For your RV, do you need a Tire Pressure Monitoring System? With so many possibilities, deciding which system to utilize might be difficult.

So let’s look at 5 differences between the TireMinder TPMS and the Truck System Technologies (TST) Tire Pressure Monitoring System.

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Why We Switched to TST After Our First TPMS System

We got a Tire Minder as RV newbies since we didn’t know enough about alternative systems.

Our first year with the TireMinder went well overall.

TireMinder fulfilled the warranty when the system ceased operating after the first year.

We believe it was cooked on the dashboard and in the sun.

The batteries eventually failed after roughly a year of RVing, and we had to replace them all.

We were relieved to have the manual on hand to guide us through the procedure.

But now that we’re in our second year of RVing, we’re broadening our horizons and discovering that a TPMS can provide us with a lot more for the same price!

When Forest River Sandpiper, Riverstone, XLR, Rockwood, Flagstaff, Prime Time, Columbus, Cedar Creek Divisions (the manufacturer of our RV) began installing TST TPMS systems, we contacted TST to learn more.

If we haven’t met yet, our names are John and Mercedes, and we’re the RV Odd Couple.

Because life is too short, we sold our home and most of our belongings to buy an RV and pursue freedom, independence, and adventure.

Our personal experience is detailed in the following article.

We are not experts in the field of safety.

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So we contacted TST, who provided us with a system to test.

They guided us through the installation and us how to operate the system.

We couldn’t help but notice huge discrepancies between TST and TireMinder when they showed us how to utilize the TST TPMS.

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#1. TST TPMS vs. Tire Minder: What’s the Difference?

The following are the most significant distinctions that led us to move from TireMinder to TST.

Sensor Caps that can be customized

For the tires, our TireMinder only offers one sort of Sensor Cap. TST has five distinct kinds of tire sensors to choose from.

So, if you want to alter the air pressure without having to remove the sensor, you can.

There are numerous of tire pressure sensor solutions available, whether you have metal valve stems or rubber valve stems.

Sensor caps for the following tire types are available:

An External Cap

This is the most basic form of sensor.

To modify the tire pressure, you must first remove the sensor.

These sensors may be installed on rubber or metal valve stems, four-wheelers, side-by-sides, off-road vehicles, and just about anything else that has air pressure and a valve stem.

Sensor Cap with External Flow

This sensor enables you to add or withdraw air without having to remove the sensor from the valve stem; a metal valve stem is required.

Marine External Hybrid Sensors (Saltwater Immersion Certified!)

Do you have a trailer for your boat? Nothing is more frustrating than organizing a boating trip only to discover the boat trailer has a flat tire! The hybrid sensors, which are particularly intended for maritime usage, will keep track of your boat trailer tires.

Banded Internal Sensor

Before the tire is mounted on the rim, this sensor is attached to the wheel.

This is the software used by RV manufacturers.

Sealed Commercial Tire Sensor

While this does not apply to RVers, knowing that you’re depending on the same technology that commercial truck drivers utilize every day gives you piece of mind!

All sensors may be utilized in conjunction with one another at the same time! To fit your application, mix and combine the sensor kinds.

#2. Keep track of several trucks and trailers at the same time

The TST TPMS system’s most amazing feature is that it can monitor numerous cars at the same time! Normally, you’d have to purchase a TPMS system for each car.

You may monitor up to 5 cars at once with the incredible 115 tire position monitoring capacity.

So, if you decide to drive the truck and fifth wheel one week and the class b the next, you can use one system to keep track of the temperature and air pressure of all the tires (even spares!).

If you leave one of the cars at home, you may set the monitor so that the alarm does not ring when you leave the display’s boundary.

#3. A Display That Can Be Read

When our Tire Minder Tire Pressure Monitoring System began beeping and issued us an E5 Error Code, John and I were 20 minutes into a 1400 mile journey.

“Oh no…,” we thought to ourselves.

It’s a model E5! Wouldn’t it be great if we understood what it meant?!?

The ability to interpret the particular code eliminates the need for guesswork when it comes to tire monitoring.

#4. Permanent Display

The pressure and temperature are continually shown by the TST Tire Pressure Monitoring System.

Temperature and pressure must be manually switched in other systems.

To get a read, you’ll need to scroll through and push the buttons a half-dozen times (while driving).

The TST is continually cycling through each tire to give you the most up-to-date data while simultaneously monitoring all sensors.

#5. No dozing off while driving

Other tire pressure monitoring devices stop working and go into “Sleep Mode,” regardless of whether you’re driving or not.

So you’re going 65 miles per hour on the interstate and you have to reach over and start clicking buttons to obtain a reading on your tires.

When you’re moving, the TST Tire Monitoring System will remain “alert.

” You can obtain a visual read as long as motion is detected, without taking your eyes off the road.

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TST Tire Pressure Monitoring System: How to Save Money

We’ve had our TST for quite some time and are quite pleased with it.

In fact, we consider our TST to be one of our top five RV gadgets! There are many ways to save money, but don’t compromise on safety!

As a result, we worked out a 15% discount with TST.

Simply use the coupon RVOC15 at checkout.

All of their RV Kits may be found here.

Why Are We Discussing TST TPMS?

So many individuals offered us assistance when we chose to take this tremendous leap of faith and RV full-time with our family.

We’d want to repay the favor.

We’ve put up a list of our “Top 10 RV Must Haves,” which you may download.

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