No matter which Dirt Devil model you purchase, routine care and maintenance should always include filter cleaning for best results.

The majority of bagless variants, including upright, canister, and hand-held versions, contain an ultra-fine dust and pollen air filter with exceptional efficiency.

However, the filter may need to be taken out and cleaned if your vacuum exhibits indications of poor suction, no longer takes up debris, or is beginning to smell strange.

The method for removing it may differ somewhat across models, but the procedure for cleaning the filter is same.

Depending on the amount of usage, the manufacturer advises cleaning the filter each time you empty the dirt container and replacing it every three to six months.

Cleaning a Dirt Devil Filter

Even if it only relies on the kind of Dirt Devil vacuum you own, taking the filter out is a rather straightforward procedure.

These instructions explain how to remove a Dirt Devil filter from various bagless models.


Turn the vacuum off and unplug it from the outlet before removing a filter from any Dirt Devil model.

Filter Removal For An Upright Vacuum

To find the filter, inspect the vacuum.

Some upright variants feature a filter that can be seen within the dirt container, while other types have the filter hidden in a compartment below the container.

Push the button at the top of the container to release any filters that are within and take them out of the cleaner’s main body.

To remove the filter from the container, open the lid, reach inside, grab the top, and pull.

When using a vacuum with a filter underneath the container, take out the dirt container, push the button on the filter compartment’s front, lift the lid, and take out the filter cartridge.

Put the dirt container’s contents in the trash.

How To Take The Canister Vacuum’s Filter Out

To remove the dirt container from the cleaner’s body, press the button at the top of the container.

The filter could be integrated inside the dirt container or connected to the rear of the container, depending on the type.

If the filter for your model is enclosed in a container, open the lid, grab the filter, and take it out of the container.

Press the lever at the top of the filter holder to release the filter from the container and separate it from the holder in order to remove a filter from the rear of the dirt container.

Most canister types contain a secondary filter that is concealed behind a little trap door at the rear of the canister.

To remove the filter, pull down on the lever at the top of the door.

Put the dirt container’s contents in the trash.

How To Take The Hand-Held Vacuum’s Filter Out

Remove the cleaner’s dirt cup.

While corded, cordless, and rechargeable bagless hand-held variants are available, most of them contain a filter within the dirt cup.

Press the release clip holding the dirt cup to the cleaner’s body to release it, then take out the cup.

Grab the filter and pull it away from the baffle as you remove the baffle.

Place the dirt cup in the garbage.

How to Clean a Filter for a Dirt Devil

Cleaning a Dirt Devil filter will improve vacuum performance and increase the thoroughness of home cleaning.

Here are a few simple steps to cleaning it:

Step 1: Clean Up Your Act

To remove as much dirt as you can, tap the filter against the side of a trash can.

If you took out a filter cartridge from an upright model’s dirt reservoir, take out the foam filter in front of the pleated filter and brush any surface dust off with your hand before tapping the pleated filter against the trash can.

If your canister model has a secondary filter, brush the dirt off of it with your hand.

Step 2: Rinse the Filter

To further rinse off any dirt, hold the sponge or pleated filter under running water.

Stay away from soap and detergent.

Step 3: Tap and Dry

Before reinstalling the filter in your vacuum, tap out any remaining water and let it 24 hours to fully dry.


All filters should not be rinsed with water, according to the manufacturer.

For precise information on how to clean your filters, see your owner’s handbook.

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