A pretty typical contemporary convenience is having your own washing and dryer in your home.

Sadly, not everyone has the space to accommodate a full-sized washing pair.

But there is a straightforward answer to this problem – purchasing a small washer and dryer set.

However, a compact washer and dryer set’s tiny size does not diminish either its quality or durability.

While taking up less room, little washers and dryers offer the same modern amenities as the big guys.

But which compact washer and dryer combo is the finest on the market? Depends on what you’re searching for, I suppose.

Do you want more sophisticated features to make laundry day easier or are you looking for a simple, no-frills washing pair? We’ve chosen seven of the top small washer and dryer sets for 2021 from a variety of brands and price points to fit any budget, and we’ve evaluated their strengths across five fundamental categories:

  • Price
  • Features
  • Capacity Of The Washer
  • Dryer Volume
  • Energy Effectiveness

See below for our picks for the top washer and dryer sets available in 2021.

Note: For even greater space savings, a lot of these washer/dryer sets are also available in stackable configurations.

#7. Whirlpool 1082354

Over the last 100 years, Whirlpool has produced appliances for every aspect of household chores.

With a solid reputation for offering durable, high-quality products at competitive prices, Whirlpool has been a customer favorite year after year.

Their 24 “With a 2.3 cu. ft.

Capacity and enough functionality to do any washing task without being overburdened with high-tech frills, the Compact Front Load Washer can handle it all.

With an Affresh Washer Cleaner cycle that cleans the whole tub—even places not often touched by normal-level wash cycles—ten washer cycles can flawlessly handle anything from synthetics to delicates to wools.

With a high-temperature sanitize option, you can extend that spotless cleanliness to your clothing and get rid of 99.9% of the typical household germs that are often found in laundry.

For best energy efficiency and heat consumption inside the 4.3 cu. ft.

Capacity drum, the ventless 24″ dryer uses an on-board heat pump.

In order to consistently provide highly equal drying, an Advanced Moisture Sensing System maintains a close check on temperature and moisture level.

And the Refresh Cycle, which allows you to revive dried, clean garments without having to rewash them, is a very useful tool that you’ll undoubtedly find use for.

Favorite Qualities

  • Detergent Dosing Aid – aids in the addition of the proper quantity of detergent to achieve a clean that leaves no residue.
  • Optional Wrinkle Shield – Intermittent tumble for up to 12 hours following a cycle helps prevent wrinkles from forming.
  • Option to save time – cleans lightly dirty loads that do not need a full wash cycle.
  • Tap Touch Controls – provides access to washing operations while also remembering prior settings to save time.
  • X-Dry – allows you to quickly dry a small load when time is of the essence.
  • Stacking Kit Included – stack units to save even more room.
  • Energy Star – conserves both energy and money


  • Price – 4
  • Features – 3
  • Washer Capacity – 4
  • Dryer Capacity – 4
  • Energy Efficiency – 4


#6. Samsung 1050136

Import from South Korea When you see all their tiny duo has to offer, you won’t believe how far Samsung has come in the world of electronics and appliances by providing cutting-edge technology at a price you won’t believe.

This ground-breaking 24″ Compact Front Load Washer has a 2.2 cu.ft. Capacity.

You may complete loads of laundry even more quickly by using the Super Speed option, which helps to shorten the length of each wash cycle.

The Steam Wash cycle has been designed to discharge steam from the washing tub’s bottom, soaking every item in the load and resulting in an even deeper clean without the need for pre-treatment.

Additionally, for silent operation, Samsung’s revolutionary VRT technology dramatically lowers noise levels while the ground-breaking tub design evenly distributes large loads to minimize shaking and vibration.

Visit this blog post to take a deeper look at Samsung’s washers.

With 12 preset cycles, intended to handle anything from delicate clothes to heavy duty, sheets, and towels, the matching dryer unit carries on the excellent clothing care.

It also has five temperature settings and eight other choices to meet your unique drying demands.

Large loads may be handled with ease in the 4.0 cu. ft.

Drum thanks to the Sensor Dry program, which recognizes when the laundry has achieved the ideal level of dryness.

