I include the most dependable washer and dryer brands in this guide.

I also include the brands that are the least dependable so you may avoid them.

I chose the brands after speaking with 16 washer and dryer repair experts, studying service rate information, and reviewing tens of thousands of consumer reviews.

Learn which brands of washers and dryers are the most dependable as well as what makes them superior to the competition by continuing to read.

What Experts in Washer and Dryer Repair Say

Asking the experts who regularly service these appliances is the best method to find out which brands of washers and dryers are the most and least dependable.

So I did just that.

I made contact with 16 appliance repair experts and asked them all the same two straightforward questions:

  1. Which brands of washers and dryers are the most dependable?
  2. Which brands of washers and dryers are the least trustworthy?

As you can see from their replies below, service industry experts consider Speed Queen to be one of the most dependable brands.

LG and Samsung were commonly identified as brands to stay away from, despite the fact that there is no agreement on the least dependable brands.

Whirlpool washer and dryers come highly recommended, according to the service staff of TNT Appliances in Nashville, Tennessee.

They are dependable, inexpensive to maintain, and simple to repair.

The Cleveland, Ohio-based Complete Appliance Service noted, “We suggest Speed Queen.

They have a 3-5 year guarantee and are professionally constructed.

We work on Samsung and LG laundry models a lot more than other manufacturers, according to the specialist at Appliance Professional in Lexington, South Carolina.

Additionally, I can attest to the durability of the Asko and Speed Queen brands (but priced accordingly).

In general, there are more components and sensors that might malfunction the more bells and whistles you choose.

Nevertheless, the majority of manufacturers include a one-year guarantee, and if yours expires, you may get an extended warranty to safeguard your finances.

Speed Queen is the most dependable brand of washers and dryers, according to the customer care staff at Columbia All Appliance Repair, a business with headquarters in Columbia, South Carolina.

They offer to the house, as domestic machines, the durability and dependability that can withstand the demanding requirements of commercial laundromat operation.

Like our ancestors’ homes, these residential structures are known to survive for more than 20 years.

When I questioned their expert about which brands are the least dependable, they said, “I can best answer that by mentioning which brands I work on most, and those would be Samsung and LG.

These companies make use of the most cutting-edge technical developments available, providing features and efficiency that others do not.

Unfortunately, doing so necessitates going back to the drawing board on a regular basis.

However, I must admit that given the conditions, they are still excellent and, for the most part, promptly fix faults.

In Grand Rapids, Michigan, Miller’s Appliance Service advised Speed Queen for top-loading washers.

Choose a Bosch, Maytag, or Whirlpool front-loading appliance.

You should avoid the brands LG and Samsung.

According to AM Appliance Repair, a service provider in Fitchburg, Wisconsin, “I am most often called out to fix appliances made by Samsung, LG, GE, Frigidaire, Kenmore, and KitchenAid.

Whirlpool appliance repairs are less often in which I am called.

The service department of Synergy Appliances in Wyoming, Michigan, said, “When it comes to either front load or top load machines, LG has been scored quite well in terms of dependability.

In a few key areas, they’ve actually surpassed Speed Queen, a manufacturer recognized for its very dependable and trustworthy products.

GE and products produced by Whirlpool (such as Maytag) are both trustworthy brands.

People are reluctant to purchase Samsung products.

Although some of the washing machines have been known to have problems, better choices are being developed.

Then they added this helpful tip: “Top load units tend to be a little more dependable than front load choices.

A top load washer with an agitator will perform a far better job of washing the clothing than one without.

You won’t have to worry about an agitator with a front-loading washer, but you won’t have access to other options, including the ability to pause/start the washing and add extra clothing.

The Speed Queen brand comes highly recommended if dependability is your top need, according to the expert at Gerrit’s Appliance in Wyoming, Michigan.

They create a product of greater quality that is built to last for 25 years.

Avoid Samsung since it is incredibly hard to acquire any repair, service, or parts for them; we don’t sell Samsung for this reason.

In Middleton, Wisconsin, Appliance Service Unlimited only said, “I advise Speed Queen laundry.

They were made in Wisconsin and are trustworthy.

“We typically don’t advocate any brands, but we have observed Speed Queen has more traditional working components,” said Apex Appliance in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

They cost a bit more and have warranties of 3, 5, or 7 years, depending on the model you choose.

“For any contemporary washer and dryer, I would suggest LG or GE appliances,” the service specialist at Grand Rapids, Michigan-based Nawara Brothers Home Store stated.

