A few of the entertaining and useful RV additions that will improve life at the campsite are portable bidets, a solar oven, and an inflatable lounger.

The lack of room may sometimes be annoying, which is something that the majority of RVers can agree on.

These entertaining RV additions are creative in how they make the most of the available space, and you’ll undoubtedly wonder, “Why didn’t I think of that?” Continue reading to learn about RV accessories you didn’t realize you needed.

Interesting RV Accessories for the Living and Kitchen Areas

#1. Handle For A Screen Door

By securing a screen door crossbar like this one, you may save your RV’s screen door.

RV screen doors are often weak and difficult to open.

You can escape with ease and prevent damage and pricey screen repairs by installing a crossbar handle.


Screen Door Cross Bar Handle

#2. Bed Sheets With Zippers

This zipped, fitted sheet is a game-changer when making hyour RV bed if it fits a standard-sized mattress in your vehicle.

Two sheets are used in the system—one that encircles the side of the bed and the other that zips up top to serve as the flat sheet.

The top layer is simple to zip off for washing, and the fitted sheet won’t come undone.


Equipped Sheet

#3. Stack-A-Plate

With Camco’s stack-a-plate device, you can say goodbye to spilling dishes and a disorganized kitchen while you’re driving.

Plates and dishes may be put inside the basket-like container and will remain put while being transported.

They also assist in keeping your cabinets organized as a bonus.



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#4. Organizing Hangers

With Higher Hangers, you may expand the storage capacity of your RV wardrobes.

The recessed hook makes closet floor space for shoes, bins, and other objects conveniently accessible.

Everything from coats to slacks may be hung on the hanger.

More Hangers

High-Quality Clothes Hangers

#5. Object Hanger

Utilize UTTy’s gear hanger to keep your apparel and equipment organized.

Anything may be hung, including pots and pans, towels, winter coats, and hiking boots.

The portable gear hanger is useful for both organizing and drying damp goods, which keeps your RV tidy and functional.


Object Hanger

#6. Museum Glue

Use Quakehold to safely store your goods and décor while traveling in your RV.

The putty is non-toxic and won’t harm your belongings or wall surfaces.

It works on most surfaces in an RV and is simple to apply and take off.


Nylon Museum Putty

#7. Bar With Two Cupboards

Install spring-loaded bars in your refrigerator and RV cabinets to keep food, pantry goods, and other home things upright while you’re traveling.

The length of this Camco model ranges from 10 to 17 inches.


Double Cupboard Bar for RV

Interesting Bathroom Accessories for RVs

#8. A Longer Shower Rod

With an extended shower rod, you can expand your limited shower area and do away with clingy shower curtains.

This Stromberg Carlson model is appropriate for showers that range in width from 35 to 42 inches.

You may push the rod inwards or outwards, which is great for taking a shower (ideal for hanging wet clothes to dry).

Stormy Carlson

A Longer Shower Rod

#9. Movable Laundry Bag

Even if your RV doesn’t have a washing and dryer, you can still wash your essentials with the help of a portable wash bag like this one from Scrubba.

It uses readily and folds flat for storage.

And when necessary, it even transforms into a dry bag.


Movable Laundry Bag

#10. Modern Showerhead

Upgraded showerheads from Oxygenics can help your RV shower feel more at home.

To increase the water pressure, choose one of the five spray settings.

The 72-inch hose also makes washing children or dogs simpler.


RV Handheld Shower Fury

#11. Mobile Bidet

A portable travel bidet improves your toilet experience regardless of whether you keep it in your RV bathroom or bring it with you to the public restroom.

Simply fill up TUSHY’s foldable portable bidet with fresh water to use it.

It is inconspicuous and reusable.

Additionally, it will enable you to save your expensive RV toilet paper.


Bidet for travel

Outdoor RV Accessories that are Good Time

#12. Mobile Garbage Bag Holder

Without having to worry about it flying off, you can set up a trash bag on almost any flat surface in your RV or at the campsite, such as a picnic table, a grill, or a countertop.

