The two front seats can accommodate the RV bed.

For the mattress support, I utilized a 1/2-inch piece of plywood, and I added a 2-inch layer of high density foam on top.

When beds run out, what can you do? In an RV, there isn’t much space for cots and air beds.

The folding RV bed for the front seat is one possibility for an additional bed.

I saw what I thought was a fantastic use of space for his Sprinter on the blog of a blogger who goes by the name of “roadtrekker dd.”

I believe that most RVs with front seats similar to these could easily include this and provide much-needed additional sleeping space.

Aside from the upholstery, which in my limited experience is expensive and time-consuming, I believe the job to be pretty straightforward.

But I’m certain that some of you won’t be deterred since having this RV bed would be fantastic bragging rights.

Make sure to update the boards with your progress if you decide to take it on.

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