Is the Norcold ice maker beeping?

Or is there a “no co” error code present?

If so, you must reset your appliance to solve the issue.

Prepare your tools and yourself…

Because the reset procedure is challenging, you must give it your entire attention.

Shall we then?

How Can A Norcold Refrigerator Be Reset?

Press and hold the “ON/OF” button on the display panel for around 3 seconds to reset a Norcold refrigerator.

Then, hold off turning it back on for 3 to 5 minutes.

A Norcold refrigerator may also be reset by cutting and re-connecting a number of wires on its power board.

How To Reset A Norcold Refrigerator In 17 Stages

Step 1: Find The Display Panel

Note: Skip to step #5 if your Norcold refrigerator has previously flashed the “no co” error code two or more times.

However, soft-reset your device if this is the first time you have seen it.

The system of the refrigerator is restarted by a gentle reset, which improves performance and cooling.

You may reset your appliance by pushing a particular control button, unlike other smart refrigerators.

Find the display screen on the refrigerator and then soft reset it.

Depending on the model of your refrigerator, it could be found:

  • Inside the object.
  • Above the refrigerator door.

Step 2: Long-Press The “ON/OFF” Button.

Find the “ON/OFF” button on the display panel after you’ve found it.

As suggested by the name, it ON and OFFs the appliance.

It may also be used to soft reset your device, however.

For that:

  1. On/Off button pressed.
  2. Hold it for around three seconds.
  3. Then let go.

The display screen and refrigerator’s motor will then turn off.

Close the refrigerator door and go on to the next step if the display panel is inside the appliance.

Step 3: Hold Off For 3 To 5 Minutes.

Technically, after hitting the ON/OFF button, the soft reset is completed.

But let it to rest for three to five minutes to guarantee a good reset.

The Rationale:

The compressor of the refrigerator benefits from some time off by resting and rebooting.

This enhances the refrigerator’s cooling capacity.

Additionally, it helps in resolving the “no co” problem code.

Because of how well the refrigerator cools, this inaccuracy.

Step 4: Continue To Hold Down The “ON/OFF” Button.

Once finished, hold the ON/OFF button down a second time for 3 seconds.

The refrigerator is put back into operation by doing this.

Next, take a peek at the refrigerator’s display.

It is clear that a problem has been fixed if the “no co” error code isn’t there anymore.


But if it persists, hard reset the power board in your refrigerator.

Go on to step #5 to reach knowledge.

Step 5: Deactivate The Device.

When you get to this stage, one of two things happens:

  • The soft reset was unsuccessful.
  • A “no co” message has shown on your refrigerator two or more times.

Whichever it is, the best course of action is to hard reset the Norcold refrigerator’s power board.

Warning: Disconnecting cables is required for this tough reset procedure.

Therefore, only carry out this action if essential.

Additionally, doing so could invalidate the guarantee on your product.

Therefore, only do a hard reset on your Norcold refrigerator if:

You are a qualified technician.

Your refrigerator’s warranty has run out.

Jump to the BONUS section if you’re not sure about it.

Backing up…

Turn off your refrigerator before starting the hard reset procedure.

By holding down the ON/OFF button on the display panel, you may achieve that.

Step 6: Unplug Several Wires From The Circuit Board.

Pull off your refrigerator’s rear panel next to reach it.

You may also use your RV’s outside to reach it if you can’t pull it out.

Next, find the following wires by reading the port labels:

  1. Positive and negative 12 Vdc wires
  2. AC adapter cable.
  3. Wires for a solenoid gas valve.
  4. Wires for the spark/sense electrode assembly.

Disconnect the wires in the previously indicated sequence after you’ve found them.

Carefully taking out the connectors on the wires will allow you to remove them from the fridge’s rear.

Step 7: Remove The Power Board’s Cover Screw.

The power board’s cover should then be removed.

The panelboard cover is typically rectangular, black, and situated to the left.

To remove the cover from the power board:

  • Find the four or more screws that are there.
  • Screwdrivers are used to remove them.

The screws and cover should be set aside.

To keep the screws from falling out, you may also purchase a little magnet.

Step 8: Reattach The Positive And Negative 12 Vdc Wires.

Note: Depending on how old your fridge is, the next steps may change.

The process is somewhat different for older and newer devices.

And the serial number of your device will let you know which one applies to it.

The following step is detailed in the tutorial below.

Pertaining To Models Having A Serial Number Of 832171 Or Higher

The positive and negative 12 Vdc wires should be reconnected.

Models With A Serial Number Of 832170 Or Less

Wires should be reconnected in the following order:

  • Wires for the spark/sense electrode assembly.
  • Wires for a solenoid gas valve.
  • AC adapter cable.
  • Positive and negative 12 Vdc wires

Warning: Reconnecting the wires for the spark/sense electrode assembly might be risky.