They seem to have the fewest service problems.

Samsung and Whirlpool are not brands I would suggest.

It is really difficult to get parts for Samsung, and they appear to have a lot more problems.

According to Alpharetta, Georgia-based Atlanta City Appliance Repair, “Honestly, there are no trustworthy washers or dryers available right now; maybe certain brands are more reliable than others.

I suggest Miele for premium washers and dryers.

And I would choose Whirlpool at the bottom end.

The Atlanta, Georgia-based appliance repair firm My Appliance Doctor stated, “We suggest Speed Queen because they are the highest quality and are made to last.

We avoid Samsung and LG goods since they are difficult to fix and get components for.

The greatest brand for both washers and dryers is Speed Queen, according to Dey Distributing, an appliance parts wholesaler headquartered in Vadnais Heights, Minnesota: “From talking to many customers over the years, the one thing I have heard the most is that.”

Appliance Dean, a business based in Atlanta, Georgia, sent out the following front-load washer recommendations in order: Asko, Bosch, LG, and Samsung.

Although front-load washers need more maintenance, they are more water and energy efficient and often are kinder on clothing.

“We advise the following top load washers: Fisher and Paykel and Speed Queen,” they stated.

Top loaders need less maintenance but are less water and energy efficient.

Speed Queen is an American company with a fantastic 5-year guarantee.

Whirlpool or Speed Queen washers and dryers are preferred by all of our professionals, according to Appliance Cowboys in Houston, Texas.

Findings from Yale Appliance’s Annual Reports on Washer and Dryer Reliability

Since 1923, Yale Appliance has been a family-run store of appliances in the Greater Boston and Metrowest region.

They determine the most dependable companies by publishing thorough assessments of numerous appliances each year.

Yale offers a wealth of experience in both the sale and repair of appliances, including refrigerators, dishwashers, washers, and dryers.

The information in the reports is based on real service calls, not speculation or forecasts.

Each year, Yale examines the most dependable washer and dryer manufacturers, including:

  • Best front-load washers for reliability
  • Highest-quality top-load washers
  • Most dependable full-size dryers for clothing
  • Most trustworthy little dryers

The Service Rate, which is derived by dividing the number of service calls by the number of units sold, serves as the report’s primary performance indicator.

For instance, Yale’s service rate would be 10% if the company sold 10,000 LG washers in a given year and got 1,000 service calls for those washers.

There are a few key points to comprehend before I offer the data:

  • Low sales: The servicing rate is more unstable when fewer units are sold (a handful of service calls can pike the rate). We don’t know whether we’re comparing a brand that sold 10,000 units to another that sold 500 units since Yale withholds the number of units sold and serviced per brand.
  • The inventory at Yale: Not every appliance brand is sold or serviced by Yale. In order to reduce possible service concerns, they even acknowledge that they have “changed laundry brands more than any other category.” To put it another way, Yale’s analysis only includes data from the most recent year, and washer dependability varies annually (in some cases, two years).
  • Service Rates Vary by Model: Yale’s study examines each brand individually. But certain models from each manufacturer are more dependable than others.

The point is that although Yale’s reports are unquestionably valuable, you shouldn’t rely only on them when making decisions.

Read customer reviews from individuals who have direct experience with the problems and take into account what other repair experts have to say (see the previous section).

Here is the information, divided down by brand and machine type, without further ado.

Brand Front-Load Washer Service Rate 2022
LG 3.3%
Samsung 4.9%
GE Appliances 8.0%
Whirlpool 9.5%
Maytag 15.0%
Brand Top-Load Washer Service Rate 2022
LG 1.7%
Maytag 6.4%
Speed Queen 7.5%
Brand Standard Dryer Service Rate 2022
Whirlpool 0.4%
LG Electronics 2.0%
GE Appliances 5.2%
Maytag 6.0%
Brand Compact Dryer Service Rate 2022
Bosch 3.4%
Beko 4.6%
Miele 4.9%

The most dependable dryer and washer brands are Whirlpool and Bosch, respectively, as seen in the charts.

LG is the most dependable washer brand.

However, according to the repair experts I spoke with, LG and Samsung are the brands that need the most maintenance.

Speed Queen, Whirlpool, And Ge Are The Most Dependable Brands Of Washers And Dryers.

The Speed Queen, Whirlpool, and GE washer and dryer models are the most dependable according to all the study, which included interviewing 16 appliance repair specialists and examining service rates and customer reviews.

