White Rodgers thermostats are generally reliable, although they need to be reset when anything goes wrong.

Fortunately, you can quickly and simply reset a White Rodgers thermostat using the arrows on older models or the settings menu on newer ones.

Let’s look at how to reset your thermostat, whether you have an older White Rodgers model or a more modern smart type.

The most prevalent thermostats seen in houses are White Rodgers models.

When they aren’t home, they assist maintain the temperature so they can return to a comfortable warm or chilly home.

You will need to reset thermostats since they sometimes malfunction.

How, however, can you precisely reset a White Rodgers thermostat?

Hold the ‘time’ button, the up and down arrows, and your White Rodgers thermostat down for five seconds to reset it.

Alternately, for smart models, choose “reset” from the settings menu.

Then, carry out the instructions on the screen to complete the smart thermostat reset.

We will go through how to reset more than 10 distinct White Rodgers thermostat models in this post.

Find your relevant model, then adhere to the directions.

Let’s get going!

How to Reset a White Rodgers Therostat in Steps

The most recent thermostats are designed to function with WiFi and cellphones.

Fixing all three devices with the newest thermostat technology constitutes resetting the system.

Step 1: Resetting To Factory Settings

Each device includes a menu choice that essentially guides you through the reset procedure.

Locate “About Thermostat” on the menu, then choose “Factory Reset.” I’ve just reset the thermostat.

Step 2: Reset The Thermostat’s Schedule

You may adjust the thermostat based on when you will be at home or away from it.

The same is true when changing settings by selecting schedule from the menu.

Fix the timings as necessary, then press save to maintain a cozy and energy-efficient household.

Step 3: Reset WiFi

Depending on whether you’re using an iPhone or an Android, the settings for this one vary.

One display to search for is the 00, and the other is the 11 or 22.

For iPhones, refer to the following list.

  1. Open the thermostat’s menu, then choose WiFi.
  2. Select “Home” or “Set up new Network.”
  3. Open the iPhone’s settings.
  4. Use WiFi to locate “Sensi-XXXXX.”
  5. Select Accessory set up, then select “Next.”
  6. Once the phone and thermostat are in sync, click “Done.”

Android-based devices

  1. Click the plus symbol on the thermostat app by going there.
  2. Once you’ve located the model, click it to open “Yes, it’s on the wall.”
  3. Go to the WiFi icon app by opening the menu on the thermostat.
  4. Determining Sensi Network.
  5. Enter your PIN and choose a WiFi connection.
  6. The WiFi password must be entered, and that’s all.

Reset the White Rodgers Classic 80 and 70 Series Thermostat

In this category, there are more than eight almost similar models.

The same reset is applied to all eight.

Here are two simple instructions for using this thermostat.

Step 1: Hold Both Buttons At Once.

For the majority of this brand, hold the time and arrow buttons simultaneously.

For the others, simultaneously press the switch and the arrow keys.

Step 2: Watch The Screen

It will turn off and then turn back on again on the display.

The thermostat is reset when the screen turns back on.

Emerson 80 Series Thermostat Reset

How to: Program: Emerson 1F78 White Rogers Thermostats – Traveling Trex

It’s also quite simple to reset them.

These thermostats should only be reset when the batteries are dead or the screen turns blank.

To reset this White Rodgers/Emerson thermostat, there are two more procedures.

Step 1: Hold The Buttons.

Hold down the menu and backlight buttons at the same time for 10 seconds.

Step 2: Monitor The Computer Screen

The display screen will switch off and then come back on after 10 seconds.

The thermostat gets reset when it turns back on.

Special advice: Remove the faceplate and remove the batteries if the screen does not turn back on.

After two minutes, you may put in the batteries, and the screen should come back on.

Sensi Touch Smart Thermostat reset

The models discussed here consist of:

  • 1F95U-42WF
  • 1F95U-42WFB

The Sensi touch smart thermostat, one of Emerson’s most recent models, has connectors for smart homes.

This variant includes an HD touch screen and is Google Home and Alexa compatible.

Factory Reset Guidelines

Any Wi-Fi connections or Apple Home kit pairings will be erased if you reset this specific model to its factory defaults.