When performing it, use utmost care.

A set of safety gloves is another option you have.

Step 9: Activate The Device.

Next, restart the refrigerator’s ignition.

Simply hold down the ON/OFF button while pressing until the device reactivates.

Step 10: Connect PIN 15’S Ground Lug To The Power Board.

Find PIN 15 or 16 on the power board after turning the refrigerator on.

Next, short a single insulated jumper wire to the power board ground lug.

This is how you do it:

  • Jumper wires are connected with one end to PIN 15.
  • Connect the other end to the ground lug on the power board.

Hold the position for 10 to 15 seconds.

Or until the controls are reset, which is indicated by a “click.”

Step 11: Switch The Device On And Off Once.

Turn the fridge ON and OFF once again for the next procedure.

Using the ON/OFF button on the display panel once more will do this.

After a hard reset, the computer must be properly rebooted.

Step 12: If The Problem Code Persists, Repeat Steps 7 Through 9.

A peek at the display screen will show you if the procedure was successful.

Go to step #13 if the “no co” error code is no longer present.

If not, repeat steps 7 through 9 until the error code is eliminated.

Step 13: Deactivate The Device.

You must have already unplugged a number of cables.

Then, to get your fridge working again, you must reconnect them.

You must repeat the whole hard-reset procedure in reverse to do that.

The refrigerator must first be turned off by pressing the ON/OFF button.

Step 14: Cut The Wire(S) Coming From The Power Board.

Disconnect the cables from the power board once the refrigerator has been turned OFF.

Here are the wires to cut out in accordance with the serial number on your refrigerator:

Pertaining To Models Having A Serial Number Of 832171 Or Higher

Positive and negative 12 Vdc wires

Models With A Serial Number Of 832170 Or Less

Wires should be disconnected in the following order:

  1. Positive and negative 12 Vdc wires
  2. AC adapter cable.
  3. Wires for a solenoid gas valve.
  4. Wires for the spark/sense electrode assembly.

Step 15: Replace The Cover Over The Power Board.

Reinstall the power board cover after detaching the cables.

To fasten the power board cover to the back panel of the refrigerator, use a screwdriver.

To prevent electrical dangers, make sure the screws are appropriately and firmly attached.

Step 16: Reattach The Cables

Reconnect the cables to the refrigerator’s back panel as the last step in the hard reset procedure.

Regardless of the fridge type, these steps should be completed in that order:

  1. wires for the spark/sense electrode assembly.
  2. wires for a solenoid gas valve.
  3. AC adapter cable.
  4. Positive and negative 12 Vdc wires

Step 17: Set Up The Refrigerator

Set up your refrigerator last.

Activate the fridge by pressing the ON/OFF button to turn it ON.

Adjust the internal temperature to your preferred setting if it has been reset.

You’re done now! Food supplies may now be kept on your Norcold refrigerator.

For instructions with pictures, you can also see this video:

“No Co” Code – RV/Camper Fridge – Vito’s Fix

BONUS: To Arrange A Servicing, Contact Norcold Support.

If you don’t want to violate your warranty or conduct the hard reset manually…

For help or service, get in touch with Norcol support.

They will assist you in troubleshooting the Norcold refrigerator problem.

They’ll ask you to arrange a service if it’s necessary.

in order for a qualified technician to correctly diagnose and repair your appliance.

Just be sure to provide the model and serial number of your refrigerator.


On a Norcold refrigerator, is there a reset button?

There is no reset button on a Norcold refrigerator.

But you may gently reset your refrigerator by pressing the ON/OFF button on its display screen.

You must unplug and replug a few cables on the refrigerator’s back panel in order to perform a hard reset on the power board.

Your refrigerator’s power board requires skill to hard reset.

Depending on how old your fridge is, there are two methods to go about doing it.

If your refrigerator’s serial number is 832171 or above, follow the updated method.

However, if it’s 832170 or less, you should stick to the previous technique.

Remember that attempting a hard reset on your own might invalidate the warranty on the item.

Or even worse, do further harm to your refrigerator.

Therefore, if you need servicing, call Norcold support unless you’re a qualified technician.

When should a Norcold refrigerator be reset?

If your Norcold refrigerator shows the error code “no co,” reset it.

Use the ON/OFF button to soft reset your appliance if it is happening for the first time.

Hard reset the fridge’s power board if it has previously happened twice or more.

Once the appliance begins generating less refrigerant than normal, a “no co” error code will appear on your
Norcold refrigerator.

The following Norcold refrigerator models are affected by this: N641, N642, N842, NX841, NXA641, NXA841…

The “no co” error code may show up as a “n” on certain refrigerator models.

And this is true for: N621, N822, N410, N510, N400, N500…

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