If you’re like most RVers, you’ll be a bit more diligent when it comes to buying a mattress. Not only are they important for comfort, but they can also play an important role in the overall longevity of your RV. Here’s everything you need to know before buying a replacement RV mattress.

Things to Keep in Mind When Buying a Replacement RV Mattress

Before purchasing a mattress for your camper or RV, you must first establish what features are most essential to you.

Here are a few things to consider:

#1. Intended Use

Who will be sleeping on this mattress and how frequently will they do so? A light youngster is unlikely to object to an inexpensive mattress that is only used once or twice a year on a family camping trip.

An adult who lives in an RV full-time, on the other hand, would most likely desire an RV mattress of the same quality as a residential mattress.

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#2. Thickness

A mattress’s thickness affects both its comfort and its price.

More materials indicate a thicker mattress, which raises the price but may also result in a better night’s sleep.

#3. Weight

 When purchasing a new mattress for a lightweight travel trailer, keep in mind how much the mattress’s weight will add to the total weight of the RV, which is an essential safety factor when towing a camper.

This could be a good reason to opt with a thinner mattress, particularly if you’re buying one for an RV bunk that won’t be used very frequently.

#4. Firmness

While this is a subjective aspect (a mattress that feels too firm to one person may seem too soft to another), reading reviews may help you get a sense of how stiff a mattress is.

#5. Sleeping Position

Usually connected to firmness, certain mattresses are made expressly for side, back, or stomach sleepers.

#6. Materials Used

Some of it boils down to personal taste (for example, some people like memory foam mattresses, while others prefer a traditional or hybrid mattress).

Other factors to consider are if the mattress incorporates cooling technology or is constructed of hypoallergenic or ecologically friendly materials.

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#7. How Are You Going to Get It Through the RV Door?

It might be difficult to navigate a tiny RV corridor with a large, hefty mattress! Some mattresses arrive folded up in a box, which may make things easier–if the box fits through the door, that is.

Before purchase, it’s generally a good idea to double-check the box’s measurements and measure your doors.

#8. Size

Standard RV mattress sizes vary from standard residential mattress sizes.

Measure the bed in your camper and use the information below to figure out what phrases to look for in order to locate the right size.

(For example, the terms “Short Queen” and “RV Queen” are many inches apart!) If your bed size isn’t provided, you’ll probably have to get a bespoke mattress (which I’ll cover later in this post).

Please keep in mind that various merchants may use different names to describe the same size.

Before you purchase, double-check the dimensions stated in the product description!

Where can I get a mattress for my RV?

Where do you go after you’ve decided what sort of mattress you want? Of course, you may always ask around to see if any local mattress businesses carry RV mattresses.

This gives you the benefit of being able to try out the mattress before purchasing it.

However, getting a mattress online allows you to acquire the precise size you need while also saving money.

Furthermore, if you buy online, the mattress will be delivered straight to your home, saving you money on delivery (if you don’t have a truck) and making it simpler to get through the door of your RV (because the box can be opened once inside).

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If you’re Seeking for the Cheapest RV mattress, you’ve Come to the Right Place.

If money is your top priority and you don’t worry as much about comfort or quality (maybe you’re replacing an old mattress on a bunk that’s seldom used), a memory foam mattress from Amazon, is an excellent option:

rv mattress replacement
Zinus Memory Foam Mattress, Queen, Short

This inner-spring camper mattress from the same supplier is much less expensive:

rv mattress replacement

#1. Another low-cost alternative is to purchase a memory foam mattress topper

Another inexpensive alternative for avoiding the purchase of a new mattress is to put a memory foam mattress topper to an old or too firm mattress.

Although memory foam mattress toppers for RV mattresses are available, you may simply trim a residential-sized one to the size you want.

(Use a serrated knife for this.)

If you don’t want to deal with cutting one yourself, you may get a bespoke mattress topper for odd-sized mattresses.

rv mattress replacement
Mattress Insider’s Mattress Topper

#2. Insider on Mattresses

Memory foam RV mattresses are available from Mattress Insider at a variety of pricing ranges.

Their “Sedona” memory foam mattress is their most budget RV mattress, however even their premium gel memory foam mattress is less expensive than many RV mattress companies.

If you want a mattress with less synthetic chemicals, they also provide a latex mattress with an organic cotton cover.

Although I haven’t slept on this mattress, one thing that strikes me about Mattress Insider is that, in addition to their 121-day trial period, they will also cover return shipping if you decide the mattress isn’t for you.

Mattress Insider's Luxury Gel Memory Foam Mattress
Luxury Gel Memory Foam Mattress with Organic Cotton Cover from Mattress Insider

If You want to Save Money without Losing Quality,

#1. RVMattress.com

Even if you’re on a low budget, if you plan to spend a lot of time sleeping in your RV (particularly if you’re a full-time RVer), you’ll want to locate a mattress that will be comfortable and last a long time.

The Brooklyn Signature Hybrid mattress from RVMattress.com is a mattress that I personally enjoy and sleep on every night.

It’s a hybrid mattress, so it has the advantages of both memory foam and regular mattresses.

(You can read more about my experience with this mattress in an in-depth review I published.)

Other mattresses from the same brand are available in a variety of thicknesses, firmnesses, and prices.

This firm provides a 120-night trial period as well as a liberal refund/exchange policy, including free return postage for consumers in the continental United States.

#2. Tochta Mattress Company

Another firm that specialized in memory foam RV mattresses is Tochta.

In my RV, I have a Tochta mattress, and I published a review for that as well.

