You can’t get enough of RV programs on TV? You’ve come to the right spot, since this list of the top RV TV Series includes all of the finest shows out there, including those you may not be aware of!

This comprehensive list of the finest RV TV Series includes all of the most popular shows as well as a few surprises.

These TV series are excellent for you whether you’re seeking for road trip inspiration, car reviews, or simply want to binge-watch anything that contains an RV!

#1. Going On An RV Trip

Going RV is a documentary that follows couples and families who are seeking to buy an RV.

People who are new to van living and seasoned campers who know precisely what they want since they are replacing an older vehicle are both welcome.

The shows frequently follow couples as they look for the right car in the same fashion.

The couples are presented with a number of automobiles, all of which are a suitable match for their requirements, and they must choose one.

It’s a fascinating program to see, and you could even learn something about RV purchasing.

#2. RV Nation Is A Collection Of Recreational Vehicles.

RV Nation is a fantastic television program that focuses on the design and building of some of the world’s biggest and most extravagant recreational vehicles.

It’s sometimes about transforming a van into a nice RV for a celebrity, and other times it’s just about the strangest and most bizarre RVs ever built.

The program also looks into the RVs of certain celebrities, although it isn’t the show’s major emphasis.

Only when there’s something distinctive and fresh about a celebrity’s house on wheels comes into focus – if it’s intriguing and one-of-a-kind, it’s on RV Nation!

#3. RVs That Are Being Flipped

If you like classic car restoration, Flippin’ RVs is a great program to watch.

It’s a mash-up of Pimp My Ride and Flip or Flop.

Anna and Justin Scribner, who have made it their life’s ambition to locate and repair as many old RVs as possible, present the program.

The program follows the couple as they explore the nation for rare antique RVs.

When they come across anything good, they return to their business in Oregon and modify it into a mobile luxury residence.

When they’re finished, the RV usually looks better than it did before!

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#4. RVs On The Beach

Another program that chronicles Anna and Justin Scribner’s marriage is Beachin’ RVs.

They’re out and about in the United States, looking for old and abandoned RVs to resurrect.

They then take it back to their store and change it into something even more magnificent than it was when it was spanking new.

This is the next best thing if you’ve seen all of the episodes of Flippin’ RVs and want more.

But don’t get too excited since there are just two episodes.

The difference with this TV program is that the RV repair is done for families who want to drive these vehicles to the beach, thus the design emphasis is a little different.

#5. Motorhomes With Celebrities

This presentation will appeal to anybody who enjoys gazing at multi-million dollar RVs and their interiors.

Celebrity Motorhomes is another look into the lifestyles of the 1%, this time focused on their opulent RVs.

This TV program features some of the most costly and extravagant RVs on the globe, with a concentration on movie trailers and tour buses.

Timbaland’s RV features a recording studio, Simon Cowell’s RV has a huge tub in front of a TV, and Craig Morgan’s RV can sleep up to 12 people! And that’s only the beginning: Mariah Carey’s tour bus has a second-floor dance club, Kellie Pickler’s RV has a walk-in closet, and Will Smith’s trailer has a production office with a 100-inch TV.

If you’re curious in what else is prevalent in celebrity RVs, you should absolutely watch this episode!

#6. On TV: Rollin’

Rollin’ On TV is a lifestyle program for RVers that covers all facets of the RV lifestyle.

Whether you’re looking for road trip inspiration, new motorhome reviews, or RV recipes, this TV program has you covered!

Furthermore, the show’s YouTube channel is an excellent resource for RV owners.

It includes not just clips from the TV series, but also instructional films on topics ranging from how to repair RV slide-out rubber seals to what to look for when purchasing secondhand RVs.

#7. Bret Michaels Is Rocking My RV.

This RV makeover program is hosted by legendary rock artist Bret Michaels.

The rock legend has assembled a team of professionals who collaborate to turn ordinary RVs into extraordinary mobile residences.

Rock My RV is a must-see for everyone who like programs like Pimp My Ride.

Where does the rockstar, on the other hand, fit in? Bret Michaels is a huge fan of RVs! He not only spent nine months of the year on a tour bus for the last 25 years, but he also designed the bus from top to bottom.

Michaels also spent most of his youth with his family on road vacations, so he knows what the RV means to certain individuals.

#8. RVing In Style

Big Time RV provides visitors a behind-the-scenes peek at America’s biggest RV business.

Every new model is toured and tested, allowing viewers to learn more about the various RV brands and models, as well as their strengths and weaknesses.

The exhibition has an educated sales staff that strives to meet the needs of every RV enthusiast, whether they’re wanting to rent, buy, or replace their RV.

What makes this exhibition so fantastic is that you can see anything from low-cost pop-up trailers to ultra-luxurious Class A RVs!