You can read more about these companies and discover what makes them so dependable in the next section.

#1. Queen Speed

Since 1908, Speed Queen has been producing appliances.

This American manufacturer, with its corporate headquarters in Ripon, Wisconsin, is renowned for producing durable washers and dryers.

It is a division of the business washer and dryer manufacturer Alliance Laundry Systems.

The machines from Speed Queen are mostly used in laundromats, and they are designed to endure daily, continuous use.

The domestic appliances use the same high-quality materials and cutting-edge technology as the commercial models, despite having the coinbox and card reader removed and the control panel modified.

It should not come as a surprise that they can withstand up to 25 years or 10,000 wash cycles.

The appliance experts I spoke with had nothing but positive things to say about Speed Queen dryers and washers.

12 of the 16 professionals I talked with strongly suggested Speed Queen, calling it the most dependable brand of washers and dryers.

Speed Queen doesn’t have advertisements, yet the company still receives accolades and prizes.

Eight years running, it has earned the Women’s Choice Award.

Numerous media and consumer review websites also offer Speed Queen great marks.

The Speed Queen FF7005WN washer and DF7000WE dryer were included among the top front-loading washing and dryer sets by Consumer Reports.

The Speed Queen Top Load TR7 Washing Machine was put through its paces by Good Housekeeping, which placed it fifth out of the top 9.

The reviewer highlights its low profile, strong guarantee, and usability.

The New York Times Wirecutter, on the other hand, cautions that Speed Queen washers and dryers are for everyone.

Although Speed Queen creates items that are very durable, they are also expensive and not the most effective.

Quick Facts about Speed Queen

Founded 1908
Where It’s Made Ripon, Wisconsin
Number of Washer and Dryer Models 7 Washers, 12 Dryers, 2 Stacked Washer Dryers
Yale Service Rate (2022 Report) 7.5% top load washers
Warranty Information 7-year warranty including all parts and in-home labor. View Warranty.
Common Issues Clothes aren’t well cleaned, poor customer service when repairs are needed, warranty often doesn’t cover necessary repairs.

#2. Whirlpool

Since 1911, Whirlpool has produced a variety of household appliances, including washers, dryers, refrigerators, ovens, dishwashers, and more.

Whirlpool is a well-known company that was founded in Benton Harbor, Michigan.

The majority of its goods are made in the United States.

Whirlpool has over 35 different kinds of dryers and over 30 different washer models available at different pricing ranges.

The majority of Whirlpool washers (9.5%) and dryers (.04%) need service within the first year, respectively, according to Yale’s most current reliability data.

Six out of the sixteen service experts I spoke with cited Whirlpool as one of the most dependable washer and dryer manufacturers.

Only one person spoke negatively.

The majority of customer reviews are good.

Overall, the washers are effective cleaners, have a large capacity, and use little energy.

The most frequent criticisms are that it rattles and makes noise, and that the spin cycle doesn’t dry clothing thoroughly.

Whirlpool is praised by several consumer review publications as well.

For instance:

  • The Spruce’s selection of the 9 Best Washer and Dryer sets listed Whirlpool models WTW7120HW and WED7120HW as the Best Overall, Top Loading.
  • The High Efficiency Stackable Front Load Washer and Dryer from Whirlpool was named the Best Front Loading Washer and Dryer Set by Forbes.
  • On its list of the 9 Best Washing Machines for 2022, Good Housekeeping named Whirlpool’s Top Load Washer with 2-in-1 Removable Agitator as the Most Innovative Washing Machine.

Quick Facts about Whirlpool

Founded 1911
Where It’s Made Oklahoma, Tennessee, Ohio, and Massachusetts
Number of Washer and Dryer Models 30+ Washer Models, 35+ Dryer Models
Yale Service Rate (2022 Report) 9.5% Front load washer, 0.4% Dryer
Warranty Information 1-year limited warranty
Common Issues Clothes come out of washer too wet, draining problems, noisy

#3. GE

Another well-known American company with its headquarters in Louisville, Kentucky, GE has been producing home appliances for more than a century.

When the business was started in 1907, it sold cooking and heating equipment.

The product portfolio has grown over time to include microwaves, refrigerators, stoves, washers, and dryers.

One of the biggest home appliance companies in the US today is GE.

Only two of the sixteen specialists I consulted named GE as a reputable washer and dryer brand, despite Yale studies claiming that it is one of the finest.

