There are a few different ways to tie a mattress to a car. One method is to use rope or chains to tie it around the car’s frame, then secure the ends of the rope or chain to the mattress. Another way is to use a carabiner to attach the two pieces of fabric together.

In this article, we will learn How to tie the Mattress to the Car securely and safely. Let’s go!

Friendship, rope, and plastic make moving a breeze.

If you’re relocating alone, you’ll also need to relocate your mattress.

Ensure that your mattress arrives in your new house undamaged, and that you move it safely.

Choosing the Right Mattress for the Right Vehicle

Most mattresses will not fit in the trunk or hatch of a vehicle.

However, certain vehicles are designed to transport a twin, full, double, queen, or even king-sized mattress.

Most mattresses, for example, will fit into a standard pickup truck.

You’re in good condition if you can borrow or rent one.

If you have a van and can remove the seats, a single tiny mattress should fit without difficulty.

A huge SUV may carry practically any mattress on the roof as long as it is fastened correctly, but a compact vehicle may be suitable for transporting a smaller mattress on the top.

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For the Automobile’s Roof

There are certain basic tools you should have on hand if you wish to attach the mattress to the car’s top.

In fact, most of these goods should be included in any move you expect to do without the assistance of a moving company.

Some of these tools are also on our list of the top five important moving tools:

  • Mattress bag or thick plastic (sized to fit your mattress)
  • Rope
  • Tape for ducts
  • Scissors
  • Gloves for work
  • A second set of hands

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How to Secure the Mattress to the Car’s Roof Safely

Assume you don’t have a vehicle or van big enough to transport your mattress, therefore you’ll have to rely on the roof.

If you’re not transporting a king-sized mattress in a Volkswagen Beetle, this should work out perfectly.

Step 1. Plastic-wrap your mattress

Use a mattress bag with a certain size.

Make sure any additional plastic is tied down; if it’s not securely secured, the wind may easily shred it or form a sail, causing the mattress to fall free.

Step 2. Invest in Strong Rope

Purchase enough rope to bind your mattress in both length and width.

Keep in mind that mattresses range in length from 74 to 84 inches, with a maximum length of 7 feet.

You’ll need several more feet of rope at each end, so one rope should be around 14 feet long.

Mattresses range in size from 39 inches (twin) to 76 inches (king).

It’s a good idea to measure the width of your bed and multiply it by four to have enough of rope.

For example, 50 inches multiplied by four is 200 inches, or a 16- to 17-foot rope.

You want your rope to be sturdy, but it should also be able to be tied.

Choose a robust rope that isn’t too thick or difficult to handle.

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Step 3. Secure Your Mattress to the Car’s Roof

Place the mattress in the centre of the roof.

Toss the first long piece of rope across the mattress’s length.

There should be enough on one end to put it under the front of your vehicle and enough on the other end to fasten it under the rear.

Check that the rope is tight and that both ends’ knots are secure.

Step 4. Roll the Windows Down

Next, except for the driver’s window, open all the windows.

Toss one end of the second rope across the width of the mattress, then loop it back through the open windows.

Do this twice more inside the automobile before connecting the two rope ends together.

Make sure the driver’s window is not roped.

You won’t be able to open any doors if you run the rope through the windows, but leaving the driver’s window open will allow the vehicle’s occupants to escape in an emergency.

When driving, be cautious.

When you drive with a mattress on your roof, you’re hauling a large burden that might obscure your vision.

Drive gently and, if feasible, use back roads or streets for safety reasons.

Consider having friends drive behind you to alert me if the mattress is sliding.

If you have friends who are assisting with the transfer, have them ride along with you and hold the mattress via the passenger and rear windows.

This adds a layer of safety, particularly if you’re driving on a crowded route, motorway, or interstate.

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