RV refrigerators include cooling fins and radiators on the rear to keep them cold from the inside, much like the refrigerator you have at home.

The small form of RV refrigerators makes it crucial to maintain constant cooling of these radiators.

We have some of the top RV refrigerator fans here for the same purpose, picked based on the following criteria:

  • Fan Size: Be careful to verify the fan size of any cooling fan since it is crucial for cooling and compatibility. Although there are alternatives like 90 mm, 120 mm, and 200 mm fans available, a 120 mm fan is likely to work the best in most situations and be the most compatible since it is the same size as the radiator of your RV refrigerator.
  • Fan Speed: You should think about testing the fan speed of your RV refrigerator fans if you want to ensure its effectiveness. It contains choices like 1500 RPM, 2500 RPM, and even 3000 RPM. This fan speed rating is expressed in RPM. And as you may anticipate, the greatest performance comes from the maximum fan speed rating of 3000 RPM.
  • Airflow: The airflow rating should be taken into account when purchasing cooling fans. Cooling fans’ airflow ratings are expressed in CFM, or cubic feet per minute. A 100 CFM airflow cooling fan will perform better than a 50 CFM fan when it comes to choosing the proper one, too.

There are also many more criteria to take into account, even though these ones may be very helpful when choosing the finest RV refrigerator fans.

As a result, in addition to the different RV refrigerator fans listed below, a thorough “Buying Guide” is provided to assist you in selecting the top RV refrigerator fans at the conclusion of this list.

Best Fans For RV Refrigerators

RV Refrigerator FansFan SizeFan SpeedWarranty
Strong Quiet 12025 Fan120 mm1600 RPM90 day long
TITAN DC Double Rack Mount Cooling fan90 mm2600 RPM90 day long
AeroCool Silent Master Cooling Fan200 mm800 RPM1 year long
Wathai Big Airflow Fan120 mm2500 RPM1 year long
Pano Mounts Moisture-Proof Fan120 mm3000 RPM90 day long
Rodale E1503 Cooling Fan120 mm3100 RPM1 year long

Reviews Of The Top RV Refrigerator Fans

#1. Strong Quiet 12025 Fan

Pano Mounts is a well-known manufacturer of cooling fans that manage to provide respectable performance figures for the price tag while being typically relatively reasonable.

The first item on our list is the Pano Mounts RV refrigerator fan since it is one of the least expensive choices available.

Despite being a less expensive choice, they are extremely compatible since they come with two 120 mm fans.

These are quiet fans having a maximum fan speed of 1600 RPM, according to their performance ratings.

While their fan speed may not be very high, they do have a strong airflow rating of 73 CFM per fan, which is still rather high.

These fans are a cost-effective choice and have a reasonable 90-day warranty.

Best Qualities:

  • 120 mm in dimension when rated
  • A 1600 RPM maximum fan speed
  • A 73 CFM airflow maximum
  • Provides a 90-day warranty


  • Two fans are included in the box.
  • Inexpensive RV refrigerator fans
  • An very high airflow rating


  • Fan speed has several limitations.

#2. TITAN- 12V DC Double Rack Mount Cooling fan

Many customers out there may find Titan and its cooling fans to be a perfect alternative if they need simple to install industrial-grade cooling fans for their RV refrigerator.

As a wonderful alternative if you’re installing RV refrigerator fans for the first time, Titan’s RV refrigerator fan is included in the listicle’s second place.

Not only do you get two 90 mm fans in the package, but they are also very user-friendly since they both include all the mounting gear.

When it comes to performance, these RV refrigerator fans provide a respectable 2600 RPM fan speed.

Using these fans outside shouldn’t be a problem at all since they even have an IP55 water resistant certification.

Regarding their guarantee, Titan offers a respectable 90-day warranty on these fans.

