Mini Compact Twin Tub Washing Machine, allowing you to discharge unclean water.

The filter net on the side of the washing barrel is another important feature.

You can quickly gather any unclean residue this way.

Aside from that, the machine includes control knobs strategically positioned for maximum movement.

In the meanwhile, the lengthy power connection allows you options when your electric socket is a significant distance away.

The water line does not seem to fit any normal faucet or water outlet, based on my observations.

In any event, it’s possible that you’ll have to manually fill the tub with water.

Modify the arrangement with a rubber hose and tension clamp if possible.

In terms of noise, the decibel rating is equivalent to that of an air conditioner.

Even so, the noise and vibrations are affected by the location of the machine as well as the wash/dry cycle.

Finally, since the box already contains all of the necessary components, this all-in-one washer dryer requires very little assembly.

In any event, keep in mind that the spin tube cover plate may be placed over the garments.

Important Points to Remember:

  • This washing machine features a 1,300 RPM motor and a 110V/60HZ voltage frequency.
  • The temperature should be no higher than 129.2 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • The wash and dry cycles are visible thanks to the transparent cover.
  • Wash and spin processes have separate timing controls.
  • The small twin tub cleaning design saves time and labor.

#5. Premium Choice: Kuppet Compact Twin Tub Portable Mini Washing Machine

The KUPPET Compact Twin Tub Portable Mini Washing Machine will help you save time.

You get an 18-pound wash capacity and an eight-pound spin capacity with a 26-pound capacity.

Things We Enjoy

  • There is a control panel for the timer as well as an operating panel.
  • Tumbling water is created by a 360° spin.
  • Storage is simple, and the design is space-saving.

Things We Don’t Appreciate

  • The pricing is rather high.
  • Because this isn’t a completely automated washer, you’ll have to put in a bit more effort between washing and spinning.

The portable twin tub washing machine is an excellent choice for cleaning clothing in a small space.

As a result, you may devote loads to be washed and spun dry at the same time.

You may choose to wash or spin, and then have the machine stop when the load is finished.

The wash cycle may take up to 15 minutes, while the spin cycle can last up to five minutes.

The 360-degree cleaning is what sets the KUPPET Compact Twin Tub Portable Mini Washing Machine apart.

This rotation creates tumbling water while also preventing the clothing from wrapping completely.

You may change the wash time, wash choices, drain options, and spin timing using the operating panel’s straightforward design.

All you have to do now is place your load in the laundry remover with the aid of the transparent lid.

After that, fill the tub with water, set the timer, and go to work on the laundry.

On the top, there are two water inlets, which I noted.

One is for rinsing while spinning, and the other is for filling the washer.

You may operate the machine without these water hookups, but you’ll have to transfer water using a bucket.

Keep in mind that this is a spin dryer, therefore there is no heat.

You’ll receive ‘nearly dry’ garments instead.

You may run another five-minute dry cycle if you want everything completely dry.

Because of the stainless steel snap ring, you may be confident in the quality of the construction.

This may be adjusted to fit a variety of faucet sizes.

A 56.3″ drainage tube and a built-in drain pump are also included in this washer dryer combo.

These characteristics make it simple to drain filthy water.

Important Points to Remember:

  • It has a built-in drain pump that empties the water from the washer automatically.
  • For washing and spinning, a 3,600 RPM motor is used. As a consequence, the operation is more powerful, quicker, and lasts longer.
  • For low to medium loads, this is the best option.
  • Easy portability—ideal for traveling around and cramming into small areas.
  • It comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee and a one-year warranty.

#6. Most Lightweight And Compact: Giantex Portable Mini Washing Machine

The Giantex Portable Mini Washing Machine has a 9-pound wash and 7-pound spin capacity, as well as a twin tub washer spinner, for easy washing in an RV.

Things We Enjoy

  • Features that are both economical and useful.
  • It’s simple to use and there’s no need to install it.
  • There is no requirement for a water connection or power.