Packing up is simple with the foldable garbage bag holder, and storage is minimal thanks to the simple design.


Mobile Garbage Bag Holder

#13. Sun Oven

Want to prepare food without using a flame? If so, think about making a purchase of a mobile, solar oven.

A solar oven thermometer, heat-conductive baking trays, dehydrating racks, an enamelware pot, silicone pots, a carrying bag, and a solar oven are all included with the lightweight oven.

Ideal for those who have a small RV kitchen or who are visiting places with fire restrictions.


Deluxe Portable Solar Oven

#14. Convenient Kitchen

You may bring an outside kitchen that weighs less than 15 pounds if your RV doesn’t have one of its own.

In addition to a cooking surface that accommodates the majority of Coleman cooking utensils, Coleman’s Pack-Away Portable Kitchen also has a meal preparation space with utensil hooks and a mesh storage shelf.

GCI Outdoor has a higher strength portable kitchen that comes with a countertop, storage rack, fold-out side tables, a foldable sink with drain, hooks for grilling utensils, rubbish bags, and paper towels, and stem glass holders if you’re ready to add a few more pounds to your cargo load.

Both kitchens include a lantern pole for lighting and fold flat for storage.


Portable Kitchen You Can Pack

Outdoor GCI

Portable Folding Camp Kitchen by Master Cook

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#15. Floating Lounger

Forget unwieldy camp chairs; an inflatable lounger can make your campsite setup more comfortable and convenient.

To inflate, just blow air into the bag-like structure.

The headrest, mesh pockets, drink strap, bottle opener, and fastening stakes are all features of this AlphaBeing creation.

Additionally, it folds down to roughly 12 by 8 by 4 inches and can hold 400 pounds.


Floating Lounger

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#16. Mosquito Repeller Portable

When it comes to fending off bothersome insects, Togo RV campers love using this method.

The portable mosquito repellent sprays a chemical that is harmless for humans and repels mosquitoes within a 15-foot radius.

Additionally, it is lightweight, making it simple to bring along on excursions.

You can leave that thick DEET spray behind since it has no aroma and makes no touch with your skin.


Mosquito Repeller Portable

#17. Sunshade for Awning

With the help of this awning umbrella, your campground will get more privacy and shelter from the sun.

The majority of popular RV awning brands, including Dometic, Carefree, Lippert, Fiamma, Solera, and more, are simple to install on.

It weighs less than 10 pounds when stored flat and includes with all essential installation tools.


Screen Sun Shade for RV Awning

#18. Convenient Ice Maker

It may be time to get a portable ice maker if you often buy bags of ice from the campsite shop.

Some RVers feel that the convenience outweighs the power use and weight increase because of it.

This IKICH model can produce ice in little over 5 minutes and weighs roughly 15 pounds.


Portable Ice Maker Machine

#19. Sandless Mat

Upgrade your outside RV mat so that it keeps sand, debris, and dust outside rather than within.

RVers need CGear Sand-Free mats, which come in a range of sizes and hues.

When it’s windy, the mat may also be staked down.


Original Outdoor Camping Mat without Sand

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#20. Break-Resistant Wine Glasses

Bring a set of stemmed Tritan wine glasses to keep things elegant at the campsite.

Tritan is a tough, plastic-like substance devoid of BPA that won’t cloud and won’t break if dropped.


Unbreakable Wine Glasses with Stems

#21. Protective Corner Slider

You likely already understand the need of corner guards if your RV has slide-outs.

These protectors are placed on the corners of your slide-outs to prevent any unintentional head impacts.

They remain lit after closure, but based on how often you use them and the climate where you travel, you may need to change them rather frequently.


Protective Corner Slider

#22. Outdoor Portable Projector

Consider the product’s battery life, brightness, weight, compatibility, and durability when buying a portable outdoor projector for your RV.

The BenQ GS2 satisfies all the requirements and has a tough design.

Additionally, it functions as a Bluetooth speaker and offers features tailored for watching outside, such as an adjustable tilt hinge and autofocus.


Mini Portable Wireless Projector GS2

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