Some RVers are motivated to travel by minimalism and just bring what will fit in their little Class B or C RV.

Other RV travelers, such as wealthy retirees or families with children, anticipate that a mobile home will be just as opulently furnished as any house constructed on a solid base.

Their glammed-up Class As and tour bus-like fifth wheels are mobile palaces outfitted with the finest kitchen and bathroom fixtures.

A third group of RVers dress up their retro-chic teardrop trailers, polygonal towables, and #vanlife campers with goofy lifestyle accessories to do it (at least partially) for Instagram.

We asked 11 seasoned RVers to list the items they never leave home without in order to find out which commodities they believe are worthwhile to haul across the nation.

#1. The Top Camping Furniture

Zero Gravity Lounge Chairs With Pillow and Cup Holder

The zero-gravity chair is very well-liked among RVers.

It’s “essentially a foldable chaise longue, but far more comfy,” according to Steve Johnson of Boondocker’s Bible, and Mike Scarpignato of RVBlogger concurs, confessing it’s the only lounger he’s ever slept off in.

The Roving Foleys’ Frank and Grainne Foley, who are also great admirers, like their zero-gravity chairs since the side caddies can carry beverages and mobile phones.

Bliss Hammocks Wide Zero Gravity Chair With Canopy, Pillow, and Drink Tray

The finest chair for stargazing and cloud viewing, according to Sheena Armstrong of Mavis the Airstream, is made by Bliss Hammocks.

“They aren’t the nicest to look at, but they’re hands down the best chair for cloud watching and astronomy,” she adds.

Strongback Guru Folding Camp Chair With Lumbar Support

The fact that this folding chair comes with a storage bag makes transporting it much easier, say Marc and Julie Bennett of RVLove.

But the built-in lumbar support is what truly sets it apart.

The pair said, “It’s fantastic for folks who have back troubles, or those who wish to prevent them.” “To understand the difference, you have to sit in one.”

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#2. The Top Picnic Tables

Picnic at Ascot 548-R Canvas Travel Folding Table

This portable table holds four beverages, includes a shelf for storing a lantern, Bose speaker, and other campfire supplies, and is “light, small, and simple to put up and store,” according to Scarpignato.

Camco 51885 Charcoal Large Adirondack Portable Outdoor Folding Side Table

This table is popular with the Foleys because “it’s strong yet folds down flat,” which makes storing simple.

#3. Which Portable Fire Pit Is Best?

Outland Firebowl 863 Cypress Outdoor Portable Propane Gas Fire Pit With Cover & Carry Kit

Objecting to the idea of a gas fire? According to Jason Miller of the Getaway Couple, when you travel full-time, “you grow weary of the campfire scent constantly adhering to your clothing and hair.”

He wasn’t the only RVer to praise the Outland line: “A propane fire enables you to easily make a fire, enjoy it, then switch it off and walk inside.”

The Firebowl, according to The Wanderpreneurs’ Aaron and Lauren Grijalva, is their finest investment ever since it eliminates the need for RVers to worry about fire restrictions in campsites or to buy local wood.

Veteran RVer Tom Mesereau like how it fits beneath his vehicle and uses a simple propane tank.

#4. The Ideal Travel Grill

Blackstone Table Top 17 Inch Portable Gas Griddle

Johnson’s fellow RVers like this grill.

Despite being a large propane stove, it has become a popular outdoor cooking method.

Breakfasts turn out fantastic whether you grill or fried them, he claims.

#5. The Ideal Outside Lighting

Brightown LED G40 Outdoor String Lights

The Grijalvas claim that because they are constructed of sturdy plastic, they may be moved about without worrying about shattering any glass.

We hang them anywhere we can at campsites.

#6. A Good Awning

INNOVA Charcoal Vista Shade

Even with a big rig, the Foleys advise, “you want to be able to extend your living area to the outdoors.” The family enjoys how easily this zippable awning can be unplugged and rolled up should a storm unexpectedly sweep in.

“After all, we didn’t pick this life to be indoors,” they say.

Additionally, it creates a pleasant shaded place for lounging by blocking “a significant quantity of sunshine.”