Favorite Qualities

  • Smart Care – troubleshoot both devices directly from your smartphone for quick issue identification
  • Diamond Drum Interior – prolongs the life of garments by gently treating materials throughout wash cycles
  • Self-cleaning – keeps your washing machine tub clean by eliminating dirt and germs.
  • Drum Lighting – lights up the washer drum so you won’t forget anything.
  • Energy Star Certified – runs at optimum efficiency to save electricity costs over the long term.


  • Price – 5
  • Features – 3
  • Washer Capacity – 5
  • Dryer Capacity – 4
  • Energy Efficiency – 4


#5. Bosch 1329594

Bosch appliances, which are made in Germany, provide cutting-edge engineering and quality manufacturing at a reasonable price.

Bosch’s 300 Series, which you can contrast to Bosch’s 500 Series and 800 Series in our blog post on the brand here, is where both the washer and dryer in this set are from.

The 24″ Compact Front Load Washer, with a capacity of 2.2 cu.

ft., is driven by an ultra-quiet EcoSilence Drive that reduces friction by employing strong magnets rather of carbon brushes, resulting in low noise levels and energy efficiency.

Performance-wise, each load can be tailored using a choice of 15 wash cycles and nine settings for the ideal fabric and item care.

Bosch’s VarioDrum, a wave-structured drum with adjustable rotation and cleaning intensity, is where it all takes place.

The set’s spacious 4 cu. ft.

Electric dryer also features the convenience of Wi-Fi functionality for remote control and monitoring with your smart smartphone.

Additionally, the Sensitive Drying System uses curved, gentle flanges to gently combine warm, mild air to gently dry clothes from all sides, creating soft laundry with no wrinkles or tangles.

The dryer also offers 15 distinct cycles and four temperature settings to treat garments just as it should be.

Favorite Qualities

  • SpeedPerfect – provides up to 40% quicker washing time.
  • AntiVibration Design – improved insulation that decreases vibrations while increasing stability
  • ActiveWater Technology – increases water efficiency by means of distribution, heating, and enhanced pump performance
  • Extra-Fine Double Lint-Filter – traps more lint and makes it simpler to clean.
  • Allergen Cycle – warms water to 145 degrees Fahrenheit to eradicate allergy triggers such as bacteria or home dust mites.
  • 24 Hour Timer – allows you to plan ahead of time to fit your schedule.
  • Child Lock – prohibits unauthorized operations or modifications to the programming.
  • Energy Star – saves money and the environment.


  • Price – 4
  • Features – 4
  • Washer Capacity – 5
  • Dryer Capacity – 4
  • Energy Efficiency – 4


#4. LG 705980

Since it began making reliable, mid-range consumer electronics and home appliances more than 25 years ago, LG has expanded its market share and improved the quality of its products, making it one of the most well-known brands both internationally and in the United States.

The 24-inch washer from LG has a 2.3 cu. ft.

Capacity and a 1,400 RPM motor that effectively drains water.

You have lots of possibilities to wash any fabric or article of clothing correctly thanks to the 14 wash cycles, 10 options, and five wash/rinse temperatures with an integrated heater.

This is one incredibly quiet machine because the TrueBalance anti-vibration mechanism prevents the drum from becoming one-sided and clattering and the low operating dBA.

Without the need for external venting, a 24-inch ventless condensing dryer can dry 4.2 cubic feet of material.

It does this by capturing moisture during the drying process in a removable water reservoir, which is then monitored by a Sensor Dry system that regulates drying time based on moisture levels.

The simple Dial-A-Cycle and LED display make it simple to set and customize the whole drying process.

You’ll be able to select the ideal program for any of your garments thanks to the 14 wash cycles, five temperature settings, and five dryness levels.

Last but not least, LG’s NFC Tag-On technology enables you to download brand-new, customized cycles to both the washer and dryer straight from your smartphone—nonstop it’s updates and choices!