Things We Don’t Appreciate

  • Because it has a short cable, it must be used near an electrical outlet.
  • The cost is high.

Because of the spin wash and spin dry cycles, this tiny compact twin tub washing machine is simple to use.

You may either utilize one tub or both tubs in a single washing cycle.

On the panel section, there are three control switches: wash timer, wash selector, and spin timer.

Similarly, the wash selector may be used to alter the various washing modes.

This also allows you to manage the washing and spinning times.

Keep in mind that various fabrics need varied amounts of washing and spinning.

As a result, it’s a good idea to use various timers to preserve different types of cloth.

Spin wash and spin dry are two of our favorite settings.

These characteristics ensure that your garments are clean and dry.

A water input is also included, which is easy to insert and draw.

Quality and safety are also ensured by the easy-to-wrap power wire and pulsator.

Furthermore, the 16-pound capacity is very cost-effective and convenient for any washing needs.

The size is suitable for a low-waste operation.

You’ll save water, soap, and electricity as a consequence.

Size and mobility are important to me since I live in an RV.

Our is the lightest portable RV washer dryer combination on this list, weighing just 23.9 pounds.

I noticed that the Giantex Portable Mini Washing Machine may be mounted on a shelf during our testing.

Although, for safety and to reduce friction when spinning, you should add bungee cords and rubber cushions.

The simple graphics and explanatory instruction are another something I enjoy about this RV washer dryer combination.

Having stated that, neither the installation nor the operation are difficult.

Important Points to Remember:

  • Water is removed using Gravity Drain.
  • It’s little and light.
  • It has a 1,300 RPM motor that produces excellent power.
  • It features a timer that can be set for up to 15 minutes.
  • It features a huge wash and dry capacity, allowing you to wash and dry more garments.

#7. Most Energy-Saving: Splendide Wdc7100xc Ventless Washer-Dryer Combo

Because of its automated washer and ventless tumble dryer, the Splendide WDC7100XC Ventless Washer-Dryer Combo eliminates the need for hand washing or trips to the laundromat.

For extreme RV users, the front-loading design and condenser dryer are ideal.

Things We Enjoy

  • The brushless motor and 1,200 RPM maximum spin provide powerful drying cycles.
  • At 60 decibels, this technology is ultra-quiet.
  • Because of its capacity to manage water and detergent levels, it is energy efficient.

Things We Don’t Appreciate

Because of the internal water condenser used to dry clothing, humidity remains within the device.

When drying garments, it has a tendency to wrinkle them.

The stainless steel drum has a maximum wash capacity of 15 pounds and an 11-pound dry capacity.

Even so, the 10 wash and three dry cycles will enough to clean your load.

During our studies, I discovered that the wash cycles should last between 30 and 96 minutes.

Wait 60 to 80 minutes for your items to completely dry in the meanwhile.

Furthermore, after each wash, this RV washer dryer combo rinses your items up to four times.

You may also add another rinse cycle using the Extra Rinse option.

Similarly, you may remove detergent or grime using this method.

Furthermore, the Low Spin slows down the high spin speed to 600 RPM.

There is less noise and vibration as a consequence of this.

In the meanwhile, the Low Heat setting lowers the dryer’s heat temperature.

There’s also the Pre-Wash option, which adds an additional fill to the wash cycle at the start.

Another plus is the Dryer Cool Down feature, which activates during the final few minutes of the drying cycle.

Without the use of heat, your garments will tumble freely.

This will prevent wrinkling by cooling snaps, buttons, and cloth.

The greatest thing is that because to the Auto Water and Energy Control functions, the Splendide WDC7100XC Ventless Washer Dryer can conserve energy and resources.

These algorithms control the amount of water and energy used each load automatically.

The Automatic Balance System identifies out-of-balance loads and provides further assistance.

This changes the speed automatically to reposition the load for more steady washing or drying.

Because this unit features low-maintenance lint, you won’t have to bother about cleaning it.