However, it doesn’t remove the HVAC settings.

  1. Activate the interface. Then choose “About Thermostat” from the menu.
  2. Your thermostat should be factory reset. When the screen says “everything done,” press factory reset.

Plan Your Reset.

You may even plan your reset for very early in the morning or late at night.

  • Make a fresh schedule.In the menu that appears, choose “Schedule.”
  • Verify that the schedule. Correct before making any necessary configuration changes.Remember to save! The Sensi app may be used to alter this as well.

Sensi Smart Thermostat Reset

This pertains to the model 1F87U-42WF.

The Sensi Smart Thermostat is an excellent option if you want a lot of capabilities since it works with both heating and cooling systems and can be controlled by Google Assistant, Alexa, and Siri.

Other useful utilities included in this approach are flexible scheduling, gen-fencing, and remote access.

Plan Your Reset.

  1. Observe the directions. Then, as directed on the page, click “Schedule.” To make any adjustments required, you may also utilize the Sensi App.
  2. Remember to save. Don’t forget to save everything to make sure your modifications were applied.

80 Series Emerson Thermostat

The following models are compatible with the following instructions:

  • 1F85U-42PR
  • 1F83C-11NP
  • 1F85U-22PR
  • 1F83H-21NP
  • 1F83H-21PR
  • 1F85U-22NP
  • 1F85U-42NP
  • 1F83C-11PR

Factory Reset Guidelines

  1. Launch the reset. Hold the menu and backlight buttons down to start the reset procedure.
  2. Examine the display. The display will vanish and then reappear after 3 to 5 seconds. The procedure is finished once it returns.

Hard Reset Guidelines

You must change the batteries if your screen is not responding.

The issue should be resolved by changing the batteries.

Remove the cover plate and replace the batteries if the display is inactive or blank.

The schedule or configuration shouldn’t be affected by this.

If doing so does not make it responsive, you will either need to engage an expert or buy a new thermostat.

Reset the Blue Series 12″ Emerson Touchscreen Thermostat

There are the following models:

  • 1F95-1291
  • 1F95-1277
  • 1F97-1277
  • 1F95-1280

Additionally, this series offers a backlight and both programmable and non-programmable variants.

These versions are appropriate for universal, single-stage, and multistage systems as well as heat pumps.

Permanent Hold Reset

You’ll need to hit the run schedule button to get your thermostat back on the program if it seems to be stuck on hold.

Hard Reset Guidelines

You may hard reset the thermostat by following these steps if the display is blank or if it is not responding.

  1. Dispatch the cover plate. After two minutes, remove the batteries to allow the device to reset.
  2. Put fresh batteries in. Reinstall the cover plate as well.
  3. Check the device. The thermostat should now be completely working. If not, you may need to contact a specialist for advice.

Important information: It’s possible that you’ll need to unplug the R and C wires from the terminals. Before tinkering with the wires, make sure the circuit is turned off.

Emerson Touch Screen Thermostat In Blue Series 6 Reset

The models included are:

  • 1F95-0671
  • 1F95-0680
  • 1F9EZ-0671

This incorporates a user-friendly touchscreen that works with single-stage and multistage systems, as well as heat pump systems.

Schedule and Configuration Reset

  1. Put the reset procedure in line. Hold the fan button or system button and the up or down arrows simultaneously while you wait for the screen to become black.
  2. Observe the display. The display will turn back on, and all of the settings—including the clock and schedule—should now be reset.

Hard Reset Guidelines

You must do a hard reset if the screen is behaving strangely or isn’t working correctly.

  1. Dispatch the cover plate. Pick up the wires from the R and C or RH and RC terminals. Don’t short them simultaneously. Before doing this, make careful to first isolate the circuit.
  2. Remove the batteries. For the thermostat to reset, the batteries must be removed for two minutes.
  3. Change out the parts. Place the cover plate, cables, and batteries in place. For a secure connection, check that the wires are put correctly.

Emerson Thermostat Reset For The Blue Series 4

The covered models are:

  • 1F85-0422
  • 1F83-0471

One of the models can be programmed, but not the other.

