If you’re organizing an RV camping vacation with your family this year, you’re likely considering all the equipment and amenities you’ll need to keep everyone secure and content while traveling.

Why then should dog equipment for RV camping be any different? Your RV camping vacation may be so much fun if you bring a dog.

We’ve put together a list of the top 11 essential dog accessories for RV camping since having the appropriate equipment is crucial to keeping your dog content and secure.

The finest items to buy when taking your dog on your next RV road trip are listed below.

#1. A Treat Dispenser And Camera For Monitoring Pets

The Lovoom Pet Monitoring Camera for dogs and cats is the greatest pet-friendly tool I have ever seen for remotely watching over your pet and giving them rewards.

You can see, hear, and communicate with your pet when you are away from your RV.

And you can send them a kibble reward from a distance! Your mobile device is used for everything! One is owned by my daughter, who uses it to watch after her dog while she is out at work all day.

A pet carrier in your RV is, in my opinion, a fantastic way to engage with your pet while you are gone.

Watch the video down below.

It does so much better than I ever could.

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#2. Portable Dog Fence Outside (Or Pen)

A portable dog fence or enclosure enables your dog to enjoy some fresh air instead of tethering them to the RV, the closest tree, or keeping them inside the RV for any longer than required.

Collapsible pens may open out to provide an astounding amount of area, allowing the dog some freedom while yet complying with the “on a leash” or “contained” requirements for dogs that apply to the majority of pet-friendly parks.

Collapsible Fences may be stored without taking up a lot of space by being folded up.

In fact, there is a connection between this fence and the dog kennel below!

#3. Folding Dog Kennel (Or Crate)

A wire foldable dog cage may be used for a variety of reasons, much like the dog fence.

If your dog is already crate trained, it may provide a secure space and keep them more at ease when traveling.

Both when traveling and while your RV is stopped, you may utilize it.

While you are traveling, a dog box helps prevent your dog from sliding about the RV cabin.

Additionally, it may prevent your dog from being injured by falling objects.

All sides of wire cages are open, which improves ventilation and keeps your dog cooler on warm days.

They endure longer than a stiff plastic box and are also quite simple to clean.

It is quite practical to have a foldable kennel or box on board since it is simple to stow or move in and out of the RV as required.

The dog fence we featured above, which also offers a secure area for your dog when in the pen, is really connected to the dog kennel.

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#4. Memory Foam Canine Beds

Like most people, most dogs seek for a cozy place to unwind and claim as their own.

Your dog will have a space in your RV or camper to call their own thanks to a comfortable but sturdy dog bed.

Dog beds come in a variety of forms and sizes, but the finest ones are designed with thick memory foam, a waterproof layer, and a cover that is simple to remove and wash.

#5. Control for Automatic Generator Start

When pet owners are away from their RV, one of their greatest worries is that the electricity will go out and the AC won’t work.

It’s possible that this is a life-threatening scenario.

Installing an Automatic Generator Start Controller is the recommended course of action in this circumstance.

Because the AC cannot operate on battery power, if the shore power goes off, your AC will shut off.

If this occurs, the generator controller will automatically turn on the generator, turning back on your air conditioning.

Your pet’s life might be actually saved for a few hundred dollars.

#6. A Higher Dog Bed

An raised dog bed is a different kind of dog bed that your dog will enjoy.

An raised bed may be used inside and outdoors without much chance of becoming soiled or wet, unlike the luxurious interior mattresses we just discussed.

An raised dog bed offers superior support for canines with arthritis or joint problems.

Additionally, they keep your dog off the ground so that they won’t roll about in dirt or leaves.

Your dog will be more protected from bothersome pests and insects on the ground with an elevated dog bed.

The finest raised dog beds are collapsible for simple storage and constructed of mesh to keep your dog cooler.

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#7. Dog Ramp

While a boisterous young puppy would have no trouble jumping into or out of an RV, mature dogs or elderly canines might want some additional assistance.

For dogs who want a little additional assistance, a folding dog ramp is great.

Additionally, a dog ramp will save your back the strain of having to hoist your dog into the vehicle on a regular basis.

Introduce your dog to the new ramp gradually so that it may have the confidence it needs to reach your RV without difficulty.

Sturdiness, strong traction, length (if the ramp is 6′ or less it may be too steep for your dog to climb), and it should be foldable are the key characteristics to look for when purchasing a dog ramp.

#8. A Foldable Dog Dish

Although you should constantly supply fresh water for your dog, it’s not always possible to keep their fixed dish from home when traveling, packing, and unpacking the RV.

There are many various kinds of water bowls available for dogs, from bowl and water bottle sets to hard plastic bowls that are spill-proof.

Although each style has benefits and drawbacks of its own, the finest dog bowls are multipurpose.

Look for dog bowls that are strong, foldable, simple to clean, dishwasher safe, and large enough to be used as both a water and a food bowl.

With this kind of bowl, you can take them on treks with Fido and use them as stationary bowls when you’re camping as well as fold them up! I advise trying the Kurgo Bowl.

I’ve tried a LOT of bowls, and this one is hands down the best!

#9. Harness and Leash

Even if you most likely already have a leash for your dog, it could be a good idea to get a more robust leash for your road trip.

A straightforward nylon leash may not be able to withstand the outside conditions, such as mud and filth, which are sometimes unavoidable when camping.

Additionally, it could be a good idea to bring more than one leash in case one is damaged or is unintentionally left behind at a campground.

But even if it’s not always necessary, a harness might be useful while driving.

The second best method for keeping your dog safe while traveling in your RV, if it doesn’t have enough space for a kennel to be set up, is to use a harness and dog seat belt.

If your dog is thrown from side to side when driving, or worse yet, in an accident, a harness rather than a collar reduces undue strain on their neck.

Your dog may be kept safe by using a harness and seat belt combination.

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#10. Dog Bones and Treats and Toys

It’s crucial to have some entertaining toys or treats on hand for your dog to keep him occupied while you prepare supper or go on a day trip of exploration, just as you would at home.

Always seek for toys that are big enough to prevent inadvertent ingestion.

Because they are healthful and secure, and because dogs like the natural bacon taste that is already there, we enjoy the Benebones brand.

#11. First Aid Package

Always have a canine first aid kit in the RV since accidents might happen when hiking and camping.

How many RVers don’t have a first aid kit for themselves or their dogs always astounds me.

Therefore, keep one close to hand and maybe you won’t ever need it!

Do you have any suggestions for necessary dog accessories we should include in the article? Please share your ideas in the comments section below.

I may just have to look into them and edit the post.

Thank you for reading this post.

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