The dirt will securely travel through a self-cleaning pump before being discharged into the drain or dryer vent.

Because of the brushless AC motors, I can also confirm to the unit’s quiet functioning.

You may regulate the pulse in a low spin for reduced wrinkling and wear when combined with the Impulse Spin Technology.

As a result, vibration and noise will be reduced.

Important Points to Remember:

  • It comes with a five-year guarantee, which proves its durability.
  • It features a water level control that is automated.
  • Wash and dry cycles that may be customized.
  • It does not need a lot of detergent.
  • It has an extra-large door opening that makes loading and unloading a breeze.

#8. Most User-Friendly: BestAppliance Washer Dryer Combo

With its Turbo Wash and Electric Dryer, the BestAppliance Washer Dryer Combo can effortlessly manage 2.7 cubic feet of load.

The model is well-known for its easy setup and sympathetic design.

Things We Enjoy

  • Washing settings that are more humanized to match your unique demands.
  • Features that save energy while also protecting the environment.
  • Water condensation and drying techniques are used.

Things We Don’t Appreciate

  • Washing capacity is limited.
  • Heavy clothing may not be suitable for the dry load capacity.

Despite its limited washing capacity of five pounds, the tub has plenty of room to dry the same quantity of laundry.

As a result, you won’t have to wait for two batches to complete the task.

Furthermore, this machine has rapid drying technology that aids with the removal of extra moisture.

The turbine design of the tub helps to decrease wear and tear.

As a result, the clothing are clean and silky.

Because this is a ventless washer dryer, water condensation and drying technology are optimized.

Through the condensation mechanism, a simple-to-clean cylinder releases water and moisture.

This model includes a laundry detergent box for your convenience.

To properly clean your garments, use this in conjunction with the washing liquid soap.

There will be no soapy residue within the tub thanks to the filtering system.

The high-definition LED touch screen on this machine is important since most RV washer dryer combinations are situated in the kitchen area.

You can read the programs clearly even if your workspace is constrained.

Furthermore, for families with children and pets, the kid lock function comes in handy.

This manner, you may avoid unintentional cycle reprogramming or the opening of the tub door.

The built-in powerful motors, which make washing quicker and more thorough, are another appreciated feature.

The built-in 360-degree circulating hot air washing machine can eradicate odors while also fluffying and drying your garments.

The frequency conversion and energy-saving technologies are further highlights of the BestAppliance Washer Dryer Combo.

This implies that the machine has a minimal carbon footprint and is noiseless.

As an added plus, there’s an antibacterial door seal that successfully prevents mold development.

As a consequence, you’ll be able to maintain a healthy atmosphere, avoid secondary pollutants, and allow family members to dress comfortably.

Important Points to Remember:

  • With a 1,300 RPM wash and spin speed, you can get a lot done in a short amount of time.
  • Self-cleaning features make upkeep a breeze.
  • Removes stains quickly while reducing wear and tear.
  • With a noise level of 60 decibels, this is a low-noise operation.
  • It’s simple to set up, program, and clean.

#9. Ideal For Small Loads And Delicate: KUPPET 1040600200 Mini Portable Washing Machine

The KUPPET 1040600200 Mini Portable Washing Machine is a small semi-automatic machine with a timer.

There are two separate tubs with spin wash and spin dry capabilities.

Things We Enjoy

  • Washer and spinner have separate timing controls.
  • It has a large capacity yet is light, portable, and space-saving.
  • The process is simple, and the cleanup is rapid.

Things We Don’t Appreciate

  • Without a spin guard on top of the garments, the clothes will not wash correctly.
  • Avoid washing new towels since it easily traps lint.

The twin tub dual function is the outstanding feature of this device.

This design allows you to save time by washing and drying your clothes at the same time.

You won’t have to worry about finding room for it inside your RV since it’s small.

The washer and spinner processes are controlled by different timers on this device.

The washer may be set for up to 15 minutes.