However, they may both be used automatically and universally for cooling and heating.

Reset Schedule & Configuration

  1. Start the reset process. Holding the fan button while adjusting the pressure
  2. Observe the display’s indication. The display will go dark before turning back on. This indicates a reset.

Reset Firmly

You must do a hard reset on the thermostat if it is performing strangely.

  1. Dispatch the cover plate. You won’t need any equipment to do this; all you need is your hands.
  2. Eliminate the circuit. In order to remove the wires, the electricity must cease flowing through the circuit.
  3. Get rid of the R and C wires. Never touch them side by side.
  4. Remove the batteries. For the thermostat to reset, let the batteries remain outside for two minutes.
  5. Change out the parts. Reconnect the wires, batteries, cover plate, and batteries to the R and C terminals.

Emerson Thermostat Reset For The “Blue Series 2”

The models used in this section consist of:

  • 1F80-0261
  • 1F89-0211
  • 1F80-0224
  • 1F89EZ-0251
  • 1F86EZ-0251
  • 1F82-0261

The 70 series has been updated and now offers both programmable and non-programmable choices.

We’ve included both approaches here since the reset process will, however, significantly differ based on the model.

Back to Factory (Method 1)

  1. Reset the queue. Press the time or “prgm” button while simultaneously pressing the up and down arrows. The display will go dark.
  2. Observe the display. The clock, schedule, and settings will all be reset when it turns on.

Back to Factory (Method 2)

  1. Switch the device. To continue, make sure your switch is in the heat, ember, or cool positions.
  2. While holding down the time button for 10 seconds, press either the up or down button.
  3. Observe the display. You have completed a complete reset when the screen returns.

Reset A Digital Thermostat On Line Voltage

These have a straightforward interface and are more like conventional digital thermostats.

Resetting is also a breeze.

Step 1: Hold the Buttons.

Find the two arrow buttons, and press and hold them all at once.

Step 2: Press the Light Switch.

Push the Light button while maintaining pressure on the arrow buttons.

On these models, it is located on the right beneath the arrows.

Step 3: Watch The Display

The thermostat is restored to factory settings when the display screen turns back on.

What Kind Of Thermostat Do You Have?

Your thermostat’s model will determine the reset procedures you must follow.

The model, which is often located on the back of the thermostat, will be necessary to know.

You may then adhere to the most precise directions thanks to this.

You can discover your model number on the back of your thermostat’s cover plate, but you’ll need to take the plate off to view it.

Since your cover should be simple to remove with your hands, you won’t need any equipment to achieve it.

If The Thermostat Is Stuck On Hold, Reset It

There’s no need to freak out if you discover that your White Rodgers thermostat is set to the “hold” position.

It is simple to correct.

The HVAC system won’t deviate from the predetermined temperature when the hold setting becomes stuck.

All thermostats work the same way; you will need to manually remove it from the hold setting.

Take a hold of the “Run Schedule” for up to 10 seconds.

All models’ “hold” settings will be disabled as a result.

White Rodgers Thermostat Problems

The issue must be identified and fixed before any efforts toward resetting may be performed.

The majority of the problems are related to the home’s erroneous temperatures.

Before restarting anything, you should make sure there is no electrical short.

  • To ensure sure no fuses have burnt out or any breakers have been tripped, check them all. Make sure the switches are turned on and check the exterior box as well. Make sure the heater’s pilot light is on by checking.
  • Raise the thermostat’s setting above the ambient room temperature to check the heater’s thermostat. You’ll need to reset the thermostat if the heater won’t turn on. Apply the same principle to the AC, but set it to a lower setting than the room’s actual temperature.
  • Check for electrical system shorts if the heater or air conditioner operates nonstop. A different problem might be that the fan switch is set to “Fan” rather than “Auto.”


Resetting White Rodgers thermostats might be challenging because of their many models.

Your model will have a big impact on the reset mechanism you employ.

Browse the mentioned series to find your model and the relevant instructions.

If resetting your thermostat doesn’t solve the issue, it may be a sign of a far more serious issue for which you should contact a specialist.

We really hope this advice was useful to you.

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