Best Qualities:

  • 90 mm rated fan size
  • 2600 RPM maximum fan speed
  • IP55 water resistance rating
  • Provides a 90-day warranty


  • Simple to install cooling fans
  • A respectable fan speed rating
  • Even in a wett environment


  • Airflow rating is not mentioned

#3. AeroCool Silent Master 200mm Blue LED Cooling Fan EN55642

AeroCool, which mostly produces computer fans, also produces a few high-performance RV refrigerator fans, including the one mentioned in this list.

Among the larger possibilities, the AeroCool EN55642 RV refrigerator fan is one of the options.

It might be a wonderful alternative for use with a big radiator due to its 200 mm fan size.

The fact that this RV refrigerator fan also comes with built-in LED lighting is a special feature.

This RV refrigerator fan’s fan speed is a little low at 800 RPM due to its enormous size.

Despite being rather quiet, this fan has a decent airflow rating of 76 CFM.

For your piece of mind, AeroCool also provides a guarantee that lasts for a year.

Best Qualities:

  • Fan size rating of 200 mm
  • 800-RPM maximum fan speed
  • A 76 CFM airflow maximum
  • Provides a 1-year warranty


  • Perfect for huge radiators
  • Built-in LED lighting
  • Outstanding airflow rating


  • Fan speed is quite slow.

#4. Wathai Big Airflow 120mm Fan

If you’re searching for cooling fans that provide fantastic value for the money and respectable performance statistics, Wathai is a relatively new company that you should keep in mind.

This Wathai RV refrigerator fan is listed in position 4 because it offers excellent cooling performance without being overpriced.

To be precise, you also get the necessary power adapter in the package along with a total of two 120 mm fans.

Since the highest fan speed for each of these fans is 2500 RPM, you may anticipate excellent performance and an excellent airflow rating of 85 CFM.

This RV refrigerator fan also comes with a 1-year guarantee for your piece of mind, unlike most other similar products.

Best Qualities:

  • 120 mm in dimension when rated
  • A 2500 RPM maximum fan speed
  • 85 CFM is the maximum airflow.
  • Provides a year-long warranty


  • Outstanding airflow rating
  • A reasonable price for a good performance
  • Includes a power converter and two fans


  • A little bit too loud

#5. Pano Mounts 12V Moisture-Proof Fan 120mm 2-Pack High Speed

This list includes yet another Pano Mounts RV refrigerator fan alternative that might be a wonderful choice for high-performance use with RV refrigerator cooling radiators.

The most potent choice on our list is the RV refrigerator fan from Pano Mounts, which is a fantastic choice for heavy-duty use.

Both of the provided fans in the package include 120 mm fans, which are common in RV refrigerator fans.

The great fan speed rating of 3000 RPM on these Pano Mounts RV refrigerator fans, however, is what makes them the best.

Additionally, you receive a fantastic 110 CFM airflow rating, which produces exceptional performance.

However, as these fans only come with a 90-day guarantee, they may not be the greatest for long-term use.

Best Qualities:

  • 120 mm in dimension when rated
  • 3000 RPM maximum fan speed
  • A 110 CFM airflow maximum
  • Provides a 90-day warranty


  • Excellent performance metrics
  • Fantastic fan speed and no noise
  • Has two fans in the package.


  • There may have been a longer warranty term.

#6. Rodale E1503 Cooling Fan, DC

If you’re searching for high-performance cooling fans for your RV refrigerator, Rodale is a rather high-end brand that you may want to consider.

High-end performance ratings are provided by the Rodale E1503 RV refrigerator fan, as would be reasonable considering its hefty price tag.

A 120 mm cooling fan, which is excellent for compatibility and performance, is included in the package.

The highest fan speed that this fan can provide, in terms of performance, is 3100 RPM.

You can count on it to perform admirably in terms of cooling when paired with its 105 CFM airflow rating.

Given that it is a high-end RV refrigerator fan, it comes with a one-year guarantee.

Best Qualities:

  • 120 mm in dimension when rated
  • 3100 RPM maximum fan speed
  • A 105 CFM airflow maximum
  • Provides a 1-year warranty


  • Superior fan speed
  • Long-term reliability guarantee
  • Outstanding airflow rating


  • A little on the pricey side

The Best RV Refrigerator Fans Buying Guide

The likelihood is high that your RV has a refrigerator inside if you own one.

