Whether your air mattress is used for occasional visitors, camping all summer, or parked in your spare room, it has to be cleaned on a regular basis.

Here’s how to maintain it looking new and prolong its life.

You may want to clean your air mattress right away after using it, such as if you’ve taken it camping and it’s coated in mud or sand.

However, unless there are severe spills or stains, you can typically get away with simple cleaning and fitted sheets to preserve the mattress for indoor usage.

Here are some things you may perform after each usage and when it’s time to conduct a “deep” clean.

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After Each Use, Clean The Area Lightly.

After each usage, you don’t have to vacuum or wash your vinyl air mattress, but it’s a good idea to clear off any dirt.

If you’re letting the mattress air out and storing it, make sure it’s at least relatively clean before putting it away (and without anything that might poke a hole in it).

There are still some things you can do to preserve the mattress in excellent condition if you’re keeping it out for the next night or until you have another visitor.

Brushing the mattress after each usage is a good idea, particularly before storing it up between visitors or excursions.

A soft brush, a broom, or even a portable vacuum may be used.

Any debris, pet hair, or dirt will be removed.

For mattresses with velour tops, vacuuming is recommended.

Wipe clean any plastic air beds with a wet towel, but make sure the material is totally dry before putting it back in the box or bag.

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Cleaning Your Air Mattress Thoroughly

There are certain fundamental techniques to clean your air mattress, regardless of its material.

The majority of them are made of rubber, vinyl, or plastic.

When it comes to cleaning, the material doesn’t matter as much as whether or not your air mattress includes a built-in air pump.

Prepare For It.

Remove the mattress pad and sheets.

During normal usage, wash the bedding every week or two.

If you take your air mattress camping, be sure to wash the sheets after each trip since they tend to get dirty.

If your air mattress has a built-in air pump, make sure it’s unplugged before washing it off.

While some mattresses come with a detachable pump, it’s generally a pain to remove, and you won’t be able to keep the mattress inflated if you do.

With that in mind, we don’t propose removing the built-in pumps; instead, keep them dry.

Use a mildly moist towel to wipe around the pump housing.

To be extra safe, cover the pump’s face with painter’s tape to prevent water from getting inside.

Before connecting the pump back in, be sure the tape is removed.

Finally, fill the bed with air.

You won’t be able to clean the air mattress thoroughly if it’s deflated.

You won’t have any creases to contend with, and vacuuming will be a breeze.

Clean It

A thorough cleaning every other month could be a good idea if you use your air mattress often.

If you only use it during the camping season, clean it well before storing it for the year.

Here’s how to clean your mattress thoroughly:

  • Vacuum: This gets rid of everything from dust to dog hair. It’s also the finest technique to clean velour-top air mattresses.
  • Wipe it down with a dampened soft cloth soaked in rubbing alcohol (you don’t have to soak it). Stains, sticky patches, and bacteria may all be removed with rubbing alcohol. It also works with with water and light dish soap, but don’t soak it.
  • Remove Tougher Stains: If certain stains don’t come out after one rubbing alcohol cleaning, repeat the process. To avoid pushing dirt back into the place, rinse your cloth or use a new part each time.

If any of the washing water gets into the mattress, it may cause mold and germs to develop.

When you deflate the air mattress, the last thing you want is a room that smells like a “mildewy” cellar.

It Must Be Dried

Before you store your air mattress, be sure it is fully dry.

It shouldn’t take more than a couple hours outdoors on a warm day to completely dry your mattress using the rubbing alcohol you used.

If you can’t get it outdoors, keep it inflated where you cleaned it overnight.

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