Meanwhile, each load takes just five minutes to complete.

There are three different washing modes: regular, drain, and gentle.

I recommend selecting the minutes and mode based on the current state of the garments.

The timing of dehydration is also extraordinary.

You may choose the dehydration time for your clothes with the KUPPET 1040600200 Mini Portable Washing Machine.

As a result, the wear and tear on the clothing may be reduced.

The drainage tube is useful in construction because it allows you to drain unclean water.

The tube’s 25.6″ length is ideal for most tiny spaces and RVs.

The transparent top also allows you to keep an eye on the washing process.

High-strength plastic, on the other hand, ensures endurance and toughness against deformation and environmental threats.

I really enjoy how easy it is to insert and remove the water intake.

The garments have a flexible spin cap that increases their absorption force.

I noticed that this washer dryer combination uses less water and detergent throughout our testing.

In the end, you’ll save money, resources, storage, and space.

Finally, due of the power wire’s reel design, you won’t have to worry about untidy cables.

To avoid damage or accidents, you may alternatively suspend the drain pipe.

Important Points to Remember:

  • Washing weight is 10 pounds, while spinning weight is 5.5 pounds.
  • Because it operates at 58 dB, you won’t have to worry about noise or vibrations.
  • Ideal for fragile textiles and modest loads.
  • A strong 1,300 RPM motor that saves both energy and time.
  • To assure safety and quality, new plastic materials have been developed.

#10. Best Quiet Operation: Best Choice Products SKY 2767 Portable Laundry Machine

Because of its twin tub machine that can handle 13 pounds and various spin cycles, the Best Option Products SKY 2767 Portable Laundry Machine lives true to its name—giving you the best choice.

Things We Enjoy

  • The design is lightweight and space-saving, making it excellent for RVs.
  • Condensed load sizes and a strong motor guarantee that garments are washed, rinsed, and spun properly.
  • Washing and spinning cycles that are quick.

Things We Don’t Appreciate

  • When the agitator is overloaded, it may have difficulty spinning.
  • Some sprouts may not fit through the sink hose.

This is one of the lightest and most portable RV washer dryer combinations on the market, weighing just 23.9 pounds.

Because of its small size, the machine may be stored beneath kitchen tables or in the common area of an RV.

The washer can take up to eight pounds of laundry, while the spin cycle can handle five pounds.

However, the machine can do both operations at the same time, saving you time.

A dedicated washer and a separate tub for the spin dryer are provided by the twin tub design.

You may transport clothing straight from the washer to the spinner in this manner.

As a result, you can have your washing done quickly.

In addition, the washer may run for up to 15 minutes.

The dryer, on the other hand, may take up to five minutes each load.

The washes are timed at 3 minute intervals: 3, 6, 9, 12, and 15.

I suggest 15 minutes of washing time for highly stained clothing.

However, if you merely need a standard wash, nine minutes would enough.

Water drains automatically thanks to the gravity drain mechanism, and a screen prevents hair and lint from clogging the drain.

The device also has a water inlet with a hose connected for drainage.

There’s also the option of directing the water to a bucket.

The model’s strong, but low-noise cycles are one of its greatest features.

The device delivers reduced noise emissions thanks to its 300W machine.

And, since it is ETL-certified for safety, you can be certain that it will keep you safe from any danger.

This device also has a stainless steel drying tub, which I like.

The machine is protected against severe mildew accumulation by the machine’s sturdy inner wall, which has a sanitary design.

The Best Choice Products SKY 2767 Portable Laundry Machine is made of plastic and has a well-organized cable system.

These features make the apartment perfect for RV life.

Important Points to Remember:

  • With a motor that spins at 1,300 RPM and a maximum frequency of 60Hz, this machine is both quiet and powerful.
  • A gravity drain system with an input and hose is included.
  • It’ll look great on your kitchen countertops.
  • The spin dryer removes around 90% of the moisture.
  • It is simple to use and does not need any assembly.

