RV restrooms aren’t renowned for having a ton of storage.

Having the greatest RV bathroom accessories is so essential for maintaining organization!

When I live in a limited place, nothing gets me more angry than an untidy space! If you’re the same way, I have the perfect RV bathroom accessories for you that you’ll truly adore.

Let’s get started!

RV Accessories for the Bathroom That Rock

You want the bathroom accessories for an RV to be significantly tougher than the accessories for a regular bathroom.

Your bathroom items will also be moved around a lot and suffer damage on moving day.

Additionally, your bathroom accessories ought to be useful and maintain organization.

While having “luxury” items in the bathroom is wonderful, it is impractical in an RV.

The items listed below are suitable for RVs and will keep your bathroom spotless, orderly, and most importantly, stylish!

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#1. Self Adhesive Toilet Paper Holder

It’s great that this toilet paper holder doesn’t need to be screwed into your RV’s wall.

It may be mounted either vertically or horizontally, depending on the available space in your bathroom.

Once it is fitted, just be sure to use the appropriate RV toilet paper!

  • Material: Made of SUS 304 stainless steel for long-lasting reliability.
  • Self-Adhesive TP Holder: Stylish, contemporary cylindrical rod design makes it simple to remove and replace rolls of paper towels.appropriate for…

A helpful hint: You don’t have to use pricey RV toilet paper.

#2. Toilet Brush and Holder Set

Because of its distinctive design and bristles, we enjoy this toilet brush.

The brush doesn’t become dingey as a regular toilet brush does, and the head can flex to reach awkward angles.

The gentle bristles also prevent scratches on your RV toilet.

  • Dead Corner is Easily Cleaned: The flat brush head may be completely bent to meet the angle of the rim, reaching beneath the rim.
  • Base Ventilation Slots: To facilitate a better drain, a drip hole is included within the holder. There are no ponding water leaks from

#3. Peel and Stick Backs

These peel and stick tiles will work if you’re searching for a quick method to liven up your RV bathroom.

We have several in our restroom and like how this RV bathroom item really transformed the space.

  • 1.4 times the coverage areas: a tile measuring 12″ x 12″ covers an area that a 10″ x 10″ tile covers by 40%.
  • Self-adhesive tiles that are glossy and come in boxes of 10 sheets each measuring 12″ x 12″

#4. Storage Corner Floor Cabinet

The majority of RV bathrooms lack enough capacity for complete over-the-toilet storage expansions.

This corner floor cabinet is ideal for a compact area because of this.

You also get a toilet paper holder and extra storage.

Because you can simply paint it any color to match your bathroom décor, we prefer that it’s white.

  • Space-Saving Storage: This bathroom storage cabinet is ideal for tiny rooms. If the restroom has…
  • Toilet Paper Storage: To load a fresh roll, you simply raise the top shelf of this toilet paper cabinet, which flips up.

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#5. Square Hair Drain Cover

In an RV, it’s even more crucial to make sure that your drain isn’t becoming clogged with hair.

If you don’t have the right hair cleaner, it might accumulate in your pipes and give you later headaches.

We appreciate this hair catcher since it comes in a pair and may fit over any size drain.

One of the most crucial RV bathroom supplies on the list is this drain cover!

  • Stick well with Suction Cup: The new type hair drain hair catcher comes with a suction cup. robust suction cups enable the…
  • Simple Installation and Removal: Place the relevant sink or tiles with the drain hair catcher. Press the four corners together.

#6. Bathroom Accessories Set

We suggest this six piece bathroom accessory set if you wish to simplify your life.

You shouldn’t have any trouble coordinating it with your present décor since it comes in three distinct hues.

Additionally, since they are plastic, there is less risk of breaking on moving days.

  • BATHROOM KIT MATERIAL: Sturdy, hygienic plastic
  • THE SET CONTAINS: A mouthwash cup, a toothbrush holder, a lotion dispenser, a dish for soap, a trash can, and a…

#7. Bathroom Accessories Set – White or Black

This bathroom set should be suitable if the white, grey, or apricot hues in the one before didn’t do it for you.

A toothbrush holder, cup, soap dispenser, soap dish, toilet brush, and trash can are included in this six-piece set.