Service rates for GE dryers were just 5.2 percent and were only 8% for washers.

The machines’ endurance, huge drums, and low noise levels are mentioned in many favorable evaluations of GE washers and dryers on store websites like HomeDepot.com.

The basic warranty and the supplementary limited lifetime warranties that are offered for certain devices are also mentioned by reviewers.

Additionally, I read several evaluations of GE washers and dryers.

Here is a list of what I discovered:

In their ranking of the top washer and dryer sets, The Spruce named the stackable GE GFW850SPNDG and GFD85ESPNDG as the best smart choice.

The built-in air vents that prevent moisture accumulation and its silent operation were appreciated.

The GE GFW650 washer and GE GFD65 were rated as the second-best washer and dryer combination by The New York Times Wirecutter after evaluating every major manufacturer.

They emphasized its antimicrobial Microban-coated drain hose, detergent tray, and gasket as features intended to lessen the growth of mold and mildew.

In order to make sure the drum is totally dry after each cycle, they also prefer the ability to vent the washer while keeping the door closed.

The GE Top Load Washing Machine was selected the Best Value Washing Machine by Good Housekeeping, while the GE UltraFresh Front Load Washer was named the Best Overall Washing Machine.

Similar to The New York Times, Good Housekeeping praised the venting mechanism as a great feature for maintaining the drum’s cleanliness and dryness.

GE Fast Facts

Founded 1907
Where It’s Made Kentucky, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, and South Carolina
Number of Washer and Dryer Models 50+ Washer Models 80+ Dryer Models
Yale Service Rate (2022 Report) 8.0% Front load washers 5.2% Full size dryers
Warranty Information 1-year full warranty Additional limited warranties available for the life of the product
Common Issues Spin cycle not working, complicated controls, some models are noisy

Samsung And LG Are The Least Reliable Brands Of Washers And Dryers.

The least dependable washer and dryer brands, according to hundreds of customer reviews and the appliance repair experts I spoke with, are Samsung and LG.

#1. Samsung

South Korean corporation Samsung has been in business since 1938. The company offers a large selection of appliances and gadgets, including 30 washer types and more than 50 dryer models.

Despite Yale reporting a low service rate of 4.9 percent (washers), eight out of sixteen appliance repair organizations advised consumers to avoid Samsung (only one recommended it). The difficulty in obtaining parts for Samsung appliances when they malfunction is a recurring subject.

Additionally, on consumer review websites, Samsung washers and dryers don’t get positive reviews. On Consumer Affairs, the company has a rating of 1.2 stars out of 5.

Reviews on HomeDepot.com include phrases like “worst product on the market,” “crap,” and “disappointing,” among other unfavorable opinions. Poor cleaning, damp clothing, and problems with the sensors are the most often voiced concerns.

The washer is “harder on fabric than any of the other machines we examined,” the New York Times said after testing Samsung washers and dryers.

Additionally, they mentioned previous quality and safety problems with Samsung, including a recall in 2016 of almost 3 million washers because the top might separate from the chassis.

Quick Facts about Samsung

Founded 1938
Where It’s Made South Korea
Number of Washer and Dryer Models 30+ Washer models 50+ Dryer models
Yale Service Rate (2022 Report) 4.9% – Front load washers
Warranty Information 1-year limited warranty
Common Issues Difficult to get replacement parts, noisy, leaks, poor customer service, sensors malfunctioning

#2. LG

Along with a variety of devices and appliances, LG also sells more than 25 different washer models and more than 55 different dryer models.

Three of the 16 people I spoke with advised me to stay away from LG washers and dryers.

They claim that LG is hard to maintain and that components are scarce.

In addition, Consumer Affairs gives the company a low rating, and ratings on HomeDepot.com are conflicting.

While some customers laud its efficiency, quietness, and flawless operation, others criticize its complicated features, excessive vibration, and inadequate drainage.

Poor customer service when repairs are required, early component failure (agitator, heating element, etc.), and errant spin cycles that shake the machine violently are all common problems with LG washers and dryers.

There is evidence to support LG’s claim that its washers and dryers are becoming more dependable.

According to Yale’s most current studies, LG washers are the most dependable, with service rates of 3.3% for front-loaders, 1.7% for top-loaders, and 2.3% for dryers (2nd place).

Thanks to its big capacity, smooth operation, and efficiency, the New York Times named LG as the finest washer and dryer.

They do, however, acknowledge that “LG’s customer service sucks, so in the unusual event that you need a repair under warranty, it would be difficult.”