Favorite Qualities

  • LG SmartThinQ – links to your other LG appliances, transforming the way you operate your home.
  • Wrinkle Prevention – tumbles clothes every three hours for up to three hours after a cycle has finished.
  • Pause Button – An integrated pause button enables you to halt the cycle and add fresh garments.
  • Dispenser with four trays – for detergent, softener, bleach, or any other essential addition
  • SmartDiagnosis – in the event of a problem, this aids the service center in issue diagnosis over the phone or with a simple app on your smart phone.
  • NeveRust Drums – both units have a stainless-steel drum that is engineered to survive for years.


  • Price – 5
  • Features – 4
  • Washer Capacity – 5
  • Dryer Capacity – 4
  • Energy Efficiency – 4


#3. Blomberg 1097166

Blomberg, although not as well-known as some other import appliance companies, provides a sensible and effective answer for your laundry requirements by fusing German engineering expertise with cutting-edge technology.

The load capacity of this 24″ Compact Front Load Washer is 2.5 cubic feet.

In addition to a Super Quick 20 cycle for small loads of lightly dirty or unstained clothing, it features 16 other wash cycles to handle a range of textiles and unique goods.

Additionally, an automated water adjustment system that utilizes just the quantity needed to clean and fully rinse clothes means you won’t have to worry about wasting energy or resources.

Blomberg’s Electric Dryer features a big 4.1 cu. ft.

Capacity for heavy loads, and you may dry any load to your specifications using one of 16 available cycles.

This ventless heat pump machine excels in efficiency by using a closed loop heat exchange technology to dry at lower temperatures, saving money on energy costs and offering the best protection for clothing.

Additionally, this machine is as quick with a Quick Dry option that may provide a completed 8.45 lb.

Load in less than an hour if you’ve just done the Super Quick 20 cycle indicated above.

Favorite Qualities

  • Direct Draining – The condenser system contains a water-level sensor and immediately begins draining if the tank becomes overwhelmed.
  • Low dBA – for the least amount of disruption, the washer and dryer both run at low noise levels.
  • LCD Panel – Ergonomically positioned digital controls are particularly user-friendly and straightforward to utilize.
  • Anti-Creasing Option – drum spins intermittently for up to two hours after a cycle concludes
  • Delay Start – plan ahead for up to 24 hours to accommodate your schedule.
  • Easy-to-use container separated into sections for detergent, softener, and bleach
  • Child Lock – Prevents anybody from altering the cycle parameters during a cycle.
  • Energy Star – reduces energy costs while being environmentally friendly


  • Price – 4
  • Features – 5
  • Washer Capacity – 5
  • Dryer Capacity – 4
  • Energy Efficiency – 4


#2. Fisher Paykel 852011

From New Zealand Fisher & Paykel has earned a spot on our list of the Top Ten Appliance Brands for Kitchens by steadily but firmly establishing themselves in America as a premium brand that offers luxury products for the home while also taking the utmost care to maintain an ecologically sustainable business philosophy.

The Fisher & Paykel SmartDrive technology, which uses electronic feedback from the direct drive motor to intelligently sense each load’s progress and control the tumble and spin action while adjusting water levels and energy consumption to deliver a high-efficiency clean, is the most impressive of this compact 24″ Compact Front Load Washer’s innovative features.

Fisher & Paykel is difficult to top when it comes to fusing contemporary conveniences with environmental consideration.

The 4.0 cu. ft.

Dryer has an equally impressive list of features.

To avoid any thermal damage, a cycle is automatically stopped when a sensor determines that a load has reached the right degree of drying.

The fifteen dry cycles in the equipment may accommodate any precise cycle requirements.

Additionally, an easily-installed rack provides a contact-free dryer cycle if you have especially delicate clothes or other objects, like shoes, that you don’t want tumbled.

Favorite Qualities

  • 13 Wash Cycles – From standard cotton items to bulky, handwash, and sanitize cycles, you’ll find the appropriate setting for the task.
  • Delay Start – schedule the wash to complete at a time that’s convenient for you.
  • Water Temperature – five settings for further personalizing your wash
  • Add/Remove Garments – This function enables you to stop the wash cycle, open the door to add or remove things, and then resume the cycle.
  • Anti-Vibration – The dryer has been properly constructed and insulated to reduce noise.
  • Progress Indicator – informs you of the drying process
  • Delay Start – schedule operations up to 12 hours in advance.
  • Balanced Loads – detects and corrects unbalanced loads for quiet, reliable operation.
  • Timed Dispenser – adds detergent only when needed.
  • Energy Star Certified – beneficial to both your budget and the environment


  • Price – 4
  • Features – 5
  • Washer Capacity – 5
  • Dryer Capacity – 4
  • Energy Efficiency – 4


#1. Miele 890713

Miele, a German company, has a reputation for high-end quality and performance since its goods are put through testing that simulates 20 years of usage.

