On washing day, do you hate struggling with your fitted sheets? It’s bad enough that having to launder bed linens, but having fitted sheets that put on easy and remain in place makes it much worse.

Because of their size, larger king-size fitted sheets need more effort to manage.

It’s easy to place a king-size fitted sheet and prevent it from sliding off the mattress with a few helpful tips and tactics.

Choosing the Most Appropriate Fitted Sheets

For a king-size mattress, you’ll need king-size sheets, but not all sheets are created equal.

Mattresses range in thickness from low-profile mattresses with a height of 5 inches or less to extra-thick mattresses with a height of 16 inches or more.

Fitted sheets are also available in a variety of depths to accommodate mattresses of various heights.

Deep-pocket sheets will be far too large for a low-profile king-size mattress.

Standard sheets will also struggle to fit over an extra-thick mattress.

To make the work simpler, measure the thickness of your mattress and buy sheets that are suited for beds of that size.

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Fitted Sheets: How to Put Them On

You’re ready to create your king-size bed now that you have the right sheet size.

It’s usually simpler to do this with two people, so you can assist keep the corners in place while the other person pulls the sheet in position.

To finish the task, follow these steps:

  1. Remove any pillows, blankets, and other objects from the bed. It’s simpler to put on the fitted sheet if you start with a clear mattress.
  2. Look for the tag on the sheet’s inner corner. The tag is normally placed in the sheet’s bottom right corner. Because it’s difficult to discern which way a fitted sheet goes, particularly if it’s entirely elasticized, this approach may help.
  3. Place the fitted sheet on top of the mattress, with the tag’s corner at the foot of the bed on the right.
  4. Pull one corner to the foot of the bed and slip the corner pocket over the bed’s corner so the elastic is hidden under the mattress.
  5. Slide the second bottom corner over the mattress from the other corner at the foot of the bed.
  6. Repeat the technique with each corner towards the top of the bed. Pull the sheet over the king-size mattress’s corner and fasten it with the elastic below.

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Suggestions for Keeping Sheets Safe

If your king-size sheets are frequently slipping off the mattress, consider using a mattress cover, which may help hold the fitted sheet in place by providing a little friction.

Sheet straps, which go beneath the mattress and attach to the corners of the fitted sheet to hold it in place, are also available.

Trying sheets made of various fibers might also be beneficial.

Cotton sheets are less slippery and stay in place better than satin or silk sheets.

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