Being outdoors is the greatest part about camping, right?

Right… However, it’s true that certain aspects of being outdoors may be enhanced.

In particular, sitting in the intense heat and sunlight of the sun may ruin an enjoyable patio experience.

Thankfully, the majority of RVs come with trailer awnings or an RV cover, which may help turn your outside dining area from a battleground into a comfortable spot to put your feet up.

Of course, this assumes that the awning on your RV is properly cared for and maintained.

Despite the fact that awnings often need little care, every now and then you’ll need to give it a periodic cleaning or make a replacement to maintain it in peak condition.

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Additionally, you may add enjoyable and useful RV awning accessories to brighten up your campground and make your outside sitting area even more hygge and welcoming.

This article discusses the premium RV awning components and add-ons that can help keep your canopy — and you — in the shade.

Ready for a cheerier, more attractive patio? Read on!

Awning Lights for Campers

Although lights may not be necessary for your RV awning to function, they do make things seem brighter.

Here are our top suggestions for lighting your RV patio.

#1. Lighted Awning Rope Track

We all adore the appearance of awnings with pretty rope lights…

however, let’s be real.

How are they attached?

Well, it’s not a problem with this useful awning rope light track.

With no winding or tying necessary, it transforms the existing utility track on your awning into the ideal location to attach some weatherproof rope lights.

It’s far simpler to use this track than to wrap your lights around the arms of your awnings, and it can handle either 3/8- or 1/2-inch lights.

Additionally, if you move a lot, it’s simple to take down and then reinstall!

#2. LED Rope Lights Powered By Solar Energy

If you’re like the majority of campers, you value being kind to the environment…

You sometimes desire to camp outside of cities, where the majority of places with shore power are located.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of an attractive RV patio covered in an awning!

If that is your circumstance, think about using solar-powered string lights, which are a great, secure, and effective way to bring some levity to your camping.

They ought to illuminate your campsite for up to twelve hours after a full day’s charge.

It comes in very handy when you’re lost in the woods and just have the stars to guide you.

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RV Accessories Awnings

Here are a few additional RV awning extras that may completely transform your patio.

#3. The “De-Flapper” Camco Awning

Even though the name of this device is amusing to pronounce, the problem it fixes is not amusing at all – and if you have ever seen an RV awning flapping in the wind, you understand what we mean.

It’s hazardous in addition to being inconvenient.

Additionally, if your awning is not secured, it is all too simple to lose it completely.

We strongly advise purchasing Camco’s awning “de-flapper” if your awning often flaps about.

This product’s universal fit should be effective regardless of the manufacturer, model, or size of the awning you’re fastening.

#4. Sun Shade Awning

Yes, your awning effectively shields you from the sun when it is directly above at high noon.

But if you’ve ever sat on your patio wishing the sun would hurry up and go away because its rays annoyably peek out from under your awning, you might want to think about spending your money on an awning sun shade, which adds yet another barrier of protection between you and that scorching ball in the sky.

The operation is rather straightforward.

The sun shade is attached to your main awning to provide the appearance of a front wall while also protecting skin and eyes from UV rays.

You can still look out from your campsite through the sun shade since it is constructed of mesh screenwork, and because it is cooler and darker, you will be more likely to do so.

The sun screen comes with three pairs of plastic pegs and bungee cords, making installation simple.

Because coordination still matters while you’re camping, you can select between black, brown, and a colorful blue alternative.

You that end, be sure to measure your awning in accordance with the instructions, since the shades are available in a range of sizes to match various sized rigs.

#5. Side Awning Shade

Although a front shade already provides a great deal of additional protection, you can also invest in side shades to really step up your patio game.

In no time at all, for a lot less money, time, and work than building one outside of your house, you’ll have a fully screened porch!

Awning side shades, whether used with or without a front awning shade, may assist lessen the wind rushing through your outdoor sitting area in addition to adding more shade and lowering the patio’s temperature.

They come in several colors and are a fantastic purchase for any camper whose vehicle has an awning!

#6. RV Awning Cover

With a cheap, sturdy RV awning cover, you can safeguard your canopy from the elements, debris, and other potential threats.

Treat your awning like the investment that it is.

This child can accommodate awnings that are 3.65 to 4.75 inches in diameter and 16 to 20 feet in length, which covers almost all electric and manual patio awnings for RVs.

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RV Awning Components

You just have to mend things sometimes.

(Actually, RVers are aware that it occurs a lot more often than just sometimes.)

Here are some typical components that RVers could need.

#7. Dometic Lift Handle for A&E Awnings

This is the replacement handle you’ll need if your Dometic awning, especially A & E models 8500 or 9000, on your pop-up camper or RV breaks.

Its ergonomic, vinyl-covered handle makes it easy to set up these manual operation awnings, and its rust- and corrosion-resistant paint finish makes it dependable.

#8. Dometic Knob Adjuster

Adjuster knobs are often problematic since they are so delicate, tiny, and fragile.

This 1 and 7/8-inch-diameter knob could be just what you need if you need to replace one on your Dometic awning.

#9. Main Rafter Assembly for a Dometic Awning

The main rafter assembly from Dometic may assist you if you have a serious issue with your current awning or wish to build a new one where there wasn’t one previously.

This 66-inch model in Polar White comes with the top bracket, travel latch, and five-point awning knob in addition to the main rafters.

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#10. Replacement Material for RV Vinyl Awning

We’ve all experienced it: you leave camp for a little while, thinking everything to be great, and while you’re gone, a huge, unexpected storm develops.

Thankfully, when you return home, most of your belongings are undamaged.

Unfortunately, your RV awning, which you had extended in the mistaken belief that everything would be well for a time, wasn’t so lucky.

Fortunately, whether your main RV awning or your RV slide-out awning was damaged, you may replace the fabric directly.

The heaviest-duty awning fabric on the market, this 16-foot slate blue fading fabric is compatible with Carefree, A&E, and Lippert awnings and has a 13-ounce, 3-ply composition.

In order to increase the product’s durability, Shade Pro added Welded Weatherguard, but if you do experience issues again, at least you have a safety net: the company provides a three-year limited warranty on parts and freight and makes the installation simple with do-it-yourself instructions and a replacement pull strap.

Even the most ardent sun worshipper would agree that camping is lot better when done in the shade, therefore we hope this article helps keep you there.

Have fun, campers!

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