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#7. The Ideal Patio Rug

CGEAR RV Camping Mat

The Bennetts agree that this water-resistant mat is “great at letting sand to slip through so it doesn’t get inside your RV,” according to Kelly Beasley, co-founder of Camp Addict.

Over the years, they’ve tried a dozen less expensive mats, but they claim that the double-layered mesh mat from CGear “substantially decreases” the quantity of fine sand that enters their RV.

Additionally, they like that it is smaller, lighter, and has “a convenient carry bag for simple travel and storage.”

#8. Optimum Doormat

GrassWorx Clean Machine Flair Doormat

Scarpignato uses this grass mat in addition to a 9 by 12 foot outside patio mat to clean his shoes before entering his camper.

He claims that it keeps the RV flooring considerably cleaner.

#9. Optimum Showerhead

Oxygenics Fury RV Handheld Showerhead

One of the simplest and finest improvements an RV owner can make is replacing the showerhead.

Beasley claims that this portable device, which has a variety of spray patterns, provides “good pressure without wasting water.”

#10. The Ideal Bathtub For Families With Young Children

Intex Sunset Glow Baby Pool

Jessica Baker, a full-time RVer with two young children, adds, “While some RVs come with miniature baths, ours didn’t.” “So we thought outside the box and bought an inflatable pool to use as a bathtub.

It is the ideal size for the shower and provides the children with a lovely, deep bath to play in and get clean.

#11. Optimum Toilet Paper

Scott Rapid-Dissolving Toilet Paper, 8 Rolls

According to Johnson, “RVs often utilize a particular kind of toilet paper developed for holding tanks.” This variety disintegrates quickly and avoids getting stuck in drain valves.

This brand is the softest and most comfy; other brands feel like they belong in a football stadium.

#12. The Greatest Method For Keeping An Rv Bathroom Odor-Free

Poo~Pourri Before-You-Go Toilet Spray

Beasley remarks cynically that RVs are compact vehicles.

“How about a s’mores scent? “, she advises.

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#13. The Ideal Options For Rv Storage

Delta Children 4 Pocket Over the Door Hanging Organizer

According to Ashley Mann of RVinspiration, “There never seems to be enough storage room, no matter the size of the RV.” “Utilizing vertical space is a smart strategy to address the issue.”

Dseap Over the Door Hook Hanger

Surblue Bedside Caddy Hanging Organizer

Spectrum Diversified Grid Storage Basket

Joseph Joseph 40087 Nest 9 Nesting Bowls Set

The Foleys believe that having a decent stackable set is essential since mixing bowls take up a lot of room.

“This set also comes with stacking measuring cups.”

#14. The Greatest Glasses That Won’t Shatter

Maars Bev Stainless Steel Stemless Wine Glass Tumbler With Lid

The Bennetts state that these multipurpose 12-ounce stemless wineglass tumblers are vacuum-insulated and spillproof.

“They come in a number of bright colors, keep hot beverages hot and cold drinks cold, so everyone in your RV can have their own and not have drinks mixed up,” the seller said.

#15. The Ideal Garbage Can

Camco Life Is Better at the Campsite Pop-Up Utility Container

The fact that this foldable recycling/trash can is staked to the ground is another reason Mann recommends it.

She cautions, “Just don’t leave it outdoors in bear country.”

#16. A Superior Vacuum Cleaner

Shark Rocket Ultra-Light Corded Bagless Vacuum

The Grijalvas like this vacuum since it is portable and disassembles for simple storage.

The Foleys agree and add that it is “super-powerful” and “gets into all of the nooks and crannies” of an RV while fitting in perfectly next to their slide out.

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#17. The Top RV Accessories

Vika+ Utility-Friendly Electric Folding Bike

For us, they have changed the game, claims Armstrong.

“They readily fold up for storage and let us to speed around campers and parks.”

DJI Mavic 2 Pro

A drone is a ton of fun for camping, said Johnson.

You can find better camping spots, search for hiking paths, and take amazing pictures of your camp.

Garmin RV 770 GPS

Instead of depending on Google Maps, which is completely free, Cindy Scott of Cinders Travels strongly advises buying an RV-specific GPS device.

Days spent traveling are tense enough, she claims.

It “takes quite a burden off your mind” to use a GPS that takes an RV’s precise height and length into account while directing you from point A to point B.

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