Devices that typically draw power from an electrical socket may be powered by portable power converters.

These gadgets are used to change electrical power from direct current to alternate current.

Some power inverters need a 24-volt DC power supply, whereas the majority run on 12-volt DC power sources like car batteries.

Two car batteries must be connected in series to power such an inverter in order for the electrical circuit to function.

What you’ll need:

  • Two automobile 12V batteries
  • One cable for a car battery
  • Featuring electrical clamp input connectors, one 24V power inverter
  • Crescent wrench, small

Step 1

Battery cable terminal clamp screws should be loosened.

Connect the battery cable’s one end to the first battery’s negative battery post.

Connect the opposite end of the battery wire to the second battery’s positive battery post.

Battery cable terminal clamp screws should be tightened.

Step 2

Attach the positive (red) inverter electrical clamp connection to the positive (+) terminal on the first battery to connect the inverter to the batteries.

Connect the negative (black) inverter electrical clamp connection to the second battery’s negative (-) terminal.

Step 3

Turn on the power inverter and let it three seconds to charge.

One of the inverter’s electrical outlets should be plugged into to switch on an electrical appliance (such as a fan, radio, etc.).

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