#11. Best Lint And Foam Removal: Splendide WD2100XC Vented Combo Washer/Dryer

When you need to wash at least 15 pounds of clothing, the Splendide WD2100XC White Vented Combo Washer/Dryer is the ideal RV companion.

To optimize wash and dry cycle capacity, it allows you to clean small and big clothing in one complete load.

Things We Enjoy

  • It has a brushless AC motor that is very quiet.
  • Built to last for RV trips.
  • It has a number of automatic capabilities that let you to change the wash and dry cycles.

Things We Don’t Appreciate

  • If there are too many crowded items in the load, most cotton clothing will wrinkle.
  • On the spin cycle, there may be a lot of vibrations.

This machine has ten wash cycles and three dry cycles, allowing you to wash 15 pounds of clothing and dry an 11-pound load.

All you have to do is choose a wash cycle, set a dry time, and click the start button using its easy controls.

I’m sure you’ll like the Dry Time Selector, which allows you to choose drying times in minutes.

During our studies, I determined that thoroughly drying 180 pounds of clothing takes at least 180 minutes.

The bi-directional drum spinning is really amazing.

This eliminates wrinkling in the fabric, resulting in better wash and dry outcomes.

It will be simple to iron or fold items when you have finished your washing.

Additional options for modifying the washing and drying cycles are also available.

Water temperature, low heat, low spin, and additional rinse are all options.

The electronic knobs of the Splendide WD2100XC Vented Washer/Dryer are pleasant to the touch and simple to manipulate.

You may view the current cycle status using these controls.

There are also washing aids that automatically put water in the washer and regulate the water to optimal efficiency.

When it comes to cleaning, this machine boasts a self-cleaning filter that automatically eliminates lint.

Similarly, the Foam Removal System detects the quantity of foam in circulation and fills the tumbler with water.

As a result, you won’t have to remove extra foam by hand to have the optimum rinsing capacity.

I also like how this unit can conserve water and detergent.

During the wash cycle, it may dilute and distribute detergent at the appropriate moment.

The machine can automatically add laundry materials to the wash load thanks to its three drawer sections.

Finally, the brushless AC motor in this RV washer dryer combination generates just 60 dB.

Additional soundproofing is provided by the heavy-duty springs and shock absorbers.

Important Points to Remember:

  • Loading is made easier by the extra wide door opening.
  • Heavy cotton dries up to 20% quicker thanks to a rapid 1,200 RPM spin.
  • A five-year warranty is included.
  • Highly efficient—reduces the amount of water and detergent used.
  • For improved drying performance, a powerful but robust structure is used.

Why Should You Believe This Review?

As a full-time RVer, I’m well aware of the difficulties of requiring freshly washed clothing when on the road.

It’s possible to travel for many kilometers without seeing a laundry.

The weather won’t always allow you to hang your items to dry.

Worse, there isn’t enough time or room to do everything by hand.

With these considerations in mind, I carefully analyzed the most important variables to make an informed decision when purchasing washer dryer combos for RV life.

I analyzed numerous evaluations from verified purchasers in addition to studying and obtaining information from our experience.

I was able to assemble the top-rated models on the market after checking out all of the models and making comparisons.

I realize that there are a variety of models to choose from, each with its own set of characteristics.

However, I concentrated on discussing the advantages, disadvantages, and benefits of RV life.

All of the findings are based on hours of trial and error with different wash/dry settings.

I also took into account the design’s space-saving and energy-saving features.

I’ve covered all you need to know about purchasing a washer dryer combination for simple comprehension.

What is a Washer and Dryer Combo for an RV?

Washer-dryer combos are built for mobile situations, as you’ve seen in our product evaluations.

RVers can wash and dry their clothing at the same time thanks to the dual design.

The structure of the machine safeguards the wash and dry routines.

As a result, it can withstand vibrations and shocks within a recreational vehicle.

When combined with sturdy components, the device can withstand the vehicle’s continual motions.

