Campouts with friends and family are popular among people all around the globe.

Most of these outings are vacation-related, however other people want to go out much more regularly.

You’ll notice when it comes to these enthusiasts that they buy big vehicles like RVs and motorhomes.

This is because they include a ton of features that make it easier for campers to be cozy on their journeys.

The ability to utilize electrical equipment even when traveling is one of these benefits.

In addition, there is a ton of storage available for guests to store all of their baggage in.

However, there are certain problems that you could encounter with these RVs as well.

The RV water heater sometimes starts up and then stops working is a regular issue that folks have been griping about.

If you are experiencing the same issue, reading this post should help you find a solution.

Water Heater In An RV Starts Up Then Shuts Off

#1. Examine Connections

A big vehicle like a motorhome may be quite practical.

However, there are several items in these automobiles that individuals need to pay attention to.

When it comes to this, keeping your RV maintained will assist folks in avoiding the majority of problems.

The connections should be checked first, however, if you already have an issue, such as your water heater not working.

Additionally, the connections for your gas tank must be securely fastened, as must the pipes and cables for the water heater.

Verify that your water heater is getting the necessary amount of propane gas and that there are no leaks.

Sometimes the issue might also be caused by low propane levels in your gas tanks.

If this occurs, changing to a new tank might assist in solving the problem.

#2. Furnace For A clean water heater

In most RVs, the water heater is assisted in operating by a furnace.

The gadget has a little fire that must be maintained at all times.

The water heater will cease working if the flame goes out.

In light of this, you should be aware that the furnace gradually begins to accumulate dust, which has to be cleared away.

Your connections can be blocked if you hadn’t cleaned the furnace.

You should be able to solve the issue by just clearing away all the trash.

#3. Scan The Sensors

Finally, there is a good likelihood that your furnace’s sensors are malfunctioning if you continue to have the same issue.

These also collect dust, which might impair a device’s functionality.

However, the user must use caution while clearing the material from their sensors.

This is due to how readily the sensors may be destroyed due to their high sensitivity.

To clean off any dust that has accumulated within your furnace’s sensors, use a tiny pin.

Replace the damaged sensors with new ones if you detect that they were previously damaged.

You ought to be able to resolve the issue by doing this.

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