Warm water is necessary.

However, the hot water heater sometimes disagrees with that assertion.

It sometimes gets a bit cranky and chooses to act out on you.

When it does, you will get a code indicating that it is not functional that day.

The fun part is figuring out why it won’t work.

Describe a DSI fault.

Direct spark ignition is denoted by the letters DSI.

The appliance that helps heat your water by adding a flame to gas is that one.

This error code often indicates that no gas or propane is flowing through the pipe when it displays on your water heater.

Just keep reading our post to find out more information regarding the DSI problem code.

You can rapidly repair your water heater using the knowledge you need from this article.

Sadly, there are many reasons why this code can show up on the screen.

What Does a Water Heater’s DSI Stand For?

The three words that correlate with the three letters DSI are direct spark ignition.

When the power switch is switched on, this gadget instantly ignites the gas.

One of the safest systems you may use in an RV is this one, which is made by Atwood and Suburban.

In the past, you had to leave your RV, turn around to where the ignition was located, and manually ignite the pilot light in order to have hot water.

If the pilot light went out, you could have been pouring propane into your RV and putting yourself at risk for issues.

This risk is eliminated by the DSI system, which stops the flow of gas when specific problems are detected, such as a failed gas ignition.

When the DSI control fails to ignite the gas after three attempts, it often shuts off the gas supply.

When the desired temperature is attained, the DSI control board will also cut off the ignition.

Unlike the pilot light, which will remain on until the gas supply is turned off.

How Can I Reset My Water Heater in My RV?

It’s not all that difficult to do this assignment.

The majority of water heater systems feature a reset button that you just press to bring the water heater back up and operational.

Finding the reset button, however, is tricky.

The reset button for combined gas and electric water heaters could be found outdoors in the WH panel of your RV.

When you open the panel, that button could be to the left, but depending on the model of your RV, it might be somewhere else.

The 12-volt electrical component will be reset by pressing the left reset button, which will restart it.

On the right side of the WH panel, if your water heater is a combination unit, there will also be a reset button.

The electrical side of the process is reset by pressing that button.

These buttons should be described in your owner’s handbook, along with a schematic that will assist you locate them.

In addition, you must wait until the DSI has made three tries to ignite the propane before you may reset it.

Each time the DSI makes an attempt, you should hear a clicking sound.

If the rest only works momentarily, you may need to repair or replace additional broken components.

Dault System Reset

There are several DSI water heater kinds, and one of them is the on-demand unit, which has gained popularity in recent years owing to its effectiveness and cost savings.

On-demand systems are present in certain RVs, and the DSI code may sometimes be seen.

You need to reset it when it happens.

One vendor claims there are various ways to reset this kind of water heater.

The first step is to completely switch off all electricity to the trailer for 15 minutes before reconnecting.

The second step is to disconnect the propane tank and turn it off.

Reconnect it after that, and gently crank the opening valve.

Going too quickly might cause the check valve to slam shut, cutting off the propane supply.

As a last resort, the dealer advised reconnecting the water heater to 120 volt electricity.

If none of these reset attempts work, you may need to bring in an experienced repairman to have a look at it and figure out what’s wrong.

Make careful to ignite the stove burners one at a time while attempting to reset the propane and DSI.

When you switch on the next two, if the first one remains well-lit and has a nice flame, there is no issue with the propane tank or check valve.

Perhaps the DSI control board is at blame.

Potential Sources of DSI Faults

Your DSI fault light could illuminate for a number of reasons.

Just a handful of the potential culprits are listed below:

  • The hot water heater tank is empty.
  • The propane could not be lit after three tries.
  • The ECO circuit must be shut off since it is still open.
  • There is a problem with the control board.
  • The safety valve opened.
  • No air is moving or there may be a leak someplace.

Final Thoughts

As long as a significant component is not broken, resetting a water heater is not a huge concern.

Simply find the rest button and press the seat button to begin.

You’re alright if the system turns back on.

If it doesn’t or if it just illuminates briefly, you have a defective component that isn’t performing as it should.

If you can’t discover the remedy, either do it yourself or call a repairman.

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