This mattress is unique in that it can be purchased in any form or size, as I’ll explain in the following part.

The one drawback I’ve discovered so far is that, although they do provide a 100-night money-back guarantee, they presently do not cover return shipping expenses if you want to return the mattress.

RV Mattress with Corner Cut
Tochta.com created a bespoke RV mattress with an angled corner.

#3. Camping World’s Comfort Zone Brand Mattress

Comfort Zone RV mattresses are available for purchase at Camping World.

I have no firsthand experience with this brand, however if you’re on a limited budget, several of these mattresses are on the lower end of the pricing range.

Camping World’s Comfort Zone RV mattress

#4. Insider on Mattresses

Mattress Insider offers residential-quality mattresses for RV-sized beds, such as their pocketed-coil mattress, in addition to the memory foam mattresses I discussed before in this post.

Their pricing are among the most reasonable of the RV mattress companies I’ve researched, and their money-back guarantee (which includes return shipping) makes them an appealing choice.

MattressInsider.com’s “Park Meadow” pocket coil mattress

What is the best place to get a Sleep Number mattress for your RV?

A Sleep Number RV mattress, which you can get from the Camping World website, will provide you with a great night’s sleep no matter where you travel.

The hardness can be adjusted with a remote control, and since it’s a dual-zone mattress, you and your spouse may each modify your side of the bed to your preferred firmness level.

This website includes affiliate links, which means that if you buy a product after clicking on my link, I may get a commission at no additional cost to you.

If you’re seeking to replace a worn-out or uncomfortable RV mattress, here are some shopping and purchasing advice.

CampingWorld.com’s Sleep Number RV Mattress

Where to get an odd-shaped or sized RV mattress

For example, cut-corner RV mattresses are typical for full-sized RV bunks, whereas rounded-corner RV mattresses enable greater walking area in a small RV bedroom.

Or maybe you’re looking for a new mattress for a U-shaped dinette booth or a sleeping couch you made yourself.

If so, here are some options:

With Tochta RV’s easy-to-use tool, you can personalize your mattress’ length, breadth, thickness, and stiffness…

You may also request an angled, rounded, or notch cut corner!

Tochta.com has a custom mattress maker tool.

Mattress Insider also cuts mattresses.

They may also add a hinge to your mattress as well as cut a corner or an angle (so you can fold it when you bring in your slide or for a custom-designed sleeper sofa).

They also have friendly customer service available 7 days a week.

How to Protect Your New Mattress!

If you’re spending several hundred dollars on a new mattress, you might as well spend a little more and get a waterproof mattress protector to protect it from spills, kids’ nighttime accidents, and unexpected RV issues like the bedroom air conditioning unit dripping onto the bed (which happened to me and left a big yellow stain on my mattress!).

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Mattress Insider’s mattress protector is available in any mattress size.

Why does condensation form beneath RV mattresses?

The bottom of a mattress might get moist and moldy if you RV in cold weather or keep your RV in a humid region.

Put a Tochta HyPUR-FLO moisture protection barrier mat beneath your mattress to avoid this. (You may also change the size and form.)

The HyPUR-FLO moisture barrier at close-up

Mattress Insider’s Hypervent Aire-Flow Moisture Barrier is another option. Each linear foot may be trimmed to any size or form.

To make the Aire-Flow Hypervent Mosture Barrier the right size, cut it to the right size.

Where can I get a mattress for my RV?

Where do you go after you’ve decided what sort of mattress you want? 

Of course, you may always ask around to see if any local mattress businesses carry RV mattresses.

This gives you the benefit of being able to try out the mattress before purchasing it.

However, getting a mattress online allows you to acquire the precise size you need while also saving money.

Furthermore, if you buy online, the mattress will be delivered straight to your home, saving you money on delivery (if you don’t have a truck) and making it simpler to get through the door of your RV (because the box can be opened once inside).

Where to buy sheets for an RV mattress?

Here are some locations to look for them:

#1. Camping World

Camping World has linens that will fit most RV beds.

You may have a limited variety at a local shop, but you may purchase from their online.

The majority of their sheets have a camper-themed motif printed or embroidered on them.

#2. Etsy

You may not think of Etsy as the first place to search for sheets for your RV, but there are a number of vendors that specialize in bespoke RV linens, including some with adorable antique RVs.

#3. Amazon – Sheets

Amazon – Sheets for your RV are available on Amazon.

Here’s an affordable microfiber sheet set in a range of solid colors that fits an RV Queen bed, and here are some solid-colored cotton RV sheets that fit a number of RV mattress sizes.

#4 CinchFit RV Sheets

CinchFit RV sheets are ideal if you have an odd mattress size, such as a cut corner bunk mattress.

They are attached using a draw string that you tighten to conform the sheet to the curve of the bed, rather than elastic like other fitted sheets.

#5. QuickZip RV Sheets

Changing the sheets on an RV mattress against the wall will no longer be a hassle! When it’s time to wash the sheets, just zip them on and off the bed! (These are also available in crib sheet size and would make a wonderful baby shower present!)

#6. Tochta.com

The same firm that lets you purchase a mattress in any shape or size also provides a custom sheet builder tool that lets you get sheets in any size to suit your bed.

#7. MattressInsider

MattressInsider.com is a website dedicated to providing information about mattresses.

RV linens in regular sizes as well as bespoke sheets to accommodate weirdly shaped and sized beds are available from this firm.

Their sheets are available in a variety of colors.

Bonus Tip: If you don’t want to spend the money on RV sheets, you can use standard sheets you already have by cinching up the excess fabric under each corner using a pair of elastic sheet clips!

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