I want to wed it.

It’s really difficult to find an apartment in New York City that has a washing and dryer.

If you do locate one, it will either be very expensive or be a long, uncomfortable walk from the train.

For this benefit, some individuals are prepared to pay more or go further, but the majority are not.

Because there is “no other alternative,” we either pay for wash-and-fold services or carry our laundry to laundromats.

However, a transportable washing machine is an additional choice.

Personally, I was unaware that there were even mobile washing machines.

I’ve been living in New York for nearly four years now, so I’ve grown used to washing being inconvenient and pricey, but I’ve always secretly wished I could do my laundry in my apartment.

And I can now because of the portable washing machine from Black + Decker.


The machine doesn’t need much storage space and is compact enough to fit in my little bathroom.

Insanely simple to use, too.

Because I was thinking it would be too difficult to set up and operate, I was anxious to even open the package.

Fortunately, it was the exact opposite.

I plugged the machine in, hooked up the faucet connection, and began washing my clothing in five minutes.

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My life has significantly improved since I began using the Black + Decker washer.

I no longer have to hand wash my delicate clothing in the sink, for starters.

Since the washer has eight distinct cycle settings, I can now program it to “gently” clean everything at once.

I’m also making huge financial savings.

I go to the dry cleaners about every other week since I go through sports bras and exercise attire so rapidly.

Since I can now wash things in my flat, I take my clothes out for cleaning less often.

You need to be daydreaming about owning a portable washing machine at this point.

Here is all you need to know about this one, however, before you click the buy button.

To Operate It, What Do I Need?

A faucet and an outlet are all that are need to operate this little darling.

The device plugs into the wall and has a small line that connects to your faucet.

It truly is that easy.

The faucet adaptor that comes with it probably won’t fit your sink, which is the only catch.

I was watching a review on YouTube when the vlogger remarked how difficult it was to locate the appropriate size adaptor to connect the hose to her faucet.

In the end, she bought a set of adapters from Amazon that included one that did fit.

Indeed, Amazon recommended buying the identical pair of adapters together with the portable washing machine from Black + Decker.

Probably a good idea to purchase those as well.

Pro Tip: Make sure your sink’s aerator is detachable; you’ll need to do so in order to install the faucet adapter.

Is There A Leak?

Just a little.

When I turned on the faucet, I half expected water to spray everywhere since I assumed I had the hose connected improperly to the machine or sink.

However, nothing happened.

Even when I washed the first load of clothes, I didn’t detect any leaks.

By the third load I ran that day, a little amount of water was dripping from the machine’s base where the drain line was attached.

However, I believe that I may be to blame for this as I was fiddling with the settings when the faucet was turned off mid-wash.

Avoid doing this.

The lack of information in the handbook about when to turn the faucet on or off is my only criticism about this device.

My personal experience indicates that you should turn the faucet on after attaching the hose to your sink and the appliance, but before selecting your settings and pressing the start button.

Even if the tub is full and you believe it is no longer necessary to run the water, do not turn off the tap while the machine is still running.

Later, while the rinse cycle is running, it will need extra water, and if the water isn’t on, an error notice might appear.

So please leave the faucet running.

How Would One Empty It?

The machine’s bottom has a long hose that can be propped up against the edge of your sink thanks to a hooked end.

This hose will direct the water’s flow into your sink.

To be quite honest, I was somewhat concerned that my sink wouldn’t hold enough water or that it might overflow if the machine drained too quickly.

Not at all.

The first time the machine emptied into the sink, I wasn’t even in the restroom.

When I returned, I was astounded to see the load of washing completed and no sign of any remaining water.

Finding out I could leave this unattended and not return to a chaotic mess was such a welcome surprise.

Does It Really Clean Clothes?

Yup! My preferred washing detergent left a fresh scent on my clothing (unlike at the wash and fold, where I have zero control over what detergent is being used).

I don’t know what that washing machine accomplished, but these exercise leggings have never felt so soft, my roommate said after cleaning a pair of them.

Your clothing will thus be comfortable and clean.

What Is The Capacity?

You can only wash a few things at a time since the tub can only handle 6.6 pounds of clothes.

However, I was able to squeeze four pairs of jeans in one load, which is far better than hand washing each pair separately in the sink.

Do I Really Need A Dryer?

Nope! Another reason why this machine is so outstanding is that it has a fantastic spin cycle, which causes the clothes to come out nearly completely dry.

Your clothes is pulled up against the tub sides as it rotates, removing all the water from the garments.

Although it won’t be pouring, your laundry will feel moist when you take it out.

To dry the clothes, all you actually need is a drying rack to hang them for a while.

Is It Weighty?

The washing machine is rather light at roughly 40 pounds.

You can tilt it and wheel it that way since it does have two little wheels on the bottom of one of the sides.

But to make it more simpler to transport, I advise getting a dolly to put it on.

Do some more study if you’re still not persuaded.

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