Americans are a creative people.

We observe an issue.

We resolve a challenge.

No matter how large or little the issue, we don’t hesitate to provide a creative solution.

And while we’re on the subject of cold, one issue that many RVers run into is that their home refrigerators don’t remain closed while traveling.

The Fridge Fixer is a very ingenious fix for refrigerator doors that fly open when traveling.

It is quite simple to use and install and doesn’t change the refrigerator in any way.

In essence, the refrigerator is equipped with a bracket.

That keeps the doors closed by having a “plug” that fits into the extension that fits between the doors.

Even better, the business includes a magnet in this plug so that when not in use, it just adheres to the doors.

Additionally, if you’re storing the fridge without using it, you may utilize this mechanism to prop the doors open.

According to Carl Abrahamson, the sole proprietor of the small business, there are versions of this for different types of household freezers.

Models with French doors, top freezers, bottom freezers, four French doors, and even quad doors are among them.

Side-by-side versions and tiny fridges are the only kinds the firm hasn’t yet managed to get their product to operate with.

The Fridge Fixer’s Origin Tale

The Fridge Fixer was created by Abrahamson, a former systems engineer, when he purchased a new coach 1200 miles from his house.

The French door refrigerator’s handles were the only parts of it that the maker bungee corded.

“Not my greatest day,” said the mother, “when my small son attempted to get a beverage from the refrigerator, he lost control of the bungee, cutting his cheek, the refrigerator doors were flying out, and I had nowhere to pull over.

But after that experience, I made the first wooden block and aluminum prototype of the Fridge Fixer.

When my service consultant mentioned that she had so many clients who required the equipment, I was about to proclaim victory and move on.

So now that I have a patent and a trademark, my retirement is all but over.

In essence, the inner screws holding the fridge door on must be removed in order to install the Fridge Fixer.

Only the two innermost screws are removed; the rest remain in place.

Using these screws, you next center the mount and attach the Fridge Fixer’s large metal bracket to the wall.

You may now proceed after tightening it with the Allen wrench that was provided.

The Fridge Fixer really comes in a number of types that are customized for your refrigerator.

So, in addition to being a clever product, this one was developed utilizing cutting-edge technology by an RVer for RVers.

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