The majority of models are designed to be space, water, and energy efficient.

Washer dryer combinations become the ideal companions for RV life simply because of these three features!

What Is the Process?

A dual tub configuration is standard on most RV washing dryers.

This allows you to wash and dry your items at the same time.

It functions in a similar way to a standard household washing machine:

  1. Place your soiled clothing in the tub.
  2. Pour in the water and detergent.
  3. Make a timer. Some models include features that assist you manage the amount of water and detergent you use.
  4. Select the laundry cycle and time that you desire.
  5. Place the wet clothing in the spin-drying tub.
  6. Drain the contaminated water.

And that’s all there is to it! The amount of time you spend washing garments will be determined by the machine’s loading capacity as well as the wash/dry routines you choose.

These aspects will be discussed later.

The majority of models come with a drain hose when it comes to draining.

Having said that, unclean water may be rapidly drained into a sink, a shower, or a gray water tank.

The Different Types of RV Washers and Dryers

#1. Portable

This kind is small and compact in certain circumstances.

They can fit into even the tiniest of RV spaces.

However, this may result in reduced wash and dry loading capacity.

The smallest weighs eight pounds, while the largest might weigh up to eighteen pounds.

Portable washer dryers may be rather costly.

On the plus side, its well-designed components integrate the required wash and dry functions into a single small, but effective machine.

#2. Vented

Vented RV washing dryers, as the name implies, utilize an external vent to eliminate damp air or carbon monoxide.

As a result, you’ll need to drill a hole in the wall or install a vent to allow the evaporated moisture to escape to the outside.

This kind offers almost all of the benefits of portable versions, but at a lower price.

The biggest disadvantage is that vented units are not suitable for RV owners who are unable to drill holes in their vehicles to accommodate a vent.

#3. Ventless

The benefit of ventless versions is that they don’t need any external vents or holes for hot air to escape.

The condensing chamber is capable of absorbing moisture.

If you prefer collecting surplus water via a tray or pipe drain, this low cost RV washer dryer is a good choice.

How We Selected the Best RV All-in-One Washers and Dryers

For this section, I concentrated on the most important characteristics of each washer dryer combination I examined.

You may compare the statistics to see which one is best for you.

#1. Capacity of Loading

One of the most crucial elements to consider is the loading capacity, which determines how much you can put into the washing machine.

Choose a machine with a limited capacity if you just need to wash a small load of clothing.

It’s worth noting that the drying capacity is half that of the wash capacity.

This is due to the tub’s requirement for greater room to allow your clothing to air dry.

The machine will become inefficient if the tub is overloaded.

As a result, always adhere to the loading capabilities that have been advised.

The KUPPET Compact Twin Tub Portable Mini Washing Machine offers the most capacity among portable machines, with 18 pounds for wash and eight pounds for spin.

Following that is the Splendide WD2100XC Vented Combo Washer/Dryer, which has a 15-pound wash capacity and an 11-pound dry capacity.

If you want a ventless device, the Splendide WDC7100XC Washer-Dryer Combo and LG WM3997HWA Washer/Dryer are two options.

Both feature a 15-pound wash capacity and an 11-pound dry capacity.

#2. Features and Design

This solves the issue of whether I should opt for front-loading or top-loading.

The cost of front-loading models is more, but they are more handy and speedier.

Stackable units are also an option, depending on your space.

This post’s ventless and vented washing dryers are all front-loading.

Only the hOmeLabs Compact Laundry Dryer has a front-loading design among the portable variants.

If you need to put the washer dryer beneath a kitchen sink or table, this is a good option.

The washer-dryer also features a variety of settings and controls.

These will improve convenience, simplicity of use, and laundry turnaround times.

All of the models I’ve shown have configurable settings.

They will allow you to choose the sort of wash for your items.

With 15 wash cycles and eight dry cycles, the LG WM3997HWA Washer/Dryer has the most.

Some machines offer separate settings for highly dirty and delicate clothing.

