Sleep might be a concern while traveling in a camper, particularly if you are used to sleeping in a certain bed. If the bed is a queen, you may be concerned that it will not fit in your camper.

When you remain in your camper, you may believe that you must leave your favorite queen mattress behind.

Can you put a standard queen mattress in an RV or can a typical queen mattress fit in a camper?

The short answer is no, it won’t fit. A regular queen mattress is 60″ × 80″, but a Camper or RV Queen is usually 60″ x 75″

In truth, a conventional queen mattress will fit in the RV, but it will not fit correctly.

It might be hard to shop for a mattress for your camper. Other factors to consider while buying or installing a queen mattress in your camper include:

  • Size
  • Shape
  • Thickness
  • Weight
  • Wear and Tear

What’s the Difference Between a Regular Mattress and an RV Mattress?

A regular queen mattress is designed for fixed frames that are kept at relatively constant temperatures throughout the year.

An RV mattress is designed to tolerate high temperatures, wear and tear, and frequent mobility.

The distinction between these mattresses, on the other hand, begins with their specs.

Type Standard Queen RV Queen
Size 60x80x11 60x75x11
Materials PolyesterWoolCottonSome flame retardantsAdhesives Flame retardant foamGelSprings
Weight 100-150lbs 50-75lbs

Until you have a mattress in your RV and start traveling, these criteria don’t seem like much of a difference.

You’ll want a lighter mattress since you’ll be pulling less weight, and a shorter mattress will give you more space inside your RV.

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What Happens If I Sleep on a Queen Mattress in My RV?

It could work for a time if you have the room in your RV to fit a regular mattress.

Depending on the circumstances your mattress is subjected to, the concerns will begin to appear a few months or weeks later.

Depending on where you travel, how much you travel, and when you travel, your mattress may develop a laundry list of issues.

The following are a few issues to be aware of:

  • Mold and mildew development
  • Mattress wear and tear that interferes with sleep
  • Frustration with the mattress size
  • Fear of a fire hazard as a result of the materials used to construct the mattress

Some individuals never have these problems, but you should be aware of them if you wish to avoid them.

It is advised that you get an RV-specific mattress.

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What Should I Look for in a Good RV Mattress?

You can’t simply get the cheapest, the one that fits the best, or the one that is the lightest while looking for a nice mattress for your RV.

When shopping for a mattress, you must compare every aspect to every other mattress to determine which one is ideal for you and your RV.

Knowing what you’re searching for in six distinct areas is one of the simplest methods to find out what you need.

#1. Set a budget

You’ll want to locate a mattress that fits comfortably within your budget. If you stick to the lower end of your budget, you’ll have more opportunity to invest or save money for emergencies.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that just because a mattress is more costly or less expensive does not indicate it is better or worse.

#2. Room

The amount of room available in your RV for a mattress must be carefully considered.

When it comes to RVs that are fewer than 500 square feet, you can’t bargain or create extra space for width and length.

Common queen mattresses are 60x80x11, however when looking for a mattress for an RV, the specifications are frequently a few inches shorter, with the standard RV size being 60x75x11.

Another characteristic that is sometimes disregarded is thickness.

When you sit up or get into your bed, you won’t have much space between your head and the ceiling if you choose a mattress that is too thick.

Most pop-up campers and trailer bunk beds would struggle with standard queen mattresses.

#3. Longevity

The mattress, like everything else in an RV, bounces about when you’re driving.

If you don’t buy an RV mattress, you risk having a mattress that can’t hold up to the harsher circumstances it will be subjected to.

Because the temperature of an RV varies so considerably, it will bounce about when being transported and must be able to handle unexpected impacts.

This might result in early degradation, tears, or sinking in some areas of the mattress if you don’t purchase the proper sort of mattress.

#4. Body mass index

When you’re towing or driving an RV, you have to keep track of every ounce that’s tied to your car.

Depending on the materials used, a regular queen mattress might weigh anywhere from 40 to 120 pounds.

An RV mattress is purposefully designed of lightweight materials so that when fully assembled, the mattress is as light as possible.

You want to make your RV as light as possible, and if you don’t do your homework well, a mattress is generally where you’ll wind up with the most weight.

#5. Resources

When you purchase a mattress for an RV, you may expect it to be comprised of foam. Foam is designed to be safer for a variety of reasons.

  • Lightweight
  • Mold and mildew resistant
  • Fire-Resistant
  • Extreme temperature variations aren’t a problem.

This is ideal for folks who will be leaving their RVs unattended for long periods of time, since mildew grows in these conditions.

This is also ideal for folks who use their RV all year since they want a mattress that can withstand any climate.

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What Mattress Size Is Best For You?

The size of your camper’s mattress may make or break your vacation. You won’t be able to carry it with you if it’s too large, and if it’s too little, you’ll be uncomfortable when sleeping.

Find the perfect one to make your camper journey the best it can be.

Calculate the Size of Your Camper

The size of the furnishings you can fit inside your camper is determined by its dimensions.

Because you prefer to move in and out of your camper at will, you’ll need furnishings that can fit and store easily.

Make careful to measure all parts of your camper so you know how much room you have for a mattress and other items.

It will save you time and money since you won’t have to go back to the shop to get another bed.

The more space available, the better.

To optimize the space in your camper, shorter and smaller beds are usually the best option. If you’re sleeping alone, a twin bed is a good option.

You might pick a short queen if you need additional room for a spouse or children. Instead of 60 x 80, the measurements are 60 x 74.