That’s quite substantial durability when you consider the burden of laundry appliances.

Here is where you can find out more about their best washing products.

This efficient laundry set includes a Front Load Smart 24 “With 16 various wash cycles that accommodate any conceivable fabric and clothing item variation, a washer with a capacity of 2.26 cubic feet offers every feature you could ask for.

With CapDosing, which involves placing Miele’s portioned capsules into a compartment and dispensing them at the ideal moment throughout the cycle, it provides the ultimate in worry-free washing.

Alternately, you may use the TwinDos feature to pre-fill additive canisters and instantly discharge detergent or softener.

This 4.0 cu. ft.

Dryer’s second act has 19 drying cycles for anything from normal and silks to woolens and pillows, matching its washer mate.

The built-in heat pump offers enhanced garment protection because to the low, constant temperature that fully but gently dries clothes, as well as energy economy since it utilizes recirculated heat.

Additionally, a SteamFinish option sprays water mist into the drum to create steam for smooth, crease-free finishes, providing even more wrinkle prevention.

Favorite Qualities

  • WiFiConn@ct – use your smartphone or tablet to configure and operate the washing and dryer.
  • Honeycomb Drum – softly washes clothing by gliding it over the surface of the drum.
  • 1,600 RPM The spin – washer eliminates the most moisture possible, allowing for rapid drying.
  • Pedestals Included – Higher Access Point = Less Back and Leg Stress
  • ProfiEco Motor – inexpensive and silent, requiring less power while being maintenance-free
  • Automatic Load Control – evaluates the wash load and only uses the necessary quantity of water and power.
  • FragranceDos – use one of Miele’s wonderful fragrance pods to offer a delightful smell to your dryer loads.
  • Special Drying Basket – a detachable rack enables for the gentle drying of delicate special and synthetic materials.
  • Enameled Front – Both units are scratch-proof, corrosion-proof, alkaline-resistant, acid-resistant, simple to clean, and color-fast.
  • Water Protection System – monitors water input and immediately shuts it off if the standard water level is not attained.
  • Energy Star – both units run at optimum efficiency for maximum savings and environmental protection.


  • Price – 3
  • Features – 5
  • Washer Capacity – 5
  • Dryer Capacity – 4
  • Energy Efficiency – 5


*Prices might change as a result of sales, discounts, or promotions.

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Blomberg, Fisher & Paykel, and Miele are tied for first place, with only the latter’s well-deserved luxury price tag preventing it from winning the prize by itself.

This suggests that the field will be congested at the finish line.

However, you may not be as interested in cutting-edge features as you are in a little pair that consistently does the job well.

We hope this list of tiny washer/dryer sets helps you decide which would be the ideal choice for your requirements, no matter what they may be.

Additionally, our helpful Appliances Connection team would be pleased to assist you in finding the ideal small laundry set for 2021.

Please leave any queries or remarks in the space provided below.

Visit our buyer’s guide here to learn more about buying a washer or dryer.


Are ventless dryers effective?

Ventless dryers are simpler to install, need less maintenance, and often use less energy than ventless dryers.

Although they are kinder to clothing, they may cost more up front, and they often don’t dry garments as quickly as a vented dryer.

Which full-size washer and dryer are the smallest?

Typically, the smallest full-size washer and dryer have a width of 27 or 28 inches.

Compact units are typically those that are 24 inches wide.

A stackable washer and dryer may be placed almost anyplace.

The ideal placement for a stacked washer and dryer is one that has enough space, suitable access to water and electricity, and ventilation.

You will be able to operate the equipment securely and comfortably as a result.

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