  • Bathroom Accoutrements Set includes a soap dish, toothbrush cup (2.95″x4.3″), and toothbrush holder (2.95″x4.5″).
  • Pp+electroplating is the material. The set is sturdy and won’t break easily, guaranteeing your long-term enjoyment. he…

#8. Shower Basket Shelf with Hooks

Both stainless steel and black are available for this basket shelf.

It is very simple to install and can support up to 20 pounds of weight.

You may use this inside your shower or on the bathroom walls to hold anything you choose thanks to its special adhesive strips.

  • Transparent Traceless Powerful Adhesive – The shower caddy installs quickly and easily thanks to the “Transparent Traceless Powerful Adhesive” material. No tools or drills…
  • Large Storage Capacity & Deep Shelf – The caddy offers ample room to store the everyday items you need in…

#9. Corner Shower Caddy

Try this corner caddy if the long one above won’t fit in your RV shower because it’s too narrow.

It is built of rust-proof material and is available in stainless steel or black.

For any size rig, these bathroom accessories are ideal.

  • OUT OF CHAOS NOW: Only intended for 90° corners. Ideal for keeping shampoos, body washes, shower gels,…
  • Lasting&CONVENIENT: Made from Rustproof Material with durable rust resistance. An excellent choice for the damp bathroom.

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#10. Rotating Makeup Organizer

I don’t know about you, but when we moved into an RV, arranging my makeup was one of the most difficult tasks.

The revolving makeup organizer is ideal for living in an RV.

It is ideal for compact places and allows you to spin to choose what you need rather than moving your cosmetics container.

  • Extra 2 Trays & Silicone Rings – 6 trays and 20 silicone rings in total to achieve a higher level of customer satisfaction…
  • 360° Rotation Organizer & Large Capacity – Organizes and keeps your cosmetics perfectly; allows quick access to every…

#11. Hair Dryer and Styling Tools Organizer

Another issue of moving into an RV was finding a spot for my hair straightener and blow dryer.

This organizer for styling items on the wall is fantastic! It can carry up to three tools and is available in bronze or stainless steel.

For female RVers, it is the ideal set of washroom supplies.

  • Excellent organizer for your hair styling equipment, including brushes, combs, dryers, curling irons, and flat irons.
  • Excellent use of the little area in the bathroom or the bed, or hang over the shower or cabinet door. Very thin hook made of EVA foam

#12. 2-Tier Organizer With Slide Out Baskets

I’ve seen that several RV garage storage units lack shelves.

While useful sometimes, that generally just takes up space.

The higher cabinets without shelves will be the ideal place for this two-tier organizer.

You have more storage than twice as much space!

Utilize the multifunctional madesmart 2-tier organizer to arrange your space: With two tiers, the design makes the most of the area.

Utilize our baskets as under-sink storage to organize your bathroom and simplify your morning routine.

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#13. Ultra Soft Eight Piece Towel Set

You don’t have to give up tiny conveniences just because you’re in an RV! These ultra-soft towels are popular with us since they are inexpensive, made entirely of cotton, and dry quickly.

You’re sure to discover something that matches your color scheme since they are available in 18 distinct hues.

  • Each set includes two large bath towels (30 x 54), two hand towels (16 x 28), and four washcloths (13 x 13).
  • 100% pure cotton for durability, softness, and absorption – opulent hotel and spa class towel set

#14. Luxury Chenille Bathroom Rug

You may not agree with me, but I like a decent bathroom rug.

One of my favorite RV bathroom decorations is this elegant rug.

It is very absorbent and designed to endure for many years.

Additionally, it is machine washable and has a sturdy rubber backing that won’t wear out even after repeated usage.

Last but not least, it comes in 37 colors, so I’m certain you can match it to your present theme.

  • Soft and Plush Chenille: Treat your feet to the coziest, softest chenille; its thick, plush pile soothes your foot and…
  • Ultra-Absorbent: Our most absorbent bath rug; rich chenille pile absorbs more moisture to help keep your floors dry.

You should be able to keep organized while traveling with the help of the RV bathroom supplies mentioned above.

Maintaining Order on a Budget

Living in a tiny place doesn’t need it to be messy at all!

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