Section: Quick Facts for LG

Founded 1958
Where It’s Made South Korea, China, USA, Mexico, Europe
Number of Washer and Dryer Models 25+ Washer models, 55+ Dryer models
Yale Service Rate (2022 Report) 1.7% Top load washers, 3.3% Front load washers, 2.0% Full size dryers
Warranty Information 1-year
Common Issues Washer doesn’t fill to capacity, noisy, poor response to repair requests

Typical Washer and Dryer Problems

The most frequent problems with washers and dryers that need repair are highlighted in this section.

Any washer and dryer may have these issues, despite the fact that dependable manufacturers like SpeedQueen, Whirlpool, and GE are less prone to experience them than others.

#1. At The Conclusion Of The Cycle, The Wet Clothes In The Washer Are Dripping.

When you remove your clothes from the washer, it should be moist but not drenched.

A drainage issue or a difficulty with the spin cycle may be to blame for the clothes that is dripping wet.

By looking for a clog, damage, or connection issue in the drainage hose, you may troubleshoot at home.

User mistake, like as overcrowding the drum or improperly placing bulky goods like towels or bed sheets, may be the root of a spin cycle problem.

Mechanical difficulties with the drive belt, lid switch, or door lock are examples of mechanical faults that might contribute to spin cycle concerns.

You could need a service technician if moving the laundry around in the machine or reducing the load doesn’t resolve the problem.

#2. When You Take Your Clothes Out Of The Laundry, They Smell.

The efficiency of your wash cycle may be impacted by mildew or a buildup of soap residue in washing machines.

If your laundry stinks after washing, you may clean your washer by pouring a cup of white vinegar through the detergent dispenser on a hot wash cycle, or you can use a washing machine cleaner like Affresh or OxiClean.

There may also be a cleaning or sanitizing setting on certain washers (ensure the machine is empty before running it).

#3. The Washer Is Shaking Too Much

One of the most frequent issues with the least dependable washer manufacturers is violent shaking.

The drum may be unbalanced or the machine’s feet may be unequal as the cause of this problem.

Pushing the device with care will reveal the machine’s feet.

Adjusting the feet could be able to fix your issue if you can make it wobble with hardly any strain.

User mistake, such as overloading a front-loading washer or piling too much weight onto one side of a top-loading washer, may also result in shaking.

#3. Clothes Not Drying In Dryer

It’s disappointing to take wet wads of fabric out of the dryer instead of warm, fluffy clothing.

A blocked exhaust system might be the cause of drying issues.

With the use of a particular brush or vacuum attachment, you may clean the vent region.

Check for any accumulation in the exterior drying vents as well.

If both your internal and exterior vents are clean, the drying issue may be caused by a fault with the heating element and call for expert assistance.

Discover the causes of your dryer’s failure to dry your clothing.

#4. Dryer Makes Strange Noises

Your dryer may create strange noises for a variety of reasons.

For instance, if you didn’t check and empty all pockets before beginning the washing, hard items may have found their way into the load.

When you empty the dryer, if you don’t discover anything unusual, the noises may possibly be the result of problems like a damaged drive belt or a motor problem, which usually need expert repairs.

The Best Washer and Dryer Brand, In Conclusion

The most dependable washer and dryer manufacturers are Speed Queen, Whirlpool, and GE, according to my research and discussions with sales and service representatives for appliances.

Despite being widely used, LG and Samsung washers and dryers need more regular maintenance and are often less dependable.

In the USA, Speed Queen has a long history of producing high-quality washers and dryers.

The majority of the models from this brand don’t have all the fancy bells and whistles you would find on other brands, and it is more costly than the competition.

The supporters counter that a simpler machine has fewer pieces that may malfunction.

Additionally, Whirlpool has a solid track record of producing durable American-made goods.

It offers a variety of models at various pricing ranges.

Another American company, GE, has been producing dependable, high-quality appliances for more than 100 years.

There are many models to choose from, outstanding customer evaluations for the brand, and just 5.2% of GE dryers need maintenance in the first year (according to Yale).

The bottom reality is that all washers and dryers are prone to malfunctioning and requiring repairs.

However, the most dependable companies with the finest reputations are GE, Whirlpool, and Speed Queen.

Although LG and Samsung appliances boast cutting-edge features and technology, they are not renowned for their dependability or customer support, and it may be challenging to get replacement parts and fix them when problems emerge.

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