Others provide a fast wash option for lightly dirty garments.

When it comes to drying times, most machines provide a variety of options.

Normally, drying a load takes at least 30 minutes, however this depends on the capacity of the machine.

#3. Dimensions and Size

Washing machines in the traditional sense are enormous and cumbersome.

This is why recreational vehicles are not an option.

In our scenario, we’ll need something tiny and compact that will fit into even the tiniest of car spots!

It’s a good thing RV washer dryer sets are small and light.

As a consequence, the machine is simple to set up and relocate.

With a weight of just 23.5 pounds, the Giantex 16lbs Portable Mini Washing Machine is the lightest model.

However, this implies that the wash and dry loading capabilities are limited.

The Splendide WD2100XC Vented Combo Washer/Dryer and the Splendide WDC7100XC Washer-Dryer Combo are the frontrunners for a solid mix of loading capacity and weight.

Their 15-pound wash and 11-pound dry capacity compensate for their 145-pound weight.

#4. Energy-Conserving

All-in-one washer dryers are attractive because they include internal processes that help you conserve water, detergent, and even power.

Energy Star certification is available on certain models, such as the Splendide TVM63XNA RV Trailer Camper Vented Dryer.

This implies they’re built to save water and energy.

There are machines that can adjust water and detergent levels to help you save money, such as the Splendide WDC7100XC Ventless Washer-Dryer Combo.

You don’t have to worry about wasting water, electricity, or detergent when you have an energy-efficient washer dryer.

You’ll save money on operational expenditures in the long term.

#5. Operation with Noise

When you’re inside an RV, you’re exposed to all of the noise and vibrations.

This might also come from a washer-dryer, particularly if the dryer is set to dry.

Keep in mind that a washer dryer combination has mechanical components.

As a result, noise and vibrations are unavoidable.

However, since this machine has few moving components, noise and vibrations are also limited.

Anti-vibration technology is included into units like the LG WM3997HWA Washer/Dryer, which reduces noise and vibrations.

To assist the machine stay stable, position it on a flat surface or floor.

The noise level of RV washer dryers is typically between 55 and 70 dB.

At 58 decibels, the KUPPET 1040600200 Mini Portable Washing Machine and the KUPPET Compact Twin Tub Portable Mini Washing Machine are the quietest.

The Giantex 16lbs Portable Mini Washing Machine and hOmeLabs Compact Laundry Dryer, on the other hand, may exceed 70 decibels.

The other machines on this list are all at 60 decibels, but the Best Choice Products SKY 2767 Portable Compact Twin Tub Laundry Machine stands out


When the Machine Doesn’t Fill the Tub With Water, What Should You Do?

Check to see whether the water intake hose is kinked or disconnected from the tap.

Remember to switch on the water tap or adjust the water pressure.

Why won’t my RV washer and dryer start?

It’s conceivable that the computer isn’t connected in correctly.

It’s also possible that the door isn’t properly closed.

Ensure that the Start button has been pushed.

You might also double-check that the machine is connected into the correct electrical socket.

It should have a voltage rating that corresponds to the rating plate.

Please take notice!

  • To ensure proper installation and prevent accidents, read the handbook.
  • Dry cleaning chemicals and gasoline, for example, should not be added to the wash water.
  • Installing or storing the washer in an area where it will be exposed to the elements or cold temperatures is not recommended.
  • The amount of water used depends on the cycle, water pressure, load size, and fabric type.
  • Do not use a cable that has been damaged.
  • Before loading clothes, always inspect the interior of the washer for foreign items. When not in use, shut the lid.

Final Thoughts

There’s a lot to take in here.

I hope that our comprehensive product evaluation and purchasing advice will assist you in making the best selection possible.

Remember that the load capacity, wash and dry cycles, and space-saving design will all influence the optimum washer dryer combo for your RV.

Consider and compare the information I’ve supplied.

There’s no need to be concerned about running out of clothing for your excursion after you’ve selected your choice.

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