In general, you’ll have success getting discounts on major shopping holidays, but you could also be able to discover a decent price elsewhere.

You don’t want to pay full price while making large-ticket purchases.

When you purchase an expensive item and it goes on sale shortly after, it is one of the most discouraging situations.

But what can you do to prevent this from occurring if you’re not psychic?

The fact is that most things, including washers and dryers, have best periods to be bought.

If you need new laundry equipment, see our guide below for information on when is best to purchase a washer and dryer, what savings you may anticipate, and general buying advice.

When Should You Buy a Washer and Dryer?

#1. Christmas Day

Presidents’ Day, which always falls on the third Monday in February, is the first significant shopping holiday of the year.

It is a fantastic chance to buy for a range of expensive things, such as beds, furniture, and major appliances.

Of course, washers and dryers are included in a lot of these transactions of major appliances.

Around this time, keep an eye out for modest discounts on laundry equipment of up to 20% or 30% at places like Home Depot.

But also pay attention to other sellers.

Additionally, look up manufacturer websites.

#2. Veterans Day

Another occasion that sees a lot of deals from different shops is Memorial Day.

It always happens on the final Monday in May, and like Presidents’ Day, it’s a great opportunity to discover deals on things like beds, furniture, and big appliances.

Watch for discounts at Home Depot and Best Buy this holiday weekend on hundreds of products, including major appliances.

Although it’s likely that Lowe’s will also take part, it may be difficult to identify precise savings with all of these retailers.

It is sometimes simpler to just check out the promised discounts since they frequently have so many goods on sale.

Nevertheless, it’s rather typical to see shops discounting a few chosen major appliances by up to 35% or 40% during these occasions.

#3. Day of Labor

Labor Day is a great day to shop for deals if there is a certain brand of washer or dryer you want to buy.

You should start looking well in advance of the holiday as Labor Day deals may start early — around mid-August, in fact — and may extend until mid-September.

Labor Day is a great day to shop for deals if there is a certain brand of washer or dryer you want to buy.

Samsung discounted a number of washers and dryers, as well as other appliances, by up to 35% last year.

When it comes to deals from stores, you may check elsewhere outside that particular brand at the typical suspects.

For instance, Home Depot discounted appliances by up to 53% in 2021 during their Labor Day sale.

However, Best Buy did lower prices on popular brands like Samsung, LG, and Whirlpool while avoiding a particular category-wide reduction.

Of course, Lowe’s will probably join in on the fun as well and ought to provide discounts similar to those at Home Depot.

#4. Cyber Monday (Sometimes)

The one day of the year when you can usually expect to find bargains on almost everything is probably Black Friday, but it doesn’t guarantee the greatest prices.

Additionally, finding major discounts on large appliances could be more difficult.

Additionally, the larger discounts could be offered as part of “buy more, save more” campaigns, and when buying large appliances, those costs can quickly mount up.

Be on the lookout for appliance savings from Best Buy during its pre-Black Friday deals and the actual event.

Home Depot will very certainly have a sale as well, with discounts of up to 50% possible.

Keep an eye out for comparable specials at Lowe’s as well.

The fact that more retailers often participate on Black Friday than at other times of the year makes it more promising than other shopping holidays.

For instance, if you’re shopping around this time during a washer and dryer, you may check out places like Wayfair; for its Cyber Monday sale last year, it offered discounts of up to 75%.

Specialty shops also have their own sales.

#5. Throughout Random Sales

If there is anything we’ve learnt, it’s that businesses may run deals whenever they want for any reason.

As a result, you should keep an eye out for sporadic deals throughout the year in addition to around the aforementioned holidays.

Registering for newsletters from your preferred stores is one method to make this chore simpler.

As a result, you’ll be among the first to learn when a deal starts, and you may assess the savings to determine if they’re worthwhile.

Have no specific shop in mind? Consider setting up offer notifications as you may make them as precise or general as you want.

You will then be notified when we offer a bargain that meets those criteria.

Additional Advice on Washers and Dryers

#1. Measure Yourself Three Times.

When you’re about to upgrade, it might be simple to fall in love with a new appliance.

However, you should estimate the area they will occupy before making the decision to buy a new washer and dryer.

Measure one more while you’re at it.

Then, just to be safe, once more.

This is crucial if you’re having the machines delivered since the last thing you want is for them to arrive only for you to find out they won’t fit where they should.

Measure your area so you know what will fit before you even begin looking for washers and dryers.

If you want to use front-loading machines, don’t forget to provide room for the doors to open as well.

#2. Read Reviews On Washers And Dryers.

Read customer reviews as well as reviews on websites like Washers & Dryers 360 if you have a certain washer or dryer model in mind.

Actually, reading reviews is a wise move to do before making any major purchases.

These are the places where you’ll learn about problems like components wearing out after a particular length of time or mildew forming in the fabric softener dispenser and polluting laundry.

You may learn about problems like components breaking after a specific length of time from user evaluations.

If the same issues are brought up in multiple reviews, you may want to consider different models.

Alternatively, simply being aware of the situation could make you better prepared if you encounter similar problems in the future.

#3. Find More About The Many Features

You may be shocked by how many functions washers and dryers now offer if you’ve never had to buy one.

Read up on topics like how high-efficiency models compare to conventional ones since they might need different maintenance before determining what brand and type to buy.

Examine both washers that utilize impellers and those that use agitators.

Most of us probably associate agitators from our early years, but impellers are often front-loaders that move clothes around in a drum.

It actually depends on your specific washing issue if one of these sorts is effective.

If you’re especially looking for dryers, another factor to think about is whether you want or need a gas dryer or an electric dryer.

It’s crucial to remember that, if you have a choice, gas dryers are often initially more costly than electric ones.

Making sure your budget reflects the fact that you have no other option is a smart suggestion if you don’t.

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