A few inches may make a significant impact in the inside of your camper. Because it is more compact, a short queen mattress is very popular among travelers.

Cuts in the corners of short queen mattresses

Many camper owners make the error of attempting to fit their house mattress inside their camper. Often, you’ll have to put the bed together using one of the wheels, which won’t work with the mattress.

Regular queen mattresses are not designed to be cut into or uneven, putting your bedroom mattress at risk of injury.

These cuts are already incorporated into a short queen to accommodate for your camper’s wheels.

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Is it Important to Have a Certain Weight or Thickness?

These parameters may not seem to be significant, but just as the mattress’s size has an influence on whether it will fit, so do the weight and thickness.

If you’re too overweight, you’ll lose gas mileage due to the extra weight. If it’s too thick, you’ll lose a lot of room. Make careful to measure and determine the weight of any mattress you want to purchase.

Don’t bring your whole mattress with you.

While your mattress may not be very heavy, bringing the frame and springs with you will almost certainly be.

Because a camper can only carry a certain amount of weight at a time, the lighter your furniture is, the better.

Even if you don’t exceed the maximum weight limit, bigger goods will cause your camper to slow down and use more petrol.

If you travel often or intend to drive a long distance, your weight may have an influence on your journey.

When it comes to mattresses, bigger isn’t always better.

It may seem that thick mattresses are more comfy. However, thickness may still be used to calculate weight.

The weight of your camper might affect how much you can store and how far your petrol will transport you. As previously said, the lighter your camper is, the better.

The thickness has an effect on how it fits against the walls or into the insert where you wish to install your bed.

Opt for Foam.

Foam mattresses are the lightest and most convenient alternatives for campers. You can also wrap it up and store it when you aren’t using it.

When you unroll the foam mattress again after a few hours, it will return to its original form.

This makes it a good choice if you want to fold the bed up during the day and utilize the additional room for anything else.

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What Should I Expect In Terms Of Wear And Tear?

A mattress, like any other piece of furniture, may wear out over time. You might anticipate it to be exposed to various factors in your camper, which can cause it to wear out faster.

Mattresses have the potential to rip over time.

You may anticipate your bed to shred from usage and rubbing against the sides or walls of your camper, regardless of the kind of mattress you purchase or use. Mattresses may also be ripped by a stray nail or scissors.

Beds that are more durable may last a little longer than others. You can’t expect it to stay indefinitely, however.

If you attempt to use your bedroom mattress for your home and camper, your bed will be more likely to tear.

The Elements Have the Potential to Destroy Your Mattress.

While in your camper, your bed will be exposed to the elements. When exposed to high conditions, your mattress will expand and shrink like your tires.

This element may lead your bed to wear out faster than the one in your bedroom. You’ll want to keep your camper safe by heating and cooling it properly while you’re using it.

When you won’t be using your mattress for a few months, you may store it.

It Isn’t Always The Most Expensive Mattress That Is The Best

Don’t spend your money on the most costly mattress that claims to be comfortable and long-lasting.

Some may last, but the majority will most likely last as long as their less expensive equivalents. You’ll want one to put away until you need it again, because you won’t be sleeping on it all year.

You don’t want your most valuable mattress to gather dust.

What else should I keep an eye out for?

Because your camper isn’t as stationary as your house, there will be additional variables to consider when purchasing a mattress.

Consider what your automobile goes through, and your camper will very certainly go through the same thing. These same things will affect your bed inside the camper.

Consider the transfer of motion.

While the camper is moving, you’ll most likely be sleeping or have someone else sleeping.

A mattress that can absorb movement will help you sleep more peacefully and for longer amounts of time. More sleep will allow you to enjoy your journey while also keeping you alert behind the wheel.

This information may not apply to you if you believe you will not be going when someone is asleep.

Mattresses made of foam are resistant to fire and mold.

Another advantage of utilizing a foam mattress in your camper is that it is fire resistant, which is ideal for reducing the risk of your camper catching fire. The foam mattress will assist to keep the spread to a minimum.

The bed resists mold and mildew, which makes it easier to store while your camper is not in use.

This is an important consideration since you will most likely be storing the mattress for months at a time.

Short Queen Mattresses are less expensive than regular Queen Mattresses.

Another advantage of purchasing a short queen for your camper is that, because to its smaller size, it is less expensive than a conventional queen.

If you know you can afford the mattress, this information might help you monetise acquiring a camper or using it more often.

There are a variety of beds available for your camper. Hopefully, you’ll discover the perfect one for you and have a great time in your camper!

RV Mattresses to Consider

It might take a long time to look for and study a mattress. You may look at hundreds of mattresses and decide that none of them appeal to you, or that you like them all.

In any case, you want something that excels in all areas, including affordability and comfort. Here is a list of RV Mattresses with a 4-star rating or above.

  • Ultima Comfort by Zinus
  • 10-inch Dynasty Mattress
  • 8-inch Foam Zinus
  • Happy Travels
  • 12-inch Dynasty Mattress

All of these mattresses offer a variety of alternatives from which to select to better suit your needs or the space available in your RV.

You want a mattress that is comfortable enough to sleep on, but not so big that it gives you a headache throughout the day due to its size.

Last Thoughts

While you may be able to fit a normal queen bed in your RV, it does not imply it is the best option.

You want to enjoy every element of your vacation, so obtaining the correct equipment, including a mattress, is critical to avoiding disappointments and glitches.

Always double-check the size and weight of any mattress before buying it to better understand how it will affect you and your travel requirements.

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