It’s usually a good idea to be familiar with the sizes of nuts, bolts, and plug heads if you like doing your own maintenance on your RV or travel trailer.

In this manner, you may rapidly complete the operation by selecting the appropriate tool.

One of the most crucial sizes to understand before removing your drain stopper is the ratchet size.

To remove the plug on an Atwood or Dometic, you will need a 7/8 or 15/16ths inch socket.

A 1 1/16th inch socket is required for Suburban in order to complete the task.

Just keep reading our post to find out more information about these sizes.

It contains the knowledge you need to do your maintenance tasks promptly.

Spend a few minutes considering how this crucial knowledge will benefit you.

Size Of An RV Water Heater Drain Plug

The sizes of the drain plugs will vary across brands.

One company will grow to be greater than its rivals, while the others may shrink.

The compact size takes up less room and is easy to store in your toolkit.

Thread size and head size vary from one another.

The latter is the dimension that a socket must fit, and it will always be bigger than the thread size.

The majority of the time, you’ll be searching for drain plugs with 1/2 inch thread sizes.

The sockets for Dometic, Atwood, and Suburban won’t be the same for head sizes.

This implies that if you switch water heater brands, you will need to replace plugs.

We’ll discuss those sizes soon.

When it comes to drain plugs, the thread size is the most crucial dimension to consider.

You will need to return to the shop to get the correct one if it is too big or tiny.

When it comes to appliances and maintenance, size does important.

Size Of A Dometic Water Heater Drain Plug

Some people believed Dometic didn’t produce water heaters, however they do.

The drain plugs are there as evidence.

To accommodate their water heaters, this brand’s plugs must have a 1/2 inch MPT (thread size).

You’ll need a 15/16ths-inch socket size to suit the head.

Dometic drain plugs are tough since they are constructed of upgraded plastic.

You must be extremely cautious while removing and reinserting these nylon plugs since they are easily broken.

The plug head and threads should not be separated at any cost.

The additional effort is tedious and time-consuming.

In case you do make a mistake, it is a good thing that more than one is included in the bundle.

Size of the Atwood RV Water Heater Plug

Since Dometic owns this business, you would anticipate that they would utilize components of the same size.

They do so because this drain stopper is meant to have a 1/2-inch thread size.

However, the head or socket size is around 7/8 of an inch.

The specs shown here are for a 6-gallon water heater, but keep in mind that the bigger tanks can have larger drain plugs.

To be certain, see your handbook.

You may purchase a drain stopper under the Camco brand that ought to work with all three.

If you can, try to spend a bit less than you would if you purchased name-brand plugs.

Being cautious while removing and inserting these plugs can help you avoid being startled if all of these manufacturers have moved to nylon construction materials.

RV Water Heater Drain Plug Size in Suburbs

The thread size for this brand should also be the same.

However, confirm that there have been some claims that the size may be 3/4 inches.

To remove the plug from its location, a socket measuring 1 1/16 would be necessary due to the head size.

These plugs are available almost everywhere that sells plumbing or RV supplies.

You may wish to upgrade to a brass or metal plug.

You won’t have to worry about hurting them that way.

The metal also lasts longer while being more expensive.

You may discuss this improvement with a plumber to determine the best course of action for you.

The Equipment You Need

You should be aware that there are several tools you may utilize now that you are aware of the size of the tool you need.

Of course, a socket and a socket wrench would be the first item.

These are useful, and if your space is limited, you can always acquire an extension.

But not everyone has a socket set; in that case, you may use an adjustable wrench or a crescent wrench (not the same tool).

The adjustable option on these wrenches is more versatile and may be used for bigger or smaller nuts and bolts.

These wrenches come in the exact same sizes as the sockets do.

Someone has finally created a dual-headed wrench for RV water heaters.

Both the 7.8 and 15.16 sizes required for many water heaters are included with this equipment.

It is a useful small tool since it is shaped in such a way that it is ideal for working drain blockages.

Oh, and remember to use Teflon tape.

This is a necessary tool to have while replacing the plug in its location.

Final Thoughts

Your maintenance job would be much simpler if you are aware of the proper sizes.

You can swiftly put and take off those plugs, freeing up your time for more important tasks.

Always make sure you are using the proper equipment for the work, as that will also be helpful.

You may use a wide range of tools to remove drain clogs.

They are also reasonably priced.

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