#9. Extreme Recreational Vehicles (RVs)

Extreme RVs is a reality television program that highlights only the most extreme RVs.

It’s likely to be included on this TV program if it’s custom, strange, lavish, and one-of-a-kind.

You will like watching the episode if you want to see some very unique RVs.

The episodes include both existing RVs that you may have seen before (Simon Cowell’s car is shown in the first episode) and prominent RV builders who are designing and constructing a completely new vehicle.

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#10. Countdown To The Mega RV

Another program that highlights solely non-conventional RVs is Mega RV Countdown.

However, with their discoveries, this episode truly puts it into fifth gear.

Some of the astounding items shown on this TV program include a fire engine converted into an RV.

Catch an episode of Mega RV Countdown if you want to see some out-of-this-world RVs!

#11. Purchasing RVs

Buying RVs is a television program that follows the process of buying a recreational vehicle from the viewpoint of the buyer.

It’s an excellent program to watch if you want to see some pretty amazing RVs, including some with unique features.

Every episode follows a different couple as they look for the ideal mobile home.

The couples are then presented with three distinct RVs, each with a unique characteristic that they will not find in any other RV.

The pair must next decide which RV they like and hope it is within their budget!

#12. The Campers

The RVers is a documentary-style television program that focuses on RVers’ itinerant existence.

This program depicts both the positive and negative aspects of life on the road, and it’s well worth seeing if you’re thinking of living on the road full-time.

The presentation is jam-packed with helpful hints and instructions for RVers.

Each episode not only covers something entertaining and intriguing, but also tries to educate you something about living in an RV.

Some lessons will teach you how to replace the air conditioner, while others will give you advice on how to choose an RV and how to drive it.

Anthony Nalli, the show’s presenter, is also the show’s producer.

Even more intriguing is the fact that Nalli had no prior RV experience when he started the program.

The presenter is often learning new things with the audience, which is what makes The RVers so unique.

#13. Hunters of RVs

The format of RV Hunters is similar to that of a few other TV series.

The episodes follow a couple that has opted to leave their homes and travel the country.

They’re putting wheels in place of walls, and the episodes follow them as they search for the RV of their dreams.

Some of the episodes are about couples who are already RVing but need to update their vehicle.

The sheer range of RVs on display is one of the highlights of this exhibition.

You’ll like watching this TV program if you simply want to see some pretty amazing RVs, from little houses for couples to enormous RVs for families of five.

#14. RV Adventures in America’s Scenic Regions

America’s Scenic RV Adventures is a series of films that each center on an RV vacation in a different region of the United States.

Each film is around an hour and a half long, and if you think of them as extended episodes, this qualifies as a television program!

The show follows filmmakers John Holod and Jodie Ginter on an epic road journey filled with breathtaking scenery and adventurous experiences.

This episode explores some of the greatest RV routes from Alaska to Mexico.

It’s a must-see whether you’re looking for road trip inspiration or just want to binge-watch eight hours of road travels around the United States!

#15. Tiny House Nation Is A Website Dedicated To Tiny Houses.

Small House Nation is a Netflix series that follows a group of specialists who work in the tiny house design and construction industry.

Although it isn’t specifically about RVs, some of the dwellings are constructed on wheels, thus I believe it will pass.

The process of creating the layout of your new house on wheels is one of the most enjoyable aspects of van living.

This event is a must-see if you’re looking for inspiration for RV design and decor.

It will motivate you to build the small house of your dreams, and it is packed with useful advice on how to make the most of your limited space.

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#16. The Grand Tour: A Vacation for International Buffoons

The Grand Tour, but this time in an RV! The renowned three goes on a road trip across the United States in their RVs in this special edition of The Grand Tour.

James May, Jeremy Clarkson, and Richard Hammond journey across the United States in their specially customized RVs in this special series.

May chose to turn the inside of his RV into a bar with gin on tap, while Clarkson felt that the bathroom is all that counts and changed his RV into a big bathroom with a little bed.

The special episode is chock-full of the trio’s trademark wit and silliness, as well as some breathtaking scenery images.

It’s worth seeing regardless of whether you’ve seen the other TGT episodes.

#17. Breaking Bad

This is definitely not the sort of RV program you were expecting, but hey, the RV plays a significant role in the story.

Breaking Bad is a show that everyone and their grandma has heard of, and if you haven’t seen it yet, this is an indication that you should.

Walter White, a middle-aged chemistry teacher who “breaks bad” after being diagnosed with cancer, is the subject of the legendary TV programs.

Walter chooses to use his chemical talents to create meth since he is faced with exorbitant medical costs and the risk of leaving his family in debt.

He teams up with a former pupil and cooks in an RV for the first several seasons.

They run out of gas, Jesse leaves the key in the ignition and floods the engine, and they’re constantly dealing with items flying all over the place, just like regular campers.

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