Want to construct a distinctive vehicle but aren’t sure where to start? Since your van is where you sleep first and foremost, it seems sensible to start with the bed.

These campervan bed designs provide innovative and useful suggestions for your van conversion.

We have ideas that range from the straightforward and useful to the unusual, so whether you’re looking for a permanent fixture or something with more flexible storage, we’ve got you covered.

Keep in mind the layout and surface area of your van project as you browse through these designs by other vanlifers.

But don’t worry too much about creating the ideal layout; you may adjust it if your requirements alter.

The platform bed and the convertible bed are the two basic sorts of bed designs.

We’ll explain how to pick the best bed for your camper and go through the advantages and disadvantages of each in this post.

#1. This Bed’s Platform

#2. Frames for Beds

The platform bed, which we picked for our van project, is perhaps one of the most common bed designs out there.

Platform beds feature a single bed area that is fixed in place.

This kind of bed is our favorite since it never has to be assembled and is always ready to use.

With their fixed positions, beds provide plenty of space for storage; this area is referred to as the garage.

Bicycles, clothing, water, coolers for camping, and other adventurous gear may all fit within.

Fixed beds have the drawback of leaving little area for sitting.

  • Every night, the bed is already put together.
  • Large under-the-floor storage space

Be Mindful Of The Above Space.

Storage was our first priority when we originally began building the van, so we made the bed tall so that bicycles could fit below.

We eventually lowered the bed by at least 9 inches after realizing that headspace was more of a worry for us in the long run.

Ikea had pre-made slats that we could buy to provide some additional spring support underneath our mattress.

A queen-size, 5′′ memory foam mattress was another something we decided to get.

Nomad Vanz – Rhino – Nomad Vanz

Vehicle with flares from Nomad Vanz.

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#3. Inserting Flares

Most vans can only accommodate a queen- or full-sized mattress laid lengthwise, which results in significant interior room loss.

The exception to this rule are Dodge ProMaster vans, which are broad enough to accommodate a mattress in either direction without having to trim it down.

Fiberglass panels called flares may increase the amount of usable space in your vehicle.

A Sprinter, ProMaster, Transit, or Nissan NV may be equipped with these.

By installing flares, you may gain a few more feet of usable area and put your mattress width-wise.

They cost a lot and need to be professionally installed.

Another drawback is that the area where the flares are mounted won’t be very well insulated.

Sizes Of Typical Mattresses

Mattress TypeDimensions (inches)Dimensions (centimeters)
King76 x 80194 x 204
Cal King72 x 84183 x 214
Queen60 x 80153 x 204
Full XL53 x 80135 x 204
Full53 x 75135 x 191
Twin XL38 x 8097 x 204
Twin38 x 7597 x 191

Mattresses for RVs come in unusual sizes like short-queen and RV bunk.

Additionally, you may get toppers that are tailored to suit.

#4. Adaptable Beds

When not in use, convertible beds may be folded to provide place for dinettes, couches, or substantial items of adventure gear.

These kinds of mattresses are useful if you wish to accommodate more people in your van or if you require a comfy working.

Convertible beds have the drawback of requiring some assembly.

If your spouse and you have different sleeping schedules, these sorts of beds might be uncomfortable.

  • Allows space for a workplace
  • Very entertaining

#5. The Bed Table

This design has been used often, and it is undoubtedly an effective technique to make the most of the limited space in a van.

This kind of bed design enables the use of a bench cushion and a sleeping area simultaneously.

This style is used by @saraandalexjames in their 2008 Dodge Sprinter.

They have enough of space to work while traveling and to sleep peacefully at night thanks to this.

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#6. The Bench Bed That Flips Over

We have never seen a design like this before.

The bench @jakeheard and @dannyogrds created flips open into a unique single bed design.

It just need a few pillows to be ready to use! For someone who also needs a place to sit upright on the road, this bench would be a terrific space saver.

#7. Platform Slide Bed

This slide-out platform bed by @surftripping is one of the most original ideas we’ve seen.

The bed may be pushed straight up against the rear wall when traveling.

The whole platform can be slid out after you’ve found a nice area to park so you can lounge in the sun and sleep beneath the stars.

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#8. Loft Bed

A family of three called @fitetravels wants room in their Ford Transit for everyone to sleep while they travel.

They’ve found a clever method to get all three beds inside a vehicle without making it seem cramped.

The bunk bed system is suspended from the ceiling and features a little staircase for at-night access.

#9. Wall Bed

This Murphy bed by @rydawell could be ideal for you if you like carpentry! One of the neatest and best-organized projects we’ve seen is this one.

There is an absurd amount of room left over for bikes, surfboards, and whatever else you might possibly want to bring on the road!

#10. Bed with a Drawbridge

beds that resemble murphy beds but with a drawbridge-style mattress close to one side that folds up like an accordion instead of remaining flat.

Although these beds take up less space than murphy beds, they are more difficult to put up.

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#11.Sofa Bed

For those who live in vans, the sofa bed is a popular option.

One may construct a sofa bed in a variety of ways.

If you want to sit up or lie down, @dont know road utilized seats that fold down to keep pillows in place.

We like the bedding, too!

#12. Slidable Bed

The sliding bed is yet another widely used method.

This one by @heytess_ demonstrates how to raise the back and push in the slats to make seats.

When it comes to outfitting a van, slider beds are an excellent multipurpose option.

#13. Personalized Bed

Not everyone need a precisely square bed; sometimes, a different form may provide the best value.

An L-shaped bed was constructed by @a hiace called home to be both a permanent feature and a place for two people to sleep.

#14. Benches for Beds

These unique seats that can fold down into a bed are created by Nomad Vanz, one of our favorite van manufacturers.

With this layout, four people may sleep inside the camper at once without any discomfort!

#15. Systems for Drop Down Beds

Cargo to Camper Conversion bed system – Brian Rogers

There are many individuals who have created unique drop-down bed systems if you search YouTube.

These beds combine the features of a platform bed with a convertible bed.

The bed may be raised and lowered from the ceiling using lift supports in this Brian Rogers design.

#16. Leave the Bed

Don’t give up if building isn’t your thing! It works well to just spread a mattress or ground pad on the floor next to a sleeping bag.

Not every van has to be entirely built, and using less wood will reduce weight and improve gas efficiency over time.


One possibility for a basic living arrangement is to hang a hammock inside the car.

If you like the hammock-style of resting at night, this is a totally sensible alternative.

What Are Some Recommendable Mattress Options For Converting A Camper?

Depending on the space you have and your degree of comfort, choose a mattress.

The compact, breathable, and easily trimmed gel-infused memory foam is why we enjoy it.

Several common size choices are shown here.

Mattress SizeMattress TypeDimensions (in)Height (in)
KingModway Aveline Gel Infused Memory Foam76 x 806″
QueenModway Aveline Gel Infused Memory Foam60 x 806″
FullModway Aveline Gel Infused Memory Foam53 x 756″
TwinModway Aveline Gel Infused Memory Foam38 x 756″
Mattress SizeMattress TypeDimensions (in)Height (in)
KingLinenspa Gel Memory Foam Mattress76 x 805″
QueenLinenspa Gel Memory Foam Mattress60 x 805″
FullLinenspa Gel Memory Foam Mattress53 x 755″
TwinLinenspa Gel Memory Foam Mattress38 x 755″

Mattresses That Fold Up For Camping

Additionally, mattresses with pre-folds built in may be bought.

These work well for building drawbridge-style beds or benches.

Trifold Mattress of 4 inches

The Best Option Products

  • Very dense foam
  • Cleanable cover
  • King to Queen

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