However, such a refrigerator won’t function correctly unless its radiators are constantly being cooled.

You may get something like the top RV refrigerator fans mentioned above to guarantee this.

Some of you may still be perplexed despite the fact that all of these numerous RV refrigerator fans are included along with their key features and alternatives.

In such case, have a look at the comprehensive shopping advice for the finest RV refrigerator fans that is provided below:

#1. Fan Size

Checking the size of the fans you are already utilizing is crucial whenever you purchase any form of cooling fan.

The size of your cooling fans should match the size of your radiators, which is the main justification for this.

In addition to compatibility, fan size also has an impact on cooling performance since smaller fans are inefficient and bigger ones often have slower fan speeds.

In light of this, a 120 mm fan will often be the best choice over 90 mm or 200 mm fans.

#2. Fan Speed

Checking the fan speed rating of your cooling fans may be a terrific and simple approach to learn more about the performance they provide.

Simply put, this informs you of the maximum speed at which the fan may operate.

All cooling fans have a fan speed rating expressed in RPM, including the finest RV fridge fans listed above.

It could have rates of 1500, 2500, or even 3000 RPM.

The 3000 RPM or 3000 rounds per minute fan speed will provide the optimum cooling performance when compared to the other fan speeds.

#3. Airflow

The ventilation of your RV refrigerator may also have an impact on how well it cools.

You may check this number in CFM, or cubic feet per minute, to get an indication of how much air your cooling fans can move.

The RV refrigerator fans previously mentioned have airflow rates of 50 CFM, 75 CFM, and sometimes even 100 CFM.

And as you can anticipate, the greater airflow value of 100 CFM will always provide the optimal performance.

#4. Voltage

Along with purchasing a strong cooling fan for your RV refrigerator, it’s crucial to make sure that it is completely compatible.

This only indicates that you must check the voltage of the fans in your RV refrigerator.

You must verify the voltage to make sure the cooling fans you purchase are 12-volt models since your RV’s batteries also produce 12 volts.

As a result, all of the RV refrigerator fans listed above use 12 volts.

#5. Resistance to Water

Installing cooling fans on the outside of your RV or in other moist areas may be necessary in a variety of situations.

Going for RV refrigerator fans that provide some level of water resistance might be a fantastic choice for the same.

Some fans come with water resistance classifications like IP54 or IP65, where a greater water resistance is always desirable, even though not all fans may provide the same features.

#6. Guarantee

You want your RV refrigerator fan to last as long as possible once you’ve chosen the best one for your refrigerator.

Simply check the warranty that comes with your RV refrigerator fans for the same information.

While their higher-end products may even include a 1-year guarantee, affordable ones typically give a 90-day warranty.

For peace of mind, such RV refrigerator fans may easily endure for a very long period.


Whether you currently have fans for the cooling radiator on your RV refrigerator or not, it is crucial to have high-performance fans for the same.

This guarantees that the refrigerator in your RV operates well and provides excellent cooling at all times.

If so, you may look at the list of the top RV refrigerator fans above.

We have included all of these different RV refrigerator fans’ characteristics, specs, and a thorough shopping guide to assist you in choosing the best one.

Here are our top picks for the top RV refrigerator fans, based on these details:

  • One of the greatest high-performance solutions out there is the Pano Mounts RV refrigerator fans. Not only are there 2 fans in the package, but each of them have a 120 mm fan size. They can provide high fan speeds of 3000 RPM coupled with a rather high airflow rating of 110 CFM because to their size and strong motors.
  • If you want a fan that can accommodate big radiators and is also quiet while it operates. The AeroCool Silent Master RV refrigerator fans are an option. Even at its highest fan speed of 800 RPM, it is rather quiet due to its 200 mm fan size. And despite operating at such a low fan speed, it still provides a respectable